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Saturday, October 01, 2005

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I'm back..........
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Kia Ora Everyone,
Another day - another "post" of 10. This will be the first time for a while that I have managed to get it "posted" on a Saturday, before 12 noon. Will I will keep it up ??? Hopefully yes, but only time will tell. Once I get a chance, I'll read back over previous "posts" and may be re-post one or two of the "better ones". Those that have been helping me, have sort of slacken off a little bit so I may have a few words with them as well as cut back on a few other things that I am doing. just so, I can bring these 'blogspot" blogs back up to speed.If you haven't started your own blog,do it now. just click on "get your own blog" at the top of this blog on the right. It is easy as 1 - 2 - 3 !!! If you have any questions, feel free to email me kjmkama@yahoo.com or kjmkama@hotmail.com If you live in NZ, you can send me a text 0212020803 or 0274219300
Take care everyone & God Bless !!!
Krazy Kelvin.

# 841. Do You Want "Chips" With That ?

Samsung Electronics, the worlds second largest "chip" maker - chips for computers, not potato chips - intends to spend US$33 billion over the next 7 years, on factories to meet the rising demand for "chips"/semiconducters that will go into Apple computer/iPods as well as Dell computers. They are going to build eight manufacturing plants, as well as another research centre. "Chip" sales are expect to triple over the next 7 years to US61 billion. Boy thats a lot of "chips" in anyones language. Yet, theres me that does not even own "my own computer", nor do I own an iPod. I am still using internet cafes, for most of my "blog" work. Now & again I use a mates computer, when the kids aren't using it. Just think of all the computers and other products that will be made for all those "chips" !!!

# 842 A Laptop - US$100 !!!

Researchers are working on a US$100 laptop, which they want to get into the hands of children in the Third World. They would be durable, flexiable & self-reliant, with a hand-crank, for when there is no electricty !!! Every every one minute of "winding" - cranking it up, you would get 10 minutes of computer time. The laptop will have a 500 megahertz processor and a "flash memory" instead of a hard-drive. It is hoped that within a year, the non-profit "One Laptop Per Child" association will have 5 - 15 million laptops available to students in Third World countries, like Brazil; China; Egypt; Thailand & South Africa. In the second year, the Governor of Massachusetts hopes to be able to buy the laptops for 500,000 middle & high school students in the states.The company making them, wants to make them so pervasive in schools and so disinctive in design that be "socially a stigma, to be carrying one if you are not a student or a teacher". But...how they hope to do that remains to be seen, because students as well as teachers come in all shapes, sizes & ages !!! They don't wear a hat, that says "I'm a student" or 'I'm a teacher". Expect to see them for sale on E-Bay. I would carry one, despite the social stigma.

# 843 "Sure To Rise" - Again !!!

I put this in, because there would not be many Kiwis that would not have heard of the saying, "Sure To Rise", which relates to "Edmonds Baking Powder", used in baking. Why have I put it in ??? Well - Goodman Fielder, the name behind behind Edmonds baking powder, is set to list again on the stockmarket, after been delisted in 2003, when the company was taken over by Burns Philip. Graeme Hart/Rank Group, who owns 54% of Burns Philip & 100% of Rank Group, is behind the move. Hart/Rank Group will sell New Zealand Dairy Foods, to Burns Philip, which will be merged into one company - Goodman Fielder, which will listed on the stock market again. Goodman Fielder was established in 1986 when the Goodman Group merged with Allied Mills & Fielder Gillespie Davis. Then in 1987, Goodman Fielder & Watties Industries merged to become Goodman Fielder Watties. In 1992, Watties was sold to food giant, H J Heinz. GFW became known as Goodman Fielder, again. In 2003, Burns Philip brought Goodman Fielder and delisted the company. Now "sure to rise" with its listing on the stock market !!! I have never brought shares in any company listed on the stock market before, but there is always a first time for everything. How many of these brand names do you "Kiwis", where-ever you live, know - Molenburg; Vogels; Ernest Adams; Edmonds; Meadow fresh; Naturalea; Kiwi; Huttons; Bluebird; Natures Fresh; Elfin; Irvines; Diamond; Meadow Lea & Sunrise !!! These are some of the brands that will go to make up Goodman Fielder.

# 844. Queen Ann Chocolates

"Ernest Adams", was a kiwi icon with their shops around NZ selling choclates, ice cream, cakes, etc. Remember ??? Well as you know, Ernest Adams cakes are still around. But....did you know that "Queen Ann" chocolates, made using the same tried & true recipes are available and have been available "again" for sometime now in shops around the country. They may be a little more expensive than some of the other brands, but you know that you are getting "real value for your dollar". I have purchased several boxes since they have come back on to the market, but not one chocolate have I eaten. I purchased them to send over-the-ditch to friends in Australia. Today, that is going to change !!! Because when I go to the Freemans Bay Community Centre, at 12 noon for the
asian food festival. I will be only a short walk from a supermarket that I know sells the boxes of chocolates, so thats where I'll be heading after the food festival. I will buy myself a box - maybe 2 boxes !!!

# 845 Is There No Justice In The World ?

Hehe !!! When it comes down to food & eating, a few friends (who shall remain nameless, for now) reckon that there is no justice in the world. Because I can cuddle up in bed with a good.....book, a 250gram bar of choclate and scoff the lot !!! I can also eat 2 - 200g bags of chips, or a 2 litre tub of ice cream in one sitting and not put on an "gram" of weight. But as soon as they put a chocolate, a chip or an ice cream to their lips, it ends up on their hips - the weight that is. I felt sorry afterwards, for one big 24 stone person I know, but at the time it seem so funny - it just sort of "popped" out. Thank goodness, he could see the funny side of it as well, so I'll tell you a little tale........I was at this friends place, when another friend came to pick us up in his "new" car to go out for a drive. Normally, the friend just drives straight up the drive - if he had of, I would sat in the back, behind him. But on this day, he decided to "back the car in", so when we came out of the house, my "big friend" jumped in the front passenger seat and I got in the back, behind him. When he was trying to put his seat belt on he happened to glance at the dashboard, where he saw a sticker, which said "Airbag". He made a comment - "Ooohh, I have got my own airbag !!! Quick as a flash, a "little voice" in the back seat piped up and said " So have I, so have I" !!! (Well there he was, all of 24 stone or more and there I was sitting behind him - the comment just "popped"out !!!) So, come Sunday morning, I'll stay in bed with a book and my "Queen" - chocolates, that is. I'll eat one box and hide the other box away from my friend.

# 846 Whakatane Boy - A Sporting Legend

Everyone into their sports knows who the two teams are that are lined up for the NRL Grand Final - North Queensland Cowboys & Sydney's West Tigers. Both lightweight teams have fought above their weight to reach their ultimate goal, but their can only be one winner of the NRL Premiership. With the Tigers, all eyes will be on one 20 year old - Benji Marshall - as he takes the field on Sunday at 10pm. Why ? Because he is one New Zealander that has really made a name for himself, in the sporting world and he has got the world at his feet. He is poised to release "benji" football boots and a line of clothing, in Sydney retail stores before xmas, plus NRL is considering him to spearhead the code's 2006 advertising campaign. He feels that he is getting more praise than he deserves - but......I don't think so. Its the same old story - "what you put in, is what you get out". He has put a lot into it and what ever he gets out, no one deserves it more. Good on you - "Benji" !!! You have done NZ proud.

# 847 Living - Welsh Rarebit !!!

A person with a "weird name" asked if I knew of "Welsh Rarebit" ??? I found a recipe & tried it for breakfast. Here it is... for that person with a weird name !!!
Melt 50grams butter, in frying pan. Add 100g grated cheese and 1cup of milk. Stir over low heat until the cheese is melted. Add pinch of salt, 1 teaspoon of mustard and 1 (beaten) egg. cook for 1 minute and serve on hot toast. Simple, especially for someone like me, who can't cook !!!

# 848 Auckland's Sky Tower !!!

A few people sent emails asking about Aucklands Sky Tower, so here's the website address for you to have a look for yourself. You can either climb up it for a really great view or you can jump off it - attached of course - if you pay the man. I haven't doen either "yet" !!! The only thing I have climbed, apart from trees of course, is the Auckland harbour Bridge. That was quite interesting as you went under and over via the walkways - attached to a steel cable all the way. Since I have done the walk, they have now started "bungy jumping" off a platform under the bridge. If you happened to hear "screams" when you are driving over the bridge, you will know what it is.

# 849 "A Blast From The Past"

Last week, I gave you a blast from the past, which mentioned, "where theres a will, theres a way" !!! Meaning that if you put your "heart & soul" into something that you believe in and do it without expecting "great' things in the end, it will come back to you in other ways - Karma !!!. Anyway, thats what I take it to mean. What did you make of it ? Leave a comment. Where did I get the saying from ? I got the saying from out of a magazine, that was old - I mean old !!! How old ? A couple of years ? No !!! A couple of decades ? Noooo !!! Try 7 decades - in other words, 70 years old !!! A mate has a pile of these 70 year old magazines.Reading through the magazines & the sayings that are in them, makes you wonder what life was really like, all those decades ago. If they had sayings like that, I wonder how many people took heed of them and lived their life to the "full". No - they were not religious magazines either.
Here is another one of those sayings for you to ponder on, as you go about your daily life. I will give you my thoughts on it next week, when I give you another "blast from the past" !!!

"Curse Of Emptiness" - An empty life is worse than failure. Rather attempt something worthy of your manhood and fail, than live a life filed with empty aims and vain occupations. A good many people think that because they do no harm, they are doing well.The curse of the Creator is upon the unproductive. Jenus pointed to the fig tree that bore leaf but no fruit and pronounced the anathema "henceforth let no man eat fruit of thee'. If you are doing nothing for others, you are a curse to yourself and them. There is nothing so deadly as spiritual stagnancy. Get out of this "do-nothing-ness". To do nothing good or bad is to be a moral bog hole.

I'll be back.............

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