Haere Mai,Welcome,To all family & friends in NZ & around the world and anyone reading my blog ! This is my first ever blog, which I started on Black Friday, 13th May 2005. My thoughts & prayers are with you all. Take care & God Bless. Arohanui ! Kakite !

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Saturday, June 11, 2005

I'm back ... with # 950 - # 959 !!!
Kia Ora Everyone,
Thank you for all your emails, etc. People are actually taking the time to read my krazy blog ? I am surprised ! Nah ! I am impressed - thanks a million to all those friends & family !!! Keep spreading the word. With this "post" of 10, we are edging a little bit closer to #1. We are going to get there, quicker still though, because due to the number of emails received (some even begging - you can get off your knees now) I have decided to open the doors to this krazy blog, much earlier than I had first anticipated. So any friends & family reading this who want to become a regular contributor to this blog, see # 950. I am also trying to make a few changes, just to keep you all coming back - we will see as time goes by if it is all worth the extra effort. I am sure it will be. If you are a "first" time visitor, check out the archives. But if you have travelled down this road before, you will know what number you left off at. My thoughts and prayers are with you all, but especially with an old friend, Brandon G. who call in, to tell me that his father, who is dying of cancer, has 3 -6 months to live. You would think that a cure would of been found by now for cancer - what are your thoughts on cancer ???
Have you lost loved ones ? Share your thoughts - send me an email.
Krazy Kelvin

Each "post" of 10 will see 5 regulars. Review - Could be a review of a book, a movie, a video or even a show. Living - Could be a recipe, a handy hint or idea/s etc. Around New Zealand - Could be a place, a town/city, a tourist attraction, even a person/s. Little Gems - will be just that, little gems worth sharing. Down Memory Lane - needs no introduction. It could be a memory of mine or even a memory of yours if you have a memory that you want to share with us all.

Coming up in #940 #949
Review Book - Deception Point
Living Recipe - Pineapple Fruit Cake
Around NZ People - Explorers To Our Shores
Little Gems - ???
Down Memory Lane Krazy Kelvin Takes An Old Saying To Heart
Plus - "My Many Friends" - Where Do You All Fit In !!! As well another ???? to make it a "post" of 10.

#950 - #959

#950. Contributions For This Krazy Blog

OK !!! You want to be a regular contributor ? Email me and let me know what your interest/s are and also send a "sample" of your what you intend to write about. It could be anything - music, art, travel, vehicles, poems, sports, bushwalks, etc etc. It is up to you, but you have to be quick because it will be "first in - first serve" as far as regular contributors go. "Regulars" will be given an email address to send their contributions to, when they have typed them up. This email address will enable you to "post" your contribution straight on to the blog and you will be able to re-read your "post" on the blog, within a minute of sending it. If on the other hand, you only want to send something every now & again, just send it to me as a normal email. I will re-type it and post it on the blog. You can "post" on to the blog or send me emails as often as you like. I don't mind what you write about as anything you do write (as long as it has nothing to do with blue language !!!) can't be any krazier than mine - or can it ? I will be checking in and numbering the posts, so you can tell your many friends what numbers your "posts" are. Hopefully family & friends in other countries will be become contributors. Countries like - Australia, USA, Northern Ireland, France, Belgium, to name a few, but I won't name any people. You could use your nickname if you wanted to. You want me to pay you for been a regular contributor ??? What are you - get off the grass ! Think of your fellow man & woman and also the thought of been able to tell future generations, that you were a friend of "Krazy Kelvin". Who knows what lies ahead in the future - one day we could all end up as "stars". If I happen to become a star before you, I will shine my light down for you, so you can see "The Stairway To Heaven" !!! Am I a good friend to you, or what ??? Lets see all those emails first and then I'll let you know if you are a good friend to me or what .....!!!

#951. Am I Still Skinny Or What ???

I received an email from an old(er) school friend asking me if I was still skinny !!! Skinny, ain't the word. If I took all my clothes off and stood next to a rake, you would not see me. You wouldn't see any friends around me either - all you would see, would be their dust !!! I have never been a big eater. If I was invited out to have a 4 course dinner, I would eat only one course - the dessert. It could also have something to do with been run over across the stomach, by a 6 ton truck when I was about 7. I wouldn't recommend either - if you ate only one course of a 4 course dinner, you would never get invited back again and as for been run over by a truck, all it does is make you piss your pants.

#952. Doctors - How Often Do You Go ???

A young(er) friend asked me, how often I go to the doctors in my "old" age ! (He will keep). I had the great pleasure in telling him though that the last time I went to the doctor, he would of still been "a twinkle in his fathers eye", which would of been over 20 years ago. The only reason I went was because it was an employment requirement to have a medical. I am about 65 kilos, wringing wet while this young(er) friend would be the best part of 150 kilos - maybe more !!! He could go without food for a week and it wouldn't do him any harm. He would have to drink a lot of fluids though - but not alcohol, as well as take up walking !!! He wonders why, he has to keep going back to the doctor for one reason or another, every other week. When he reads this on my blog, theres going to be some "shouting" going on, I can feel it in my bones, but it had to be said - the truth hurts ! Big as he is though, I have seen him move, very quickly when he has seen a little creature !!! (Picture a very little creature and a very big creature !!!) Look at me, I like the simple things in life - including food. So whether that has any reason, why I haven't been to the doctor in all these years or not, I don't know. Maybe it has something to do with never been married and still single today - oops, sorry old(er) girlfriends/ladies. What I mean is that I don't have a wife or a girlfriend to make home-cooked meals for me. (Is it just me or does that sound worst ???) I would quit while you are ahead Krazy Kelvin or you may lose your head / Muggins. Or maybe it stems from the "Abundance of Food" ( a walk "Down Memory Lane" - coming soon!) that we had when we were kids. We were made to eat everything that was put in front of us. Thats it !!! Now adays, I just eat what-ever, when-ever. I have no set hours to sit down and eat breakfast or dinner. Half the time, I don't even sit down at all - I just eat on the run or eat when I feel hungry. I don't believe in the "have to eat 5 a day" or drink 8 glasses of water a day - never have. I don't play any sport, nor do I smoke or drink. The only thing I do a lot of, is walk !!! Muggins, I think I can hear "shouting" already, so you had better shout yourself a drink or 6, knowing you and while you are at it, be a good mate and book me a seat on the next plane out - one way ! I don't mind where, because the good thing with a blog is that you can do your blog, anywhere in the world and no one will know the difference or know where you are. Africa sounds good - I could stay with Jay & Ray. Is that an earthquake, Muggins - I felt the ground shake !!!

# 953. Exchanging Of Cards & Gifts

When an old(er) friend turns up out of the blue after years of no contact (like I have done!), do you exchange cards & gifts at birthdays & xmas time ? I don't know what your feelings are on the matter, but I personally would have to say .......... NO !!! (You thought I was going to say YES, didn't you - tell the truth !) I don't feel that there is a need, because by re-newing contact, you are giving each other, the greatest gift of all - "Friendship". There is no gift that could surpass the value of friendship and sharing not only old memories, but also making new memories as well. As for "new" friends, that's an entirely different kettle of fish, so to speak. But again, I would say NO !!! In our time of life, all us oldies are getting old(er) by the minute and krazier by the hour - isn't that how it goes. There is only one thing I have a need for and that begins with "E" - so keep those Emails coming !!!

# 954. Little Gems - Email In

JJB/Australia was one of the friends that I emailed about my/our blog been up and running - this was his reply........ "Hi Kelvin, thanks, looking good ! I have no idea where you find the time for all this stuff. But I guess, it keeps you off the streets?! You've really embraced this whole technology thing in a huge way. Keep it up - good to see you ! Take care, Regards, JJB/Australia

Krazy Kelvin in reply ...... Hey JJB - thanks a million for your comments. Its comments like yours and others like it (see #978) that keeps my "heart" ticking over and off the streets, as you say. I am learning as I go along without any help from anyone., throwing a bit of mud (I was going to use the other word...but ?) but it is all in good fun.There has been more than one person, who has laughed till they cried as well as those whose "memory" has been jogged !!!

# 955 Review - Book: Angels & Demons

Well, I have been asked by Krazy Kelvin, to do a book review. I have not done this before (on paper anyway) and i will tell you in normal words that hopefully we will all understand and enjoy. If we don't, you're sacked - you will have to start your own blog / Krazy Kelvin I have now read 3 books of Dan Brown .....this is one of them.Angels & Demons - Well, for those of you who read the "Da Vinic Code" and were able to enjoy the writing and not get tangled up in the religious side of it (question yes, but not allow it, to take over your life) I believe that you will also enjoy "Angels & Demons". It involves once again religion with a lot of cat & mouse and puzzle solving paths. I have to admit that this time, Dan Brown seems to go into the historic side of religion more, than in the "Da Vinic Code"(only my opinion) but it is still a great book to read, with some surprises. Great characters easy to relate to. Dan enables you, while reading to actually see the symbols, seared into the victims chests. I did not catch on, who was the baddie until ???As it took me, only one day to read (I couldn't put it down - I had to find out the ending) I would rate this book 9 out of 10. Until next time ...........Bookworm Barb

Hey everyone - if you think my blog is krazy, wait until Barb starts her own blog ! Boy, her & I will be having a competition to see who is krazier - whose blog is krazier, sorry !!! I may let her "post" a couple of things and then you will see what you are in for. Don't blame me !!! / Krazy Kelvin

# 956 Living - Recipe: Rice Bubble Biscuits

Beat 125g chopped butter & 1/2c caster sugar in a small bowl, until smooth. Add 1 lightly beaten egg and beat until combined. Stir in 1/3c sultanas, 1/3c desiccated coconut, 1c self raising flour. Mix well. Roll rounded teaspoons of mixture into balls. Toss balls in rice bubbles.You will need about 1 1/2c rice bubbles to do all biscuits. Place balls about 3cm apart on greased oven trays- flatten slightly. Cook in a moderate oven, 180oC for about 15 minutes or until lightly browned. cool on trays.

# 957. Down Memory Lane - Great Heights At Church

One thing that I remember doing a lot of when we lived at Wolfe St, Whangarei was going to church, at the corner of our street. It didn't matter what time of night or day it was. When ever I got into mischief (they didn't call me Krazy Kelvin or some other names as well for nothing) and I knew that I was in trouble, I was out the door or window in a flash and off to church. Before you get the wrong idea and think that I couldn't of been all that krazy, if I went to church all the time, it wasn't the inside of the church that interested me, it was the outside. It had a sort of wall built on to it, with these hollow concrete blocks, like little windows. I used to climb that wall, right up to its peak, which would of been at least 25 feet (maybe more) high. I would of been around the age of 7 - 10 at the time. I used to look down and see a brother or sister standing at the corner of Bank St, looking up & down the street to see if they could see their krazy brother. They never thought to look up ! Boy, if I had slipped and fell from that height, I would of ended up inside that church for the first & last time - in a "box" !!! I must seen the inside of a church once, when I was a kid, because there is a photo taken on the porch of the house, where we lived of one of my sisters on her wedding day. I was all dressed up - I looked a million dollars, if I say so myself. Once I learn the "art" of posting photos on my/our blog (I keep forgetting its "our" blog now !) I will post that photo as well as one of 5 generations of our family.

# 958. Why Didn't He Hug Me Back ??? In Answer To # 961

If you haven't read # 961 - "I Gave Him A Hug, But He Didn't Hug Me Back" - I suggest that you drop down and read it first. Or even if you have read it once, (you have read it several times and you know it off by heart ? All you want is the answer ...wait !!!) Everyone will no doubt have their own idea of why this fella, who would of been in his 20's, never hugged me back. Some of you may be "close" to the truth, but you still ain't getting a prize ! Others of you will be so far out of the ball park, you aren't even in the game. So to put you all out of your misery....is it one word or is it two words......Krazy Kelvin, just hurry up.........The answer is - he was "sselmra". You are pulling our leg again and leading us up the garden path !!! Hey, maybe I would lead you "up the garden path" but I certainly wouldn't hold your hand, as I don't know where its been !!! The truth of the matter is, that this fella, when he was 15, did a very stupid thing - he climbed a power pylon. The result been that he had to get both arms amputated at the shoulder. It could of been worst - he could of lost his life. Over a period of time they gave him electric shocks to his ankles, to loosen up the muscles, to enable him to learn how to use his feet as his hands. As I said, I spent a great deal of time with him. We even went shopping and even though we had just met, he trusted me enough to take money out of his shoulder bag that he carried, to pay for his purchases. When we went to that buffet restaurant (I shouted him) he told me, what he wanted on his plate, then he asked for a spoon. I carried our plates over to the table, where he pulled a chair out and told me to put the plate on the chair. I "handed" him the spoon and he put it between his toes and we sat there enjoying our meal. After we had finished our meal, we went and sat in Aotea Square, which is at the top end of Queen St - the main street of Auckland. He pulled a tobacco pouch, a lighter and one of those small "roll your own machines" out of his shoulder bag and rolled himself a cigarette. As we sat there, people stopped and starred. It didn't worry him in the least as he quite used to people starring. No doubt other people over the years reached out and gave him a helping "hand", but it took Krazy Kelvin to go one step futher .....As we stood there saying our good-byes, I reached out my "hands" and gave him a big hug, putting a big smile on his face and tears in his eyes, as no one had ever reached out to him before and given him a hug. (Hey - it cost me nothing !) It was a sad good-bye. One thing for certainly, is that of all the people I have meet and shook hands with, including the NZ prime minister, I will never forget the "armless" man !!! He was a tourist to our shores, so I like to think that as he travelled around our country, other people reached out and not only gave him a helping hand but also a hug, because he certainly did need a helping "hand" and a hug !!! A "hug" like a "smile" costs you nothing !!! But this wasn't the only time, that Krazy Kelvin reached out to someone who he had just met and gave them a hug which ended in tears. There was "Xmas Day Tears on Queen St" - coming soon when we walk "Down Memory Lane" together, again !!!

# 959. Around NZ .......

In each "post" of 10, this will become a regular feature, due to numerous requests from a number of people including kiwis who live in other countries. (Didn't they tell you that once you left, that was it - you couldn't get back in !!!) As you all know or should know, NZ is made up of 2 main islands: North / Te Ika a Maui & South / Te Wai Pounamu, as well as several smaller islands - the largest of which is Stewart / Rakiura. It was hard trying to decide, what would be the "first" choice to write about but then out of the blue, it came to me .........What better place to start, than the " Last Place" !!!

Cape Reinga is the northernmost part of New Zealand. Its distinctive 10.5m lighthouse (165m above sea level) is a landmark - the light from which can be seen 50km fromout at sea. It is said that standing there looking out to sea, is an amazing experience. Apart from the Three Kings Islands, faintly visible on teh horizion, there is nothing but ocean. The vast Pacific Ocean stretches almost another 16000m north to the Bering Sea. It is also here, that another great Ocean, the Tasman sea, meets the Pacific, joining with it to create turbulent waters, with waves anything up to 10m high during stormy weather.

Cape Reinga has always been a place of great consequence to the Maori people. Tradition says that when a maori person dies the spirt, after hovering for a time above the body, makes its final journey to Cape Reinga, where it turns and farewells the land that will soon be lost to view. The spirt then descends down to to a wild & rocky promontory, known as Te Rerengawairu - the spirts that leap. A lone pohutukawa tree growing on the lower eastern side,of which its roots are exposed enable the spirt to climb down to the platform, for its final moments, on this its "last place" on this land. In the sea, close to the platform is a deep hole - as the waves roll in, long masses of seaweed, obscure the entrance, but as the water recedes, the hole is fully revealed. It is then, that the spirt dives in, to begin its long journey home to Hawaiki - the mystical homeland and place of origin, where the spirt will be reunited with its loved ancestors.

Footnote from Krazy Kelvin: I am ashamed to say, that even though I am a NZ born & bred part maori - our family marae is Waitangi - I have never once in my life, stood and looked "out to sea" from Cape Reinga.I hope to be able to recitify this - hopefully at xmas time, when I spend a few days in the north, where I was born. It has been a long time coming, I know, but as they say - its better late than ..... !!! But don't worry, I will be only looking .........

I'll be back...........

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