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Sunday, December 03, 2006

#360 - #369. Something Old

It seems that some of our "relations" across the ditch have got their knickers in a twist, because a investment bank & buyout firm wants to purchase their national airline - Qantas !!! They are worried that they will end up getting their wings clipped in a cost-cutting exercise, which will no doubt happen. Qantas was started after World War 1 as "Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services" with 2 war-surplus biplanes serving the outback and you thought Qantas was just a made-up-name. Scheduled passenger services started in 1922 and international services started in 1935, when it took 4 days to fly from Brisbane to Singapore with stop-overs for fuel & bed-rest, etc. Qantas now has 213 planes which fly more than 5000 domestic and 700 international flights per week.

#361. Something New

Blowfish Sushi..........a posh new restaurant which opened last Saturday night in Parnell, Auckland to 300 specially invited guests. A private area was also arranged for the U2 entourage after they had played at Mt.Smart stadium, as U2 frontman Bono is friends with one of the co-owners of Blowfish Sushi - Julian Lennon, the son of the late Beatle John Lennon. Julian was not at the launch party, as he is recording a new single. Word has it that Julian is due to make an apperance, next year. Blowfish Sushi, also has locations in San Jose, San Franciso and West Hollywood.

#362. Something Borrowed

A little "blue man" I borrowed from Peter !!!
He is one of the two Australian bloggers listed on "Around The World In 80 Blogs" - the other Australian blogger listed is his "lovely" sister.

#363 Something Blue

Two & a half years after been shorn in front of a worldwide TV audience, "Shrek" the celebrity merino wether, celebrated his 10th birthday by losing his locks again - this time on an iceberg 90 kms out to sea off the Otago coast. He was "blue with cold" (as TV viewers saw) the first time he lost his locks, so just think how blue he would of felt on the iceberg after he lost his locks again. Shrek was flown out to the iceberg by helicopter along with his owner and a shearer. They were lucky that the iceberg didn't break up while they were on it. If it had of, that would of been Shrek's last sheep-dip, as he would of become frozen mutton !!!

#364. Chocolate Wool

Chocolate Wool ??? No, it isn't a new sweet that you can eat.............it's wool for knitters !!!
His words "Established in 1998 with the unique Gotland Pelt sheep breed, Chocolate Wool NZ has been supplying local spinners, craft shops and customers ever since. My prime focus is on supplying customers with the highest quality fleece and carded wool in an array of natural colours. I am personally involved with the breeding of the sheep through to the selling of the final product. My Gotland sheep are bred on my parentė­© farm in the Hakataramea Valley, South Canterbury in the South Island of New Zealand In 2000 Coloured Merino were introduced to the flock with the aim of combining the softness of the Merino wool with the wide range of natural colours from the Gotland. The subsequent wool from both breeds has been used for blending, and resulting fleeces called Merland, unique to Chocolate Wool NZ.
Read more here

#365. Some Facts On Central Park

Central Park in Manhattan, New York covers an area of 341 hectare's of landscaped & recreational areas. Twenty five million people visit the park, each year. There are 21 playgrounds for children; 26,000 trees; 48 fountains, monuments & sculptures; 9000 park benches, which would stretch 11.26 kilometres if placed end to end; 36 bridges & arches and 275 species of migratory birds. Since 1908 there have been more than 200 movies containing scenes shoot in the park, making it the most filmed park in the world. On the northwest corner of 72nd Street & Central Park West, is the Dakota Building, made famous as the home of John Lennon who was shot dead outside it on December 8th,1980. Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono still has an apartment in the building. Every day tourists flock to the "Strawberry Fields" memorial across the street in the park, laid out in memory of John Lennon.

#366. The Blog World

When you search the blog-world, you find all manner of things - some of which would curl your hair, they really would. You already have curly hair ? Well, it would make it curlier then !!! The point is you never know what you are going to find, like this blog. Have a look at the video for 15th November. Who ever said, kiwi's cannot fly hasn't seen this video - it seems that we can do anything !!! (hehe)

#367. Where In The World Is It

So........peaceful !!!
Sorry, I have lost the link.

#368. We Don't Know How Lucky We Are

We in NZ, take our shorelines & our public beaches for granted as been available 24/7 but in Dubai, it's a totally different story !!! When I was searching thru the blog world, a blog from United Arab Emirates popped up, so I have listed it on Around The World In 80 Blogs. In Dubai, you either have to put up with over-crowded public beaches or you can belong to a private beach club, which costs you money. That is if you are lucky enough to become a member - you may end up "sitting" on their membership list rather than sitting on the sand.
Footnote: If it was me, I would put my name down for every "beach club" and then when I finally get access to one, I would "on-sell" my membership to the other beach clubs to someone who is still waiting - that's if it is allowed of course.

#369. Visitors & Fish

When I was reading the Dubai blog, I had a little chuckle to myself when I read her post for November 12th - Visitors & Fish !!! (hehe) That's one way to get around the problem of visitors overstaying their welcome. Some places I have lived in ended up been like Grand Central Station with some many visitors coming & going. What I found really interesting though was the number of bloggers that belong to what they call - "UAE Community Blog". About 140 (give or take 1 or 2) bloggers belong to the community, so there are a few blogs for you to have a look at.

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