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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Kelvin A Memory Always - # 905 - # 909

o:-) Censor on Board / Granny Smith

Kia Ora Everyone,
This is Muggins / Ann / Granny Smith / Barb / Colin reporting in with our "posts" which we know are late, but Krazy Kelvin has given us so much to do lately that we don't know we are coming or going. We are by no means complaining as w have never had so much fun in all our life. It sure beats the hell out of anything that we have done in the past. Once "blogging" gets in your blood - watch out !!! To think if Krazy Kelvin had not of picked up that magaize on Black Friday, 13th May 2005, none of these krazy krazy Kama Blog Family blogs would of ever seen the light of day. He got us interested and...........!!! I hear that the latest is that he is thinking of starting a blog just so he can teach other people who have never had a blog before in their life, where to go, the K.I.S.S way - "Keep It Simple Stupid" !!!
We won't keep you any longer.............

# 905. Great Books !!! by Barb

Today, when we came into the city, I came passed by one of my favourite second hand bookhops, which I stopped at for a few minutes, while the others carried on, to meet up with Krazy Kelvin. I made a note of some of the books in the window for all you book lovers out there.............

Firstly there was a number of books, to do with music as well as various singers. There were books on Johnny Cash / Frank Sinatra (my favourite singer) / Jim Morrison / Elvis Presley / Bob Dylan / James Brown. There was also some fairly large books - Geldof In Africa / Cinema of George Lucas / American Beauties, which took my eye ! I am talking about cars !!! ? The Complete Cartoons of New Yorker, which included 2 CD's / Web Comics. There was also a book on Jonny Depp. The "highlight" of the window though was.........Andy Warhol in a wooden box !!! Books dear, not his body !!! "The Best Of The First Decade - The Crystal Ball of Pop". It was a 7 volumn set in slip-covers, with 2 magazines all packaged in a wooden wheeled box,, designed by Karl Lagerfield. They are of a limited 2000 run of sets of books produced. This set is seriously groovy. A veritable treasure trove of 1970's pop culture. And........they were in the window. Not a good place for such a fine set of books - hopefully they hadn't been in the window too long !!! The price they were asking and the shop I saw them at - what's it worth ??? Send me an email. Better still send Krazy Kelvin a text message and he will tell you !!! I'll tell you about some more books, next week, here as well as on my own new blog !!!

# 906. People Who Smoke !!! By Ann

When you come to New Zealand as a tourist, don't be surprised by the number of people standing on street corners, in front of buildings, ect. Because all they will be doing is having a quick puff of a cigarette. Because smoking cigarettes as most people know, has been banned in a number of places, like hotels, pubs, clubs,etc. Cigarette packets also carry a Ministry of Health Warning - "Smoking is Addictive" - Ka mate koe i te kai hikareti, on the front of packets. On the back of the packets, is a larger warning- Nicotine, a drug in tobacco makes smokers feel they need to smoke. The more you smoke, the more your body will depend on getting nicotine and you will find yourself getting hooked. It may be difficult to give up smoking once you are hooked on nicotine. For more information phone 0800 778778 (This number will only work in New Zealand)

Granny Smith has always said - "If God wanted you to smoke, he would of put a chimney on your head".

# 907. Handy Hints by Muggins !!!

In # 917 I gave you all a couple of handy hints, which hopefully you have put to use. They are all to do with baking soda, which has many uses not only around the home & your vehicle, but also around your body !!!

Deodorant.........A natural alternative to deodorant sprays and lotions is simply to dust some baking soda under your arms to asborb perspiration and neutralize odors. This will also save your clothes from deodorant stains as well.

Vinyl & Canvas Cleaner ........Remove oil & grease that can embrittle leather & vinyl seating with a solution of 4 tablespoons of baking soda per quart of water, or baking soda sprinkled on a damp cloth. Rinse with water and wipe dry. To remove tree sap, bird droppings (Have you ever wondered why "bird dropping are so runny - see # ) and general traffic grime from vinyl tops and canvas convertible car & boat tops, scrub with a paste of 3 parts baking soda to one part of water (eg. 3 tablespoons baking soda / 1 tablespoon water) and a soft brittle scrub brush. For more resistant soils, add a few drops of gentle diswashing liquid to the baking soda paste. Follow with a mild detergent wash, rinse well and dry.

See you all in the next "post of 10" !!! Saturday 23rd of July.

# 908. I Visit Our Relations At Western Springs !!! by Barb

I have a great love for creatures created by Mother Nature, except of course - spiders - too many feelers. So I thought I would visit relations at Western Springs. Its a Haven On Mother Earth as well as a Heaven On mother Earth for all creatures, big & small.

There is so much to see & do at the Auckland Zoo. We usually pack a pinic lunch, making sure to also pack a couple of brollies, just in case. and make a real day of it. It is no use rushing around such a beautiful place, where you can see all mother natures creatures big & small. The zoo is open everyday, (except xmas day) from 9.30am. Check out the prices on their website. It is one of the "must see" attractions for tourists.

For Aucklanders & regular visitors to Auckland - I am trying to talk friends in becoming a "Friend of the Zoo", because been a friend of the Auckland Zoo, is for families, couples, singles, students, golden oldies - in fact anyone passionate about caring for and celebrating the world they live in. You share in the vision to help save & conserve threatened NZ and exotic wildlife. There are so many benifits that you enjoy by been a friend of the zoo, which include unlimited daytime entry; 20% discount to all evening events; a free subscription to the Auckland Zoo''s official newsletter - Zoo Alive; plus theres more - check it out for yourself.

Give a gift that a person can use day in / day out !!! Give them a gift membership. Its a great saving on the every day price. I may give one to a friend & put a little note with it - "I thought you may like to visit your relations at Western Springs more often - themonkeys !!! An annual membership for 1 adult, is $60 (price as at July 2005). Check out other prices on their website www.aucklandzoo.co.nz A great place to visit either via the web, or in person !!! Don't forget to tell them that you found the link on a krazy krazy blog !!!

# 909. That "Coast to Coast Walk" by Colin

Kelvin & Muggins still have to set out on this 16km walk.........in the meantime, I'll tell you about one of the places that is sort of on the route of the walk. Its another one of those"must see"attractions ,especially if you are a tourist to our shores.

The place is the "Stardome Observatory" is situated on the lower southern slopes of the One Tree Hill Domain - one of Auckland's volcanic cones and most prominent natural landmarks. The park includes Maori archaeological sites, playgrounds, BBq's walking tracks ans a working farm.

Its an experience, that is truly out of this world and where you can "listen to the stars above" !!! You sit back in their Planetarium, an all-sky 360 degree panoramic theatre and enjoy a multimeda experience featuring 3500 brilliant stars delivered by special effects projectors linked with stunning digital surround sound - day or night, rain or shine. You will be amazed by the "stars" above. The Stardome Observatory is available for functions, events, birthday parties, as well as club or social outings There is also a shop where you cna purchase a wide range of items.

You can also Adopt A Star !!! To mark a special occassion or to commemmorate a special person (Krazy Kelvin - Birthday 31st January ) why not Adopt A Star. Cost $60. You or the person you have named will receive a certificate, showing the star's details, the adopters name and other information about the "star". Your donation / purchase assists the work at Stardome Observatory, a registered charitable trust.

They also offer education services - flexible programmes from pre-school to tertiary level.

You can find out more from their website www.stardome.org.nz Don't forget to tell them that you found their link on a krazy krazy blog !!!

As Krazy Kelvin always says..........we'll be back !!!

Saturday 23rd July with another post of 10

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