Haere Mai,Welcome,To all family & friends in NZ & around the world and anyone reading my blog ! This is my first ever blog, which I started on Black Friday, 13th May 2005. My thoughts & prayers are with you all. Take care & God Bless. Arohanui ! Kakite !

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

#960 - #969

Kia Ora Everyone,

Firstly thanks for all your emails,etc. I hope that all of you, reading my blog, have got your arse into gear and started your own blog because I want to be able to come and visit your blog. Don't forget to number your "posts to make it easy for people to refer back to. I have the "mixed bag of 10" listed under the "one" post as its easier to edit mistakes, if / when I need to, which is quite often ! It's not a case of "if" I reach #1 - it is just a matter of when. Then I will "start again" ??? I will "switch" comments on twice a week, but only registered "bloggers" can leave comments, I think !!! I will have to have a look at that.
As Phil says, when he signs off his emails - Cheers & Beers !!! Read on..........enjoy !!!
Krazy Kelvin..........

"NEWS FLASH" - Because of the number of emails I am receiving, I have added another email address for you to use .......... kjmkama@yahoo.com
You can still use kjmkama@hotmail.com though, if you want to.
Postal address for snail mail & mobile numbers (021 & 027) for text messages available soon................

960. Coming Up !!! In # 950 - 959

New Places around NZ. (Due to requests from people overseas, this has been added to the list)
New Book Review ? Trying to talk Barb, in writing one, as she has read a lot of books !!!
Recipe - ? Hopefully Pavlova !!!
Computer Hint

I will also look at food or the lack of it.
Doctors - how often do you go ???
Am I still skinny or what ?
Down Memory Lane ........Going to Great Heights at Church ???
The reason why(# 961), he didn't hug me back !!!

Plus - Will Muggins be back to interview me ?

961. I Gave Him A Hug, But He Didn't Hug Me Back !!!

Down memory lane we go .........
Over the years, I met a lot of people of all ages, from all walks of life. This is a "memory" of one person, I won't forget..........

I was walking around town, with a mate, Kerry W., when we past by a fella sitting by himself, who looked like he really could do with a helping "hand". So I stopped to talk to him. He was a tourist to our shores. I'd like to think, that when he visited other parts of our country that people who saw him, reached out and gave him a helping "hand" as well, because he really did need it. He was a really interesting person to talk to. In fact I spent, the best part of the day with him, walking around the city. We even went to a buffet restaurant, where we had a meal. After we had finished our meal, we went and sat in Aotea Square, where he rolled himself a cigarette and we sat there talking for a while. A lot of people stopped and starred at us, but he didn't seem to mind. Anyway, the time came for us, to say good-bye. As we stood there, I reached out and gave him a hug. He had a big smile on his face and a tear in his eye, because I don't think many people reached out to give him a helping "hand", let alone a hug. It was sad to say good-bye to him. Who knows........our paths crossed once in life, they may cross again in the future.
In the next "post" 950 - 959 you will learn the reason why he didn't hug me back !!!

962. Computer Hint

It's not really a hint, but more something that I have been told to do after I have finished on a friends computer - always "delete" the cookies. Someone may be able to email me and explain in detail what cookies are (I aren't talking about the baked cookies, you eat either) and why people should always delete them. Anyone know - email me !

963. Our Big Family

A "new" friend asked how big our family was. In terms of brothers & sisters, etc, there are a few, but compared to some families, our family would still be classed as small. I have 6 sisters & 3 brothers. I had 5 brothers - one died before I was born and my eldest brother, Reo died in 1999. There would be at least 50+ nephews & nieces as well as great/great nephews & nieces. Both my parents had a lot of brothers & sisters, so there are a lot of aunties & uncles, plus cousins of at least 3 if not 4 generations. I would hate to be the one, to "try" and organize a reunion of all our families. Tangi's (funerals) are the only times, that some of the families get together as they are spread far & wide. Also special occassions like weddings, 21sts, etc. the families gather. I haven't been "home" for I don't know how many years, so there is a lot of family that have not met their Uncle/Cousin - "Krazy Kelvin"
All in all, the number of people in our families as I said before would be in the low 1000's. They are spread around NZ & around the world. There is just no way in the "world" I will ever meet them all !!!

964. My Thoughts On Life ???
I do not know how you look at life, but to me life is sort of like been on the "road". You are on a journey on the road of life, not really knowing what is around the corner, nor what is over the brow of the hill. Sometimes you get a long straight, where you are just coasting along nicely until all of a sudden, someone pulls in front of you and you end up running off the road. Sometimes, you get to the "crossroads" and you sit there for a while, wondering what way to go. It's bloody hard sometimes, but you keep going. Every now & again, you pull off to the side of the road and revitalize yourself. and then get moving again. If you don't know what is around the corner, you don't worry about it. If you spent all your time, worrying about life, you would not get anywhere. So you might as well do the best you can, with what you have got and get on with your life. Despite what people say, I don't think anyone really knows, that when your number gets called, whether it is going to be upstairs or downstairs ! I aren't worried where I go ! I have managed to come this far in life with my "Guardian Angel" not far behind me. It's a wonder I didn't get killed of my own doing by accident or at the hands of a stranger.

965. I Tried To Cross Over

Down memory lane we go .........
When I was about 10 or 11(memory blockage !) to age 13, we lived up north at Yorke Rd, Haruru Falls. The land where we lived bordered on the Waitangi River, which was a great source of enjoyment to "kids", especially in the summer time. Also when the tide was low, as it uncovered the mud banks on the other side of the river. This particular day "everyone" (there was brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, etc) decided to go for a swim. I watched as they started crossing over to the other side of the river. To me, it looked "dead easy" - as if they were just walking across. So I decided I'd give it a go. I just about did "cross over" but not to the other side of the river. One of the cousins (Albie A) suddenly realised that I had disappeared !!! He managed to find me amd drag me out, so I could live another day .....well lots of days. I couldn't swim then and I still can't swim today.
My "Guardian Angel" was surely with me, that day.

966. jonnyandtherobba

Have you checked out their website yet ??? What are you waiting - an invitation ? You don't need one - log on, check it out !!!
Rob is fairly good looking, Jonny is handsome, while the other male members (Carpentry & Booscare) of the group are so "good looking" that they have to wear masks all the time. They had another member in their group whose name was "Piano". No - he didn't play the piano - he played the drums. He had to go on tour to OZ and USA with another band that he plays in - "The Mint Chicks", so jonnyandtherobba managed to snare - "Kid Snare". She is the best looking one of them all - she is their female drummer. Don't ask me where or how they got their names - ask them. They are several photos on their website, including photos of when they played at The Supertop, Ericcson Stadium (click on bookings) here in Auckland. The video for their single "Damn Girl" was shot on location at Cornwallis Beach, also here in Auckland.Rob also plays in another band called - "Misadelphia". There are links on their website to these two other bands, so pay them a visit. Leave them a message - tell them Krazy Kelvin sent you to have a look !!! You will have to excuse some of the blue language on their message board. They try to keep it clean as they have younger brothers & sisters who also log on to their website. Even though their music is mainly aimed at young people their own age, there have been people of all ages, who have attended their gigs and enjoyed themselves. There is a list of "gigs we got" which tells you when & where they are playing. So, go - pay them a visit jonnyandtherobba.com

967. Recipe - Banana Cake

I had more requests for Banana Cake, than for "Pavlova" so Banana Cake it is .........
Preheat oven to 180oC. Grease a 22cm diameter cake tin. Line base with baking paper.
Beat 125g softened butter with 3/4c caster sugar until creamy. Add 2 eggs, beating well. Add 1 tsp vanilla essence.Stir in 2 medium ripe mashed bananas.
Sift 2c flour & 1tsp baking powder. Dissolve 1 tsp baking soda, in 1c warm milk. Fold dry ingredients & milk alternately into butter mixture. Bake 45 - 50 minutes or until a skewer inserted in the center comes out clean.Cool cake in tin for 10 minutes, before transfering to wire rack. When cold spread with icing.
Icing: Beat 75g cream cheese & 75g chopped butter in a small bowl, with electric beater until light & fluffy. Add 2/3c icing sugar. Beat until smooth. (Don't eat it all at once !)

968. Email In

In # 979, I sent Bernard an email regarding eating shellfish. In his reply he said ..........

Hi Kelvin, Nice to hear from you.
He mentioned a little about where he lived,etc then went on to say ........
I'm not sure what part of the world you are in Kelvin, but if you get up this way we can sure get some shellfish, providing the sea isn't too rough and its low tide (but not after 3pm) I hope this gets to you, as I am not at all confident in the email system.
After 3pm, you will find him in the local drinking hole - drinking beer, feeding the "horses" smoking cigis and chatting away with the lads, having a good time & enjoying life to the full !!!

969. Email Out

My reply back to Bernard in reponse to the above Email In ...........

Kia Ora Bernie, Thank you so much - not only for your email, but also for the offer of a "feed" and a beer on the beach. Boy, I can't remember when I last had a good feed of shellfish.You can buy shellfish in the shops, but you never know how fresh it is.They tell you, that they just got it in .....but !!! I aren't too hot on emails/computers either. Snail mail is good - it may take a little longer, but you know in the end it will (hopefully) get there. With emails, it is too quick. Whereas with a hand written letter, you can take your time.
I said a little bit more, then closed it off and sent it...........or did I delete it !!! I never know with computers.

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