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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Interview with "Krazy Kelvin"

Interviewer: Muggins

Interviewe: Krazy Kelvin

Time Log: 12.10am 22 May 05

Q.Where shall we start ?
A. At the begining !
Q.When were you born ?
A. No,we would be here forever & a day.
No !!! No !!! No !!!
Q.What is your date of birth ?
A.Who said I was born ?
You can't of just turned up.
Stranger things have happened.
We aren't getting anywhere here.
You telling me or asking me ?
Q. Why did you number your posts ?
A. I didn't leave my post.
I said number your posts, dah
A.So my family & friends can find where they left off.
Q. But why 999 ?
A. Why not.
Q. Would it be simpler to start at # 1 ?
A. I may be krazy, but not that krazy.
The way I'm going, I'll end up at # 1.
Q. What happens when you get to # 1 ?
A. I will be at the top, won't I. dah
Q. Do you have any assistants ?
A. Yeah 2 ! I pay them peanuts, they don't talk back
and they don't ask stupid questions.
Q. Why do you always delete cookies off your computer ?
A. So my assistants don't eat them.
At this point in the interview, Krazy Kelvin rolls around the floor in a fit of laughter.
Q. Will we see a photo of your assistants on your blog ?
A. You will, as soon as I can get them to sit still for 5 minutes.
Q. Have any photo's been taken of them ?
A. No ! But they starred in a video once with an up & coming music duo.
(Take care U2)
Q. Are your assistants male or female ?
A. Thats still open to debate ?
Q. Can I meet them ?
A. No ! They are having a midnight snack.
Q. Can I come back later and ask them some questions ?
A. You can, but if you get them to talk you are krazier than I am.
Q. People say you're krazy ?
A. People say a lot of things, but that doesn't mean they are true.
Q. Can we do another interview sometime.
A. If you are krazy enough to come back sure, but bring some bananas.

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