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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Muggins & Kelvin

TIME LOG: Sunday 5th June 2005

Interviewer: Muggins
Interviewe : Krazy Kelvin

I'm back ............ !!!
You again ! Don't pinch my saying or I'll kick your butt !!!
You & whose army ?
What's it this week ?
I am supposed to ask the questions. After all I am the intrepid reporter.
Intrepid ? More like insane, coming here every week expecting an interview.
Krazy Kelvin, let me tell you something - people loved you yesterday, they love you today and they will keep on loving you, until the day you die. Even after you die as you have always said, the memories will live on forever - Kelvin A Memory Always !!!
Boy !!! How much have you had to drink ? Let me smell your breath?
Nah ! Get off the grass ! I only had one or two.
Cans or dozens ? You could of brought me one.
You don't drink, or so you say.
Don't be a smarty pants, or you won't get another word out of me.
Promises, promises. Hey, when are we going to see the next "post" of 10 ?
Soon as I can, so don't be so pushy.
Boy are you in a bitchy mood tonight or what.
I'm not in a bitchy mood. I'm just worried thats all.
Why? What have you got to worry about? You are making family & friends around NZ and the world, laugh till they cry, which keeps them coming back.
You didn't get my message I left for you at home?
No !
You had better have another drink. I heard about an hour ago, that Jay & Ray have both been reported missing on their safari to Africa.
Missing ? Missing?? Nooooo !!!
At this stage of the interview, Muggins starts to cry.
Hey, I take back what I said - you are human after all. They have managed to track Jays implanted chip on the GPS system. All they know is that its still in the safari park somewhere, but the signal is moving way too fast, even for him and as for Ray's they can't even get a signal on it. It's just dead as I don't know what !!!
Don't use that word.
No - Dead !
I am sure they will turn up somewhere. Well at least I hope they turn up, as there is a lot riding on them as roving reporters , not only for this blog but for other blogs as well.
As Muggins is too upset to continue, the interview ends.

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