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Friday, May 27, 2005

TIME LOG: Friday 27th May 05

Interviewer: Muggins
Interviewe : Krazy Kelvin

Muggins arrives to interview Kelvin, munching on a banana.
I'll have one of those bananas before you eat them all.
Q. Shall we begin our interview ?
A. If we have to.
Q. What were the names of your assistants ?
A. Jay & Ray
Q. We know that they have not only left the building, but also left the country, but where have they gone to ?
A.They were scratching themselves all the time and were getting itchy feet as well, so I sent them overseas on their big OE to be "roving reporters" for this blog and several other blogs.
Q. So, where have they gone to ? Australia ?
A. No ! They have gone to Africa first, on safari.
Q. Why Africa ?
A. Because they wanted to see the country of their birth ! Wouldn't you ? Nah, thats right - you just happened to turn up, so you aren't human !!!
Q. Did anyone go with them ?
A. No ! They are big enough & ugly enough to look after themselves.
Q. Will you miss having them around ?
A. In a way, yes. They worked for peanuts, didn't ask stupid questions and were very silent partners.
Q. Partners ???
A. Yes, partners. P.a.r.t.n.e.r.s !!! There, I have spelt it out for you. Whats wrong with you tonight ?
Q. Will they come back to New-Zealand ?
A. Yes ! They may come back for the opening of our "Gallery" which is under construction.
Q. Gallery ???
A. Boy ! Are you having problems tonight or what ? I think you put a banana in the wrong hole and its clogged your brain !!!
Q. When do you think you will hear back from Jay & Ray ?
A. Hopefully soon. Everyone reading my blog, will just have to wait for what I know will be some stunning pictures from Africa.
Q. Can we do a regular weekly interview ?
A. I'll think about it.
Ohooooo there's a pink pig flying past and he's flying mighty low.
You will get pink pig !!! Get your a rse into g ear and get out of here.

I might see you same time next week, if you're lucky !!!

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