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Thursday, May 19, 2005

980 - 989


When you look at the six letters of the alphabet above what do you see ? I had not read about this anywhere. It just came to me, so it was meant to be shared with all those friends & family, as well as people who just happen to come across my blog, around NZ and around the world.
Anyone out there thinking about SUICIDE , talk to someone - talk to a stranger - email a friend. RING A HELP LINE .No one is alone in this world. "There are no strangers in the world, just friends that you have not met". Someone, somewhere, sometime will "touch" upon your world and become a real friend to you.

P - PROBLEM ? Don't think about the two letters after the P as been a Quick Release to your problem and commit SUICIDE - think about the two letters before the P - NO !!!!!!!!!!

Don't even give it a second thought. There is always someone that is worst off than you. Believe me, the heartache does not stop, when your heart does. It goes on forever in the hearts of the people that loved you, that you leave behind.
I've lost 2 mates to suicide & also one person, who was like a "son" to me, because I had been around him from day 1.
Theres not enough words in the world to describe the heartache that is left behind.

Tears in your eyes, can be wiped away, but tears in your heart are there to stay.

I wasn't going to share my "blog" with anyone, but this is an exception. If anyone reading this has "lost" a loved one and wants to share their feelings of hurt with poeple, send me an email, or leave a comment. The more postings that are done about this subject and the more comments that are made the better. You are more than welcome to copy this post on your "blog" if you want to. Spread the word - NOPQRS !!!!!!
Take care everyone - where ever you are in the world reading this.

981. I have changed things around a little bit, so we could end on NOPQRS
Coming up - (Will "Post" ASAP) Sorry Bill, I had to save my "Pennies from Heaven" till the next "post" of 10. Comments On My April Email has had to wait, because of some lady in OZ, asking "Whats the logic in having a "blog" A Recipe, (if Raewyn gives me one that is); Computer Hint 2 - an easy way to delete "spam"; Email Out; Email In - will be the reply I received from Steve # 984; Snail Mail - remember postie postie ??; Comments On My Blog"; Down Memory Lane we will also have "Run Over By A Truck At 7"; "Paihia - Teacher & Dental Nurse Become One" (I wonder where they are now ??)

982. EMAIL IN - From A Friend ???
This email in from Vance S. had me scratching my head? But I suppose anything is better than scratching my skull again.
"Well, the world is getting smaller omg. Its been a long time...I know we didn't go to school together but we did meet for a short time, while living in Whangarei...and that was some years ago....I'm not sure if you remember me but it has been a long time. Some names, you just don't forget....hahaha.....well its been great and I hope to catch up with you at the reunion....2006."
(omg = oh my god)
The "bells" are slowly starting to ring Vance............

Footnote:Vance is talking about the Whangarei Boys High School 125th Reunion Queens Birthday weekend 2006. Have a look at your class photos old(er) boys & see if a boy in the front row has his socks down......thats me.....I'm back !!!!!!! Teachers were strict in those days - "Pull your socks up boy", so there would not be many photos with"socks down". I was a real young "rebel" then - now I'm a ..........!!! (No rude comments please) If you see a big black limo cruising slowly past the venue of the reunion, it won't be the mafia. It will only be me checking that the nearest tree hasn't got a noose hanging from the branches with the welcome wagon waiting underneath the tree. Those of you that know the limo don't try and step out into the middle of the road, as I would just tell my chauffeur to run you all over - You wouldn't be "fat" classmates any more, you would be real "flat-classmates". It was a car you couldn't miss - everytime, I went home my chauffeur had to back down the street where the family lived, because there was no room to turn it around. We went all over the place on that car, but we never slept in it even though you could put a 3 foot mattress in the boot and lay it out flat. It opened a lot of doors so a lot of memories "ride" on that limo. Theres more stories to come about that limo. I had the best chauffeur ever - thanks (he knows who he is)

983. Don't You Just Love Teachers ?
Especially old supposed-to-be-retired teachers? A few days after I had sent out the April 3 page memories & history "blast from the past", I got an email from a retired teacher, asking for my postal address. I have been on the search for an old WBHS class photo, so I thought he may of found one. I emailed him my postal address and a couple of days later an envelope arrived. When I opened it - guess what it contained ??? It was a copy of my April 3 page email, marked & corrected for spelling mistakes. He also wrote the comment - "Must try harder next time". I sent him an email to tell him I had received his envelope. his reply came back - " I could not resist it. I wish I had of been a fly on the wall". I sent back a reply - "I wish that you had been a fly on the wall as well, a squashed one". You had to laugh though ! At least he gave me 1 out of 5 for trying. So now, I always keep a dickcharneary at hand.

984. EMAIL OUT - I Sent Out The Welcome Wagon
Do you belong to one of those friend search things? I do ! It was during my search for old(er) classmates, I saw "Steve" who was new to the site, so I sent out the welcome wagon.........."I am sending you out the welcome wagon, but it's dry because you have all the wine." (He lives in France) He went to my old school and was in Carruth House, years ago. In his reply, he said "Thanks for the welcome". He also mentioned that he was looking for a old classmate,Terry, who he was at school with. Within 2 days of receiving his email (after a few phone calls) .....I struck "gold". I ended up talking to Terry's mother, who Steve knew as well of course. So I was able to email Steve with all the details of the whereabouts of Terry. But it didn't end there - Terry's mum was off on a world trip, within days of me phoning her. One of the countries on her itinerary, was France. How uncanny, can a person get. So if you belong to a "search" thing and you are searching for "old", spare a thought for the "new" as well and send out the welcome wagon. You never know ??? (Steve's email in will be in the next "post of 10" - read what he had to say in reply) Thanks for your "friendship" Steve. Terry, I have your email address. I was going to send you my blog address, but Steve will no doubt, tell you all about it. I hope your mother where-ever she is in the world is having a wonderful trip.

985. Recipe - Chinese Chicken
I can't vouch for this, as I have never tried it, but the word is it's "good". Thanks Raewyn - you could of given me sample to try, when you gave me the recipe. Here it is........one third of a cup of sugar, half a cup of soya sauce, one and a half cups water, 3 to 4 slices of ginger, 1 clove garlic. Put all the ingredients into a saucepan and bring it to the boil. Add chicken pieces and simmer until the chicken is cook. Thicken with one teaspoon cornflour. (If it's good, I'll take all the credit, but if it's yuk - blame Raewyn)

986. What's The Logic In Having A "Blog"
To Jenny, who works at ERO in OZ, did you get hit in the head, when you were a kid, too ??? Like I said, you can't have any family or friends - well may be you have a few, just that they haven't told you yet. I know that we, all here in NZ love you (not !!!) The logic of having a "blog" is that it is a good way to keep in touch with friends & family no matter where in the world they live. Plus, I can't be all that crazy because given time, all those that are having a "free" ride here & now, will have to put their hands in their pockets, or in your case, your hand in your purse. Just because you know me, doesn't mean to say you are going to get a "free" ride after 06 / 06 / 06 !!! I only want the folding stuff, because I don't have to wear glasses - yet !!! Plus I will find things to sell on my "blog" site. What size TShirt do you take ?? XXXXXXX Bye Jenny !!! Must of been that chocolate we sent - we won't send you any more. (Don't leave any rude comments either Jenny - I will know it was you) A big HI to everyone at ERO !!!

987. "I Scratched My Skull"
Going back in time ..........Back in the "dark ages" we were on a Paihia school camping trip, at Redwood Park, Swanson, Auckland. There was plenty to keep small minds amused, including what was known as "swing-boats" (for the benefit of those uneducated, it was a big swing in the shape of a boat, which could hold 4 - 6 kids, depending on how big they were of course). My sister who was in one of the swing-boats, threw me her jumper, as the swing came down. It fell on the ground, so I bent down to pick it up, forgetting that the swing-boat was coming back down again. As I stood up, the swing-boat hit me just above my right eye. (I think its the first time man has flown without been in a plane). "Blood" was everywhere - there was a huge gash in my head. I remember putting my fingers in the "hole" and "scratching my skull". I was taken to get stitched up. Thats my excuse for been crazy - what 's your excuse ???
I don't think it affected my brain too much - still want to be friends ???

988. Computer Hint 1 - "Bring It Back"
With me been the 2 finger typist I am, every now and again ( no, not all the time) when I am typing, I delete something by error. Barbara (again, has a lot to answer for) told me that if you hold down the Ctrl (control) key and push Z - it comes back.Like me ! I always type slow though, as I know you all can't read as fast.

989. Photos From Around The World Needed !!!
Do you want to help make this great blog, even greater? I am looking for photos of places of interest not only from around NZ, but also from around the world etc etc !!! People reading this who have photos of "places" that they have visited, etc, etc lets have you. Email me for my postal address, as I would prefer photos posted to me by snail mail. Include a few words about each photo. Also include a note, if you would like the photos returned. The idea is to make this "blog" interesting enough to get people coming back all the time. Because it is going to have so much on it, with new stuff coming all the time. You want to get paid ?? "What are you?" Help your fellow man or woman. I aren't going to pay you anything - you have my friendship (crazy as it may be !!!) plus I am letting you see whats in my head -
thats got to be worth something at least. You want more !!! ...........Tough.
We should have some photos from New York for September, plus photos from James / "The Chief " in Mid July.

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