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Saturday, March 10, 2007

#310 - #319

Kia Ora (Hello), Well, I'm back - a few blogs have been deleted, including the Motoring blog and the Movies & Music blog. Because of that I have included a post about them here on this blog. I have also deleted the comments blog but have started a new one for Updates & Comments.

#310. Something Old

Ghana is 50 years old. In NZ, celebrations are been held at the Mt.Eden War Memorial Hall, Dominion Rd on the 17th March. I attended the celebrations, a couple of years back where meet & shook hands with the NZ Prime Minister, Helen Clark. I have a video somewhere of the celebrations as well as a photo taken with "the king" and a few of his people outside the hall. So if you aren't doing anything on the 17th, get along there and help them celebrate their 50th.

#311. Something New

Modern day bungy jumping has its roots in an ancient ritual on the island of Pentecost, in Vanuatu, where men dive from wooden platforms each year with vines tied around their feet, to bless their yam harvest. It was a NZ man, AJ "Mr Bungy" Hackett, who went one step futher and turned it into a sport. He is considered to be the founder of modern day bungy jumping and did his first bungy jump off the Eiffel Tower in 1986. In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia later on this year, he aims to try something new - a 1500 metre free fall bungy jump from a helicopter. If successful, the stunt will double the existing record for the world's highest bungee jump of 700 metres. If it doesn't work, well...........!!!

#312. Something Borrowed

What's in the jar ??? Leave a comment if you think you know what it is. This time, next week I'll let you on the secret and give you a link to her blog, where I borrowed the photo from. I bet no one comes close to guessing what is in the jar.

#313. Something Blue

Did you hear the one about.........??? It has been suggested that we ease off teasing our cousins across the ditch - in this so called "be nice to aussie's" month. Get off the grass.They liked been teased and are so thick skinned that if you tried to poke them with a pin, it would bend. A uni professor has made the remark that "It can be unproductive because it continues to raise barriers to some creative ideas......to try to connect the two countries closer together". Why in earth's name would why we want to be closer than the 1600kms we already are. Am I the only one that's paddling ? Why have we never built a bridge bewteen the 2 countries ? Because aussie's believe they can walk on water. Ooohhh !!! Next aussie joke...............

Aussie joke about kiwi's - Why do kiwi's end up marrying women ? Because sheep can't cook. (Read into that what you may)
Kiwi joke about aussie's - How do you make an Aussie laugh on Monday ? Tell him a joke on Friday. (it takes a while for them to get their brain into gear)

#314. Motoring

An orange / amber light means slow down and a red means "stop" does it not ? Try telling that to the motorists who run red lights in Auckland. Standing at the K Rd lights, the other night I was getting prepared to cross over the moment the little green man said cross when a car came blowing thru, clearly well after their light had gone red. The council has a plan - dob in the red light runners by phoning 0800 stop4red (0800 786747) with the number plate, colour & make of the vehicle as well as the date & location.
There is a bus lane on the New North road, where sometimes a parking warden operates a camera filming vehicles using the bus lane. He parks his sign written / orange light council car across the road not far from where he operates his camera so anyone coming around the bend can clearly see his car and change lanes in plenty of time. He might as well as well put out a sign "camera". The point is why can't they have a few "unemployed" people operate these types of camera's at intersections and catch the red-light runners, instead of spending $750,000 on a trial using two remote-controlled camera's. When they catch anyone running a red light, fine them $500 !!! They will only do it a couple of times. Surely a human life has to be worth that.

#315. Music

There is a 2 day music event coming up on March 24th & 25th with tickets available from Ticketek. It is the Meltdown Music Festival been held at the Whangarei Museum & Heritage Park. There will be a great line-up of NZ talent as well as dancing, food, arts & crafts and workshops. Someone said to me, what's the point of mentioning events that are happening in & around NZ on my blog ? The point is that people in other countries can at least click on to the site/s and see some of the things that we downunder get up to in our spare time and show them that we "kiwi's" sometimes do let our hair down.

#316. We Are A Nanny State

Last week I mentioned the fact that because Aussie's intend to change to energy-saving lightbulbs, we in NZ are going to do the same. They hope that within 3 years, all households have made the change, whether we like it or not. When Nanny says - you will change, you ask how high do you want us to jump. In other words, you are given no choice in the matter.
Now they want to ban tobacco products been on display in retail outlets, to protect people, especially young people from the attraction of tobacco displays. They want the products kept under the counter, out of sight. The old saying of - out of sight, out of mind ? They seem to think that a ban will work and it will stop people smoking - I don't think so. It seems that tobacco products are more harmful than condoms which are on display in a local service station, right next to the lollies, but maybe they will ban those next. Then lollies, chocolate, chips, soft drinks......!!! Before you know it, we will back in the dark ages, but hopefully our energy saving lightbulbs will see us thru.

#317. Cast-Aways

The BBC's new series of "Castaway" is been filmed at Harataonga Bay on the Great Barrier Island, 15 kms from Claris. The 13 members of the cast range in age from 19 to 65, with the first episode been screened in the UK today. TVNZ will screen the new series but has not deciding on a start date. Even though filming is in progress, they have no right to refuse entry to anyone wanting to visit the area to go for a bush walk, as it is public property. If pushed they will offer a tour of the set and watch filming but only if you sign a confidentiality agreement, but you don't have to do either - take up their offer of a tour or sign anything. You are there to for a bush walk and a bush walk it is. If you happen to come across the set, take some photos and then put them on your blog.

#318. You Are What You Eat.

I was going to mention the food & drink I have had over the past few days, on World Recipes & Foodie Blogs but I have decided to mentioned it here. The point I am trying to make is that you are what you eat. Watch this space for more...............

8am - Sausage & Egg Muffin, Hash Brown & cup of tea.(c.o.t)
11am - c.o.t
12.30pm - c.o.t
4pm - Sausage with slice of bread, onion & cheese.

Exercise - I usually walk approx. 1 - 2 hours per day.

That was me for Sunday - no lunch, no dinner. Don't get me wrong - money has no bearing on this. I could of either cooked myself something, (when Granny Smith reads the words "cooked myself something", she will no doubt be up to her usual tricks and rolling around on the floor in laughter because she has always said that I can't cook to save myself ) or went out and brought take-aways for both meals, but I just didn't feel hungry. To me, even though say 12 noon is usually regarded as lunchtime and say 6pm is dinner time, what's the point of sitting down to eat a meal when you don't feel like eating. I was having a look at the Korean Day activies at Aotea Square around 4pm and one of the many food stalls had a sausage sizzle - that was me.

6am - cup of coffee (c.o.c)
9am - c.o.t, piece of homemade carrot cake with cream cheese icing
12.30pm - c.o.t
3.30pm - c.o.t
5,30pm - scoop of chips, American hot dog, 355ml can soft drink (cost $5)
7pm - ice cream, 207 calories

4am - c.o.c (My usual start time on a Tuesday)
6am - c.o.c
9am - c.o.t
12.30pm - Cheese, cucumber & tomato sandwich, c.o.t
5.30pm - Banana sandwich, 150gram yoghurt (140 calories), c.o.t

6am - c.o.t, 2 pieces toast & spread
10am - c.o.t
12.30pm - Cornish pastie, ham & egg sandwich, c.o.t
3pm - c.o.t
5pm - Banana
7pm - Steak & cheese pie (450 calories)

6.30 - c.o.c
10am - c.o.c
12.15 pm - Chicken sandwich, c.o.t
6pm - Steak & cheese pie
7pm - 355ml can of soft drink
I also ate 10 chocolates (total 500 calories) during the day.

6am - c.o.c
10am - c.o.c
12 - cheese & onion sandwich, c.o.t
3pm - c.o.c
5pm - banana
10 chocolates

#319. Where In The World Is It ?

Where ever it is, it looks like there is a storm brewing.
I have mentioned the blog @ #319 on my blog
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