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Monday, July 11, 2005

Posting Early - # 900 - # 904

I'm back............

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London - our thoughts & prayers are with you all !!!

Kia Ora Everyone,
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We have got a lot of ground to cover, so I'll pull finger & get on with the job at hand. This post of # 900 - # 909, will see us off into the 800's, the week of the 23rd of July. We usually tell you, whats coming up the following week, but everyone seems to be keeping their "story" to themselves. So I have posted these now and during the following days, Barb; Granny Smith; Ann; Muggins & Colin will add their stories to make up our normal post of 10. I have posted early, so people living overseas, can log on to the NZ Herald sites as listed below. Aren't I a good friend to you or what - because I thought that by the time next Saturday comes and we posted this, you would of forgotten that we won !!!
Krazy Kelvin

# 900. Lions V's All Blacks Over & Done With !!!

Yes, its all over but the "shouting" still goes on !!! We New-Zealanders really know how to party & let our hair down. Any excuse for a party and we jump on it. One of the things you may or may not of read about, would of resulted in a lot of blue things, covered by red or black. This was a race, although similar in name, had nothing to do with the Indie 500 ! The only motors running, were peoples hearts, as the hearty stripped down to their undies, for the "Undie 500" - a 500m dash between Lion supporters, clad in "red" of course and All Black supporters clad in "black", in our cold weather ! It had a top prize of a $1000 voucher as well as spot prizes and bar tabs. Maybe a great idea for someone to do, when NZ supporters visit other countries ??? It was organized by the Newmarket Business Association. Maybe I should of entered - I would of run in my birthday suit and got a head start on everyone else in the cold or maybe everyone would of ran the other way !!!

Footnote: The Lions Online - Read deputy online editor, Paul Smiths blog on the tour at www.nzherald.co.nz/tourblog or for news & opinions go to www.nzherald.co.nz/lionstour For NZ Herald photosales go to www.newspix.co.nz I don't know how you would go about paying for photos - I suppose by credit card, or get a family member / friend to pay for them ???

# 901. Lovelocks Crystal Cup Returns H.O.M.E !!!

An incon of NZ sporting history has finally retuning home. The crystal cup presented to kiwi track legend "Jack Lovelock" at the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games was welcomed home. Lovelock was given the 3.6kg cup for his world record run in the 1500m, which earned NZ its first Olymic track Gold. the cup was too heavy for him to bring back, so it was left in Germany. The "cup" has a Bohemian lead crystal lid. There is a group of runners engraved on one side and a German Imperial Eagle with a faint impression of a swastika above Olympic rings on the rear. It was purchased at auction in Germany by Coca-Cola Amatil for an undisclosed sum, well above the reserve price of $5000. Coca-Cola has lent the cup, to Lovelock's old school - Timaru High School, which already has a collection of Lovelock memorabilia, including the gold medal that he won. Good on you - Coca-Cola !!!

Footnote: Coca-Cola Website - www.ccamatil.com

# 902. Migrants To NZ

Someone asked about prospective migrants to NZ. I made a few enquires as well as read an article. I also contacted an immigration consultant to ask them if they would allow me to put their details with this story, I haven't heard back from them yet. When I do, I will add to the "footnote".
Prospective migrants - must not have ever been deported from NZ or any other country.
Must not have been convicted and sentenced to a prison term of 5 or more years.
Must not be belived to have associated with criminal or terrorist groups, or be a danger to NZ.
Must not have been convicted and sentenced to 12 months or more in prison in the past 10 years.
Must not be or have ever been involved in activities or have been associated with any group whose activities are deemed to pose a risk to NZ's international reputation.

Footnote: Website: www.immigration.govt.nz

# 903 - Whats a Hangi ???

Its where we put you in the pot !!! Nah, just kidding. Its a long process, which starts at sparrows fart / crack of dawn, depending of course what time you intend to sit down to eat. Roughly, a hangi is food that is cooked in a pit in the ground, but there is lot of work involved in preparation. Let me just say - hhhmmmm !!! Its good, to say the least especially when its followed up by steamed pudding, custard, cream & ice cream. As well as thick slices of maori bread & butter to go with the hangi food. Paper & kindling wood is placed in the bottom of the pit ( about 1m deep x 1.5m square roughly) then logs of wood are placed on top, followed by large river stones or iron bars. The fire is then lit - it should burn it self out after about 3 hours. The red hot embers & ashes are then removed from the pit. The metal hangi baskets of vegetables & meat,chicken, etc which have been prepared before hand are placed on top of the hot stones. Wet cloth/sheets are then placed over the baskets of food, followed by wet sacks. A tarpaulin is then placed right over top and soil placed around the edges of the tarpaulin, to stop the steam escaping. After 2 1/2 - 3 hours, its uncovered and the baskets of food taken into the kitchen to be served out, which is another job in it self. Then after wards, another job....dishes !!! Krazy Kelvin has left the building.......all you can see is his dust !!!

Footnote:A useful site for food safety is www.nzfsa.govt.nz
New Zealand Food Safety Authority, PO Box 2835, Wellington, New Zealand

# 904 Down Memory Lane - Once Again Someone Comes Knocking !!!

Its any wonder I have got this far in life - if you have been reading the "posts" (all the posts) like a good friend should, you would of read about me getting run over over by a truck; going to great heights, scaling chuch walls; hitch-hiking when I was a kid; trying to cross over a river at low tide, to play in the mud on the other side with family & friends - I just about did cross over, not to the other side of the river. This was another time, maybe a few weeks later when ..........

This happened when we lived up north at Yorke Rd, Haruru Falls, when I was about 12. We all decide to go for a swim at a place, called the Lilly Ponds. How we got there, I can't recall - memory blockage ??? Anyway when we got there, everyone else decide to head futher up the river. I supposed they called it the Lilly Ponds, because it had these huge ponds, sort of like like swimming pools. Anyway, I decided to stay where I was and just hop into one the pools. After all, how dangerous could it be - they didn't look very deep. So I sat on the edge of one of these pools, and slid in.....they were deeper than i thought, a lot deeper - well over my head in fact. So I went down, back up, down again - I couldn't swim to save myself and I could manage to get out. One of the cousins in all his wisdom, decided he would head back to where everybody had left me, just to ckeck I was okay !!! Before I knew it, he had dragged me out, to live another day...if he didn't I wouldn't be writing this now, would I. It was the same cousin who had pulled me out of the Waitangi River, when i just about drown.(See # ) After that I was quite happy just to sit and watch while the others got wet, although there were times when I got wet, without even going swimming.....see # Pennies From Heaven !!!

# 905 / # 906 Wednesday - Ann & Muggins
# 907 Thursday - Barb
# 908 Friday - Granny Smith
# 909 Saturday - Colin

They will "post" their bits, at H.O.M.E http://havenonmotherearth.blogspot.com which the last time I looked was sitting at # 1 out of about 4,730,000 !!! Even if it was # 2 or even # 3, I certainly aren't complaining, considering its only been about 2 months, since I started blogging. Then early Saturday, I will move their "bits" across here to complete our post of 10 for another week. From here on in, as we head to # 1, I will try and include website addresses, if there is one that relates to the story. Just to make life a little bit easier for everyone who reads any of our blogs and also because some of the websites are interesting to read, not only for New Zealanders but people in other countries as well.

If you live overseas and you have any questions, about anything at all to do with New Zealand, send me an email. Maybe you are looking for a website address or something - don't be shy to ask. If it doesn't cost me anything, I certainly wouldn't charge you anything. After all, what are friends for, but to help each other. No matter where in the world you live or what colour you are, we are all in this together !!! Maybe I should start a blog for New Zealand website addresses and as people ask for a website address, just add it to the list - good idea ???

Take care everyone - God Bless.

I'll be back........

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