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Friday, June 10, 2005

Muggins & Krazy Kelvin # 4

Time Log - Sunday 12th June 2005 (I've got a time machine)
Hi, Krazy Kelvin. Sorry about the waterworks last week.
Hey no problem ! It doesn't hurt for big boys to cry every now & again.
So, Jay & Ray the little blighters hitched a ride on a truck. Who would of thought they had it in them.
Even after I had told them, never hitch a ride with strangers and beware of trucks, they still went ahead and did it.
Hey, look who is calling the kettle black ! At least they had the good sense to wait until the truck stopped and then get on. Rather than try and ride underneath the truck !!!
Boy, you are pushing your luck, this week, aren't you ? You will end up with a kick up the butt.
Ohooooo!!! Whats the lastest from Jay & Ray ?
They are going to stay on in Africa for a bit to see if they can find any of their family.
Stay on for a bit or find a bit, did you say ?
You know, you are getting crazier every week !
Its been friends with you all these years thats cause it.
Don't blame me - you were just as crazy as I was in the "dark ages" !!!
Lets get down to brass tacks. when is this gallery going to be ready to open, because I know you have some stunning pictures from Africa, first up.
At this stage, it is still under construction, but hopefully it won't be too much longer. Friends & family are just going to have to hold their horses and keep coming back and watch for the official opening notice.
What's it going to be called ?
I was thinking of calling it "Jays & Rays Memorial Gallery", but seen they have turned up I might just call it "The Kama Gallery".
Whose bright idea was that ?
Whose do you think dumbo ?
The man in the moons !!!
Muggins ends up rolling around on the floor in laughter. I suppose it makes a change from last week, when he turned the waterworks on.
You know, I think you should be on the stage !
You reckon I am good enough to perform on the stage ?
Who said anything about performing. I was going to buy you a broom, so you can sweep it ! Now some of us have got work to do, so get your arse into gear and get out of here. Don't let the door hit you on the arse on the way out.
Can I come back again, next week - please !!!
I'll text you tomorrow and let you know, but don't hold your breath though. On second thoughts, do hold your breath !!!

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