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Sunday, November 12, 2006

#380 - #389.

Something Old

Radio Hauraki - It was 40 years ago in November 1966, that MV Tiri sailed away from NZ shores until it reached international waters, where it put down anchor and started broadcasting as Radio Hauraki. The founders were forced to go to air from MV Tiri beyond NZ's territorial waters, because the powers-to-be at that time refused them a license to broadcast on air. It was June, 1970 before they finally pulled up their anchor for good and came ashore to legally started broadcasting on air. Their original Western Electric submarine transmitter, two metres high and weighing hundreds of kilos that they used to broadcast from MV Tiri seems to have been "lost" by the museum to which it was entrusted. The transmitter was to be the centrepiece of a exhibition of Radio Hauraki memorabilia at the National Maritime Museum on Auckland's waterfront.

#381. Something New

What's new is the number of "new" blogs out there I am coming across as I search the blog world. If at any time you happen to come across a "new" blog, leave the blogger a comment, to say welcome to the krazy blog world. You can leave out "krazy" if you want, but to me it is krazy and it's going to get krazier. There is nothing wrong with that though - it keeps us all on our toes and sane - does it not ??? If we didn't spend the time that we do on our blogs, updating them and doing new blogs, etc - what would we be doing ? I don't have TV, I don't drink, so I would be sitting around with my finger up my b...........banana !!! Just think back to when you were "new" and you started your first ever post..........could you have done with just a little bit of encouragement ???

Something Borrowed

For those of you who can't get to view the icebergs that are adrift about 260 kilometres south of the South Island, we found this one adrift in the blog world on Snow Shelter !!! There's no risk of it melting that's for sure. The only risks are trying to find a swimming pool big enough and someone who has a lot of "hot air" who could blow it up for you !!! I know of a few people.

Something Blue - A Great Actor Dies

Jack Palance - the craggy-faced menace in "Shane,""Sudden Fear" and other films who turned successfully to comedy at 70 with his Oscar-winning self-parody in "City Slickers," died Friday.Palance died of natural causes at his home in Montecito, Calif., surrounded by family, said spokesman Dick Guttman.
He was 85, according to Associated Press records.


A flotilla of at least 100 icebergs that are "floating" around in the southern ocean, about 260 kilometres from NZ's South Island are all believed to be parts of a large iceberg dubbed A-43, that broke away from the Antarctic in 2000. When the iceberg first broke away it was 167 kilometres long by 32 kilometres wide. Over the years it has grown smaller and has finally broken up into smaller pieces still, with the largest of those pieces been 2 kilometres long by 1.5 kilometres wide. The icebergs are drifting on the currents, which are expected to carry them 300 kilometres up the east coast of the South Island, before veering out to sea. An enterprizing "kiwi" has organized charter flights for people who want to take a peek at the icebergs. The flights will spend 30 minutes flying around in circles looking at the icebergs. The last time icebergs were seen this close to NZ was in 1931.

There's Trash & Then There's Trash........

When you dress up to go out on the town do you take hours to dress up to the nines, (I'm asking women here) or do you just throw on any "old" thing and go.........!!! Or do you look in the "trash" and see what you can make up something from nothing and say "this old thing - I got it out of the trash" !!! Well as far as fashion shows goes, this one was more than just a little trashy as everything & anything was used in the name of trash & recycling. It's over for another year, but there is always next year if you want to be part & parcel of the best trashy show in town, wake me up nearer the time.


Although the tuk-tuk first originated in Japan, Thailand has adopted it as a Thai symbol. Tuk-tuk manufacturers in Thailand export most of the tuk-tuk's they make. Unlike the older versions, the new ones have seat belts as well as laminated safety glass, so that they met safety specifications. Tuk-tuk's are named after the sound a two-stroke engine makes at idling speed, although new models have a quieter & cleaner four-stroke engine, but at $5000 they don't come cheap. There is a tuk-tuk at Devonport on the north shore, the driver of which will take you up Mt.Victoria as well as to North Head for a price of course.

Hotpants !!!

Hotpants & mini skirts which have been around for years in NZ, will soon be legal in South Korea. The country is in the final stages of reveiwing an indecency law that bans people from wearing revealing outfits which was once enforced by "ruler" welding police, who measured the distance from knee to hemline. The police also took scissors to youths who hair was too long. The rules stayed on the law books as South Korea moved to an open democracy in the 1980's, but were no longer enforced. Now miniskirts are about as common as traffic jams and long hair.......!!!

Toy-Dogs !!!

It used to be "give the dog a bone", but now it's give the dog a bag, as "toy dogs" favoured by those with a bit of folding stuff & stars-in-their-eyes buy designer handbags to cart their dogs around in. But not just any dog - chihuahau - is todays must have accessory, completed with handbag of course, followed by the cross-breds. They have to be small - seen and not heard so to speak.
Cross-breeds: Puggles - Beagles crossed with Pugs; Jackadoodles - Jack Russells crossed with Poodles; Labradoodles - Labradors crossed with Poodles; Porkies - York(e)shire Terriers crossed with Pomeranians

Where In The World Is It ???

Palmer Travels

I'll be back...............

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