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Sunday, January 28, 2007

#340 - #349

#340. Something Old

A small group of replica antique gun enthusiasts step out of the 21st century and into a centuries old lifestyle, twice a fortnight in their remote camp site in the Hunua Ranges. For many a passion for replica antique guns has grown into a love of the old-fashioned way of life on their primitive campsite. The Auckland Regional Council owns the land the club uses and permanent structures aren't allowed, so there are no permanent buildings, no running water, no flush toilets and no electricty. The club has a firing range near their campsite and target shooting sessions are held two Sundays per month. New members are welcome.

#341. Something New

The NZ Funeral Directors Association has launched a website to help people to learn more about funerals. Post-mortem examinations; death while overseas; embalming; burial at sea and the role of a coroner are all explained on their website. The website also provides information on personal grief and supporting grieving families.
I haven't had a look yet, but I wonder if they explain about donating your body to science. I'm maori and I don't think it's allowed, but it's my body. Science may learn a few things.

#342. Something Borrowed

Many moons ago, before computers & chat rooms ever came into been, there was what was known as ham radio. It is still around today but computers & chat rooms have taken over the airwaves, but the moral of the story is even way back then.........dreams were free !!!
I borrowed the photo from this blog.

#343. Something Blue

No words needed !!!

#344. Potluck Dinner

I have been thinking if it is worth organzing a potluck buffet dinner for people living in Auckland from different countries. Have each person bring along to the dinner a dish of food native to their country, which they have prepared. My first thought for a contribution would be Pork Bones & Puha as well as Maori Bread to soak up the juices. Apart from my maori contribution, I know of people from Japan, China, Korea & Ghana who would be interested. I also have a inner city venue that would be available. Any more takers ? There would be no charge for those that attended bearing a dish but a cover charge of $10 for those who didn't with the money raised going to a good cause. It could even be a monthly thing and maybe an idea people in other countries could do.

#345. Auckland's Queen St

Millions and millions of ratepayers money is been spent up-grading the streets of Auckland. What's the point ? All it seems to have do is create larger outdoor dining areas for restaurants, etc. As for the paving - you only have to walk along the top end of Karangahape Rd (when the resturants are close) to see what a bloody mess the footpaths are. People walking from one of the top hotels, along K Rd to get to Queen St must think we are a dirty lot. You can't tell me the same thing isn't going to happen to the footpaths when Queen St is finally re-paved, because it's happening already in areas where paving is finished. Also whose ever idea it was to have a mix of both brown pavers & grey pavers needs their head read - they look bloody horrible. Plus, despite what the mayor says and I quote - " Auckland is committed to implementing its strategy to create a world class city", they are never going to rid Queen St of the beggers; the street people or the drunks, despite liquor bans. Sure, they can move them on or try moving them on but they will pop up somewhere else.

#346. Kiwi Kids

During February, March & April lst, Kiwi Kids will compete in the 15th Weet-Bix Kiwi Kids Tryathlon been held in various locations around New Zealand, with 2 dates for Auckland. It's been billed as the world's biggest sporting event for kids, with swimming, running and biking events.

#347. Where In The World Is It

Looking at the photo, it could be rolling hills of any number of places in NZ, but it is ??????

#348 A Blast From The Past

I went looking in the archives and came up this from November 12th, 2005...........

Kia Ora (Hello) Everyone,I asked a few friends what would they prefer - a post of 10, or single posts. Nearly everyone like the post of 10, so here I am again with another 10. I hope you like "colours" - if you don't well just tough tities !!! (hehe) Its my blog birthday - 6 months old - on November 13th. It seems hard to believe that on BLACK FRIDAY 13th of May, I started this blog - my first ever blog in my life. You can send me a "gift" if you like, just as long as she's blond and 6 foot (tall - that is, not 6 foot under) Talking about krazy - you sure you still want to be friends, because the next 6 months are going to be even krazier than the past 6 months. I kid you not !!! Would I lead you up the "garden path" ??? Well, maybe I would but I certainly wouldn't hold your hand, because I don't know if it's clean or where its been !!!
Krazy Kelvin

#349. Golden Oldies & The "S" Word

Every fortnight, the "golden oldies" living in a rest home have a group meeting, where there is always a doctor in the house. The doctor decided to ask the "golden oldies", how often they had sex !!! When he asked how many did it once a night, a couple of hands went up. Once a week - a few more hands. Once a fortnight, a couple of hands. Once a month, a few hands. Finally he asked, how many only did it once a year !!! One hand went up and it was waving all over the place. The doctor said, to him "Pardon my curiosity, but if you only do it, once a year, why are you so excitied". The fella replied - "Tonights the night !!!

These came out of the archives as well............

Drinking makes some people see double and feel single.

Living in a nudist colony takes all the fun out of Halloween

The trouble with "Bucket Seats", is that not everyone has the same size bucket.

Do you realize that in 50 years time, we'll have thousands of old ladies & men running around with tattoos, pierced belly buttons, and "pierced" ears, as well as pierced other places as well !!!

I'll be back..........

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