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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Kelvin A Memory Always # 970 - # 979

970. Coming up
"jonnyandtherobba" ???
My Thoughts on Life
Our Big Family
Recipe - Pavlova (NZ's favourite dessert);
Email In & Email Out;
Down Memory Lane - "I Tried To Cross Over" & "I Gave Him A Hug, Why Didn't He Hug Me Back"

Sorry - don't have a recipe for you, because Raewyn didn't give me one. In the next block of 10, hopefully I will have a recipe for "Pavlova", as a couple of people from other countries have asked. Anyone else looking for recipes ?

971. Postie Postie - Snail Mail

Don't get me wrong, computers are great, they have their uses (I wouldn't be posting this on my blog otherwise) but I still love "snail mail". There is something to be said, for a hand written letter, especially love letters, on which old(er) girlfriends had dabbed their perfume. Those letters got folded and unfolded so many times and the smell seemed to stay with you, until you received your next "love letter". When I sent a reply back, I would always write on the inside flap of the envelope - "Sealed with a lick, because a kiss wouldn't stick" and then on the back of the envelope I would write "Postie, Postie don't be slow. Deliver the letter, the quicker the better". (Boy, if you can remember that, you are older than I am).Show me a computer that can do that. Who knows - in the future, you might open your emails and get a whiff of perfume or a whiff of cows hit. I always used too end my letters, "I'm only as far away as your letterbox. I still use it from time to time, but most of the time now, its "I'm only as far away as your computer".
Despite modern technology, one thing doesn't seem to have changed - the wait for a reply. Blame the human, not the machine.

972. Run Over By A Truck At 7

Believe me, from where I saw it - it was a truck !!! I would of been about 7 at the time, I think (getting old - memory blockage !!)
It happened at our house, where we live at Wolfe St, Whangarei. I was watching out for Dad, who was due home from work. I saw him just going to turn into our concrete driveway. So I rushed out and tried to jump up on the running board of the truck and grab hold of the door handle, while the truck was still moving up our long driveway, but I slipped and fell on the ground, under the truck. The back wheel ran right over my stomach. The first thing Dad said, when he got out and picked me up was that he thought it was a block of wood. They phoned for an ambulance and when it arrived they put me in it. They poke and prodded me and asked if I was alright. I said yes, so they carried me into the house. The good thing was, I was allowed to stay home from school for a week even though there was nothing wrong with me. The best part about it, was my brothers & sisters were extra nice fetching & carrying for "poor old sick me". I made the most of it I can tell you, but I never tried doing that again. I remember the truck had high wooden sides and its colour was green. I may of been a little bit "green" myself, when Dad picked me up - wouldn't you after been run over by a truck. (I think it weighed about 5 or 6 tons) My "Guardian Angel" was with me that day. I'll see if any of the family have any old photos of it.

973. Email In - Reply From Steve (See #984)

To recap briefly - Steve M. who lives in France, who was trying to find an Whangarei Boys High School classmate who he was at school with in 1969/72 Carruth House. His mates name was Terry R. (Steve gave his full name, but I only like using a persons christian name & initial in my blog - unless they are really famous). To cut a long story short, I found his friend and his friends mum. This was Steve's reply to me ..........

Hi Kelvin, That is just amazing and I can't believe that you went to all that trouble - the wines are on me if you ever make it to France, or even better a few pints of guiness at my local. I'll give Terry a call and send him an email. I'll also call his mum. This is quite uncanny and like you said, it only took a couple of days. I am amazed that you have been so helpful. Anyway, thanks a lot, mate. Take care. Best regards. Steve.

That's what life is all about - helping other people if / when you can, without any thought of what's in it for you.

974. Comments On My Blog Site

At the present time, "comments" has been shut off. (See "About Me") When I do switch it back on, it will only be for a certain number of hours, so you can send me your comments, if you want to. Any shade of blue, is a nice colour, when it comes to cars, houses, clothes, etc but its not very nice when it comes to language, so hopefully no one will use that colour or try to post porn. When it is on, you will notice "comments" under the different posts. At this stage, I will switch it on - on Friday nights from 6pm - 10pm & from 8am - 12 noon on Sundays. You can still send me emails, if you want to.

975. Computer Hint 2 - Easy Way To Delete Spam

Did I hear you right - you don't get spam ??? I aren't talking about the tinned variety either, because thats where "pink pigs", like the one flying past the window at the moment ends up. Ohooo he is flying mightly low and I think he is heading in your direction !!! (To those that don't know, a flying "pink pig" means that the person is telling porkies or lies)
Spam - If you receive a large number of spam emails, you don't have to delete them individually. Hold down the Ctrl key as you use the mouse (not the pig) to select each email, then hit the delete button, to get rid of them all at once. I will see what other computer hints I can find to share with you. Anyone got any ??? Email me ..... thanks !!!

976. Paihia - Mr.B/Teacher & Miss.C/Dental Nurse

Mr B married Miss C - did they named any of children with E, F, ...!!! Those of you who were at Paihia School, will remember, but can anyone remember what Mr.B's first name was. I don't think it started with "A". But if it did, they had the start of the alphabet, for her first name was Denise. I must do some "digging" around and see if anyone knows if they are still around or not. If they are no longer around I won't be doing much digging. Even if they are still around, I shouldn't have to do much digging - for Denise, was a first cousin from my mothers side. Her parents lived at Kawakawa, just up from the old Railway Station. Her mother & my mother were sisters & their mother, our grandmother lived at Albert St, for many years. Kawakawa was well known for years because the railway tracks run down the middle of the main street. We will return to Kawakawa sometime and tell you about something else that it is now "world famous" for and hopefully have a couple of photos to show you as well, of the outside of this place (I won't show you photos of the inside) The place has something to do with a famous person from Austria.

Warning: This will send shivers down your spine. All kids may be fictitious and any resemblance to actual big kids, living is purely coincidental.
977. Pennies From Heaven ???

Down the lane we go or in this case under the hotel we go ..... pennies from heaven ? Well to kids, that is what it seemed like back in those days. All they had to do to collect the "pennies', was to crawl around underneath the outside decking area of a certain hotel. There was broken glass, beer tops, cigarette butts & "pennies" dropped, through the gaps of the boards, by drunk people who sat at the tables on the decking having a beer or two. It always seem to be wet - whether it was fresh beer spilt from their jugs, or re-cycled beer, kids didn't care. All they cared about were the "pennies from heaven" !!! Because they knew that afterwards, they could bury their "pennies" in the sand, while they had a swim. Then lie on on the beach in the sun drying off, eating ice-cream & lollies brought with their "pennies from heaven". Then currency changed its name and the "pennies from heaven" became dollars & cents !!!
Put your hands up, all you big kids who lived in the Bay of Islands and who went on a "pub crawl" as this will jog more than a few memories. I don't think any kid, in those days was told not to do it - even if he was told not to, he still went ahead and did it anyway because it really was "Pennies From Heaven". Kids were kids !!!

978. Comments From My April Email

On April Fools Day 2005, (the day that "sparked" my interest in computers) I found a site on the internet - no it wasn't porn. (some of you ....!!!) It was search site to do with finding former mates. During my search I sent out a number of emails. In the process, of finding "old" I made a few "new" mates as well. These are some of the comments I received in reply to my April, 3 page "blast from the past" I sent out a week later, to some of those old mates & new that I found ....

G'day Kelvin, good to hear from you.
I am still trying to place your face in my mind.
Hi there Kelvin, nice to hear from you.
I would love a longer email from you.
Kelvin, where have you been? I laughed till I cried.
Boy, that was some life story.
Some of you of course have not replied, as yet !!!
This following comment was from an old school friend - Philip O'D who now lives in Belgium - from my at Paihia School days, in the Bay of Islands, many, many moons ago..........
Jeyzus Kelvin, what a blast to get your email. For sure that was many many years ago. It brought back some memories that were well hidden away.........
Maybe I wasn't so bad after all ??? It just shows you another side of me, that a lot of mates would not of seen. So, to all of you, that I have sent an email to ??? (I'm back !!!)
There will be no more 2 or 3 page emails any more.......just small personal ones. You can log on and read & read & read .......

979. Email Out - Shellfish On The Beach

I can be "cheeky" at times. I belong to one those search things where you look for mates. I saw the profile of Bernard O'M who talked of eating heaps of shellfish. He was an old Whangarei Boys High school pupil. So I sent him my first email ........

Kia Ora Bernard, Don't eat all those shellfish boy - leave some for the visitors. !!! Hi ya ! I was in 3D/19?? (Talk about women hiding their age, Kelvin has got nothing on them / PA) My one & only year. As for memories, I like to think I left more behind, than I took away - same as your shellfish. So if / when I come north, you can dig for the shellfish - I'll look for driftwood, so we can cooked them on the beach. Don't forget the bread & butter. I don't drink, but I'll have one beer with you, to wash the shellfish down. You can bring that as well, because I'm the visitor !!! (haha) Take care Bernard. Hope to get an email back - who knows maybe put a face to the name.

In his reply he said.............
Sorry everyone - you are going to have to wait, until # 960 - 969 (Now an ex PA !!! Kelvin)

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