Haere Mai,Welcome,To all family & friends in NZ & around the world and anyone reading my blog ! This is my first ever blog, which I started on Black Friday, 13th May 2005. My thoughts & prayers are with you all. Take care & God Bless. Arohanui ! Kakite !

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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Look Down - It is there !!! Saturday 2nd JULY 2005 - # 920 - 929

I'm back...........

o:-) Censor on Board Granny Smith

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K. If we can manage to get everything done, I will shout us all to the movies.
M. You can't fool us, we know what your "shout" means !!!
GS. Yeah, you must think we all came down in the last shower.
B. The last time you shouted, you walk over the road and "shouted" out to us !!!
K. Tickets - see !!! We can take a vote to see what movie to see afterwards.
B. Ok then smarty pants, what choice of movies do we have ?
Kelvin spreads out the paper and everyone tries to squeeze in, to see what's on.........
Herbie Fully Loaded ; Heffalump ; Madagascar ; Batman Begins ; Stars Wars Episode lll: Revenge of the Sith ; Mr & Mrs Smith ; Ladies In Lavender ; Monster-In-Law ; Amityville Horror ; War Of The Worlds
K. We could wait for "King Kong" to come out in December !!!
M. December ??? Boy, you don't give us much choice, do you !!!
B. War Of The Worlds is good, because you get to see the trailer of the Peter Jackson directed movie KINGKONG !!!

M. You can all come to my place, if you just want to see a trailer - only half the price !!!
K. Not that sort of trailer Muggins, you dip-stick !!!
GS. Anyway, we can decide after, as people are waiting !!!
B. We have got our own "KINGKONG" right here - Muggins !!!
GS. Did you audtion for the part, Muggins ???
K. Boy !!! You know, we could do our own movie, "War Of The Words" - you could become a star Muggins !!!
GS. Anyway, enough bickering for one day - "put the pedal to the metal" Krazy Kelvin and lets get this show on the road...........

Any New Zealand Great Blog Clubs or New Zealand Great Blog Groups
in Auckland or around New Zealand ??? Or around the WORLD !!!
Also Board Game Blogs !!! I found one, but lost it !!!
Please email me kjmkama@yahoo.com if there is. I am trying to find
great blogs, that I can link up with................anyone home ??? Or should I
just keep searching www.yahoo.com where you will find this krazy krazy
blog - "Kelvin A Memory Always" at # 1 out of about 125000 !!!

K.There will no interview with Muggins this week, sorry !!!
B. NO interview with MUGGINS ???
M. After last weeks nightmares ??? Is that you Barbbbbbbb !!! I bet it was you !
GS. We all have to pitch in together this week, as we have a lot of ground to cover !
K. Muggins will be back next week, with "Interviews" ! Hopefully !!!
GS. Will you Muggins ? I'll make your favourite !!!
M. OK ! You twisted my arm, I'll be back with "Interviews", next week !!!
GS. Say Hello - then Good-Bye Krazy Kelvin, so we can get this "show" on the road !!!
K. Pushy, pushy !!! I'll put my Jandals on first and take my Buzzy Bee toy so no one else can play with it..

Kia Ora Everyone,
Thank you all !!! This krazy krazy blog has taken on a "life" of its own as the numbers keep rising and rising and rising !!! I have turned over only a few stones & rocks in my head with many more to come. (Oops, I missed one - you will have to wait for a minute, while I go back and have a look, because you never know whats lurking underneath - sawdust ? How did that get there !) Family & friends who keep returning are worried that I'll lose interest in this new toy - "Kelvin A Memory Always" and delete it. Hey.........I would never do that !!! I have two options, which I will explain in more detail once I have "dug" a bit deeper and found out a bit more about how & where to go !!! Because if / when I take my "swim" or take the "Stairway To Heaven", this krazy krazy blog will hopefully be carried on..........by the younger generations !!! To all those friends (yes - you are still friends !) who I asked for the opportunity to use your computer & to those who I "begged" for help, as I knew zilch about computers - sorry guys, you can stop climbing over each other in the rush to try and get into my cot, now that this blog is going into "orbit", because I don't need your help any more !!! You shut the door and you know I aren't one to kick it in and say, I told you so !!! I had no idea, where this "blog" would lead - it was a "new toy" which didn't have any bells & whistles to play with so no one was interested in climbing in my cot to help me. I have thrown all of my old toys out of my cot and also all you "friends" who didn't want to help, so I aren't about to climb out and help you get back in. You can look through the bars while I'll have fun with my new toy. I'll even feed you Granny Smith's plain nuts, while you are looking through the bars. You can also have "all" my old toys lying on the floor, if they still work !!! Because I had no idea where to start, or where it would lead to, I saw no sense in using my own money to buy a computer and all the set-up for it. I may be Krazy Kelvin, but I certainly aren't silly. By years end though, I will have not only a computer and all the bits that come with it, but I'll also have a laptop and not one but two mobile phones all for "Free" !!! Krazy - I don't think so !!! Me going to get out there & push & push & push annoy the hell out of companies. I will show them Past, Present & Future !!! Past - This is where I have been; Present - This is where I am at; FUTURE - this is where I'm going, but it desn't mean to say that will be the last they see of me, because I'll be back .........!!! As each day passes, it gives me another day of experience, under my belt, so to speak. As for internet cafes, they don't give you any room to spread your bits out, plus you usually end up with someone either side of you as well as people walking passed and looking, so I have told you about my idea of an internet cafe !!! At $2 per hour, going by the number of emails, etc I have received as well as the comments, I have got from friends who I haven't heard from for OMG (it's who ??? Sorry - can't remember !!! ) knows how long, it has all been worth it. Plus all the # 1 listings from Yahoo - Thanks - a million billion trillion !!! I won't let you down, as I make this krazy blog, even krazier still !!! There are other "Blogs" under construction as we speak !!!
Anyway, its time to get this krazy krazy blog on the road............again !!! Take care all & God Bless !!!
Krazy Kelvin.........krazy to the kore !!!
kjmkama@yahoo.com send me an email - if you are you might get a reply !

Olde To The Friend I Asked First !!!
Now, who was it ? I can't remember -
must be a memory blockage or is it a drain blockage !!!
There was a few in my cot....... when Mum used to babysit.

I shouldn't tell you this, but it's true ........
when in my cot we played and I took your lollies off you.
I gave them back to you, after I had "passed them through" !!!
But I won't do that with Grannys nuts I feed you,
that I can promise you !!!

Hey, I was a krazy kid ! How old were we - was it 2 ?
I've hidden Grannys reading glasses, in Barbs handbag
so she can't see the fine print. Barb can't read fine print
either, but she won't wear "glasses" !!!

Coming up next week...... # 910 - # 919
Saturday 9th July, 2005

910. On The Road Again - Xmas 05 / Jan. 06
This will be taking a look at what I will be getting up to during my
Xmas holidays - 1 week of the old year & 2 weeks of the New Year
911. My Idea Of - Haven On Mother Earth ???
912. Little Gems - Two Little Tales (Tails)
913. We are planning a surprise party for Granny Smith - when ???
914. Book Review - Oliver Twist / Charles Dickens
I don't know how in the world Granny Smith, expects me to find the time to read this.
Just looking at it, the book looks old ! Lets see what year - 1980 / # pages - 481 !!!
It's an oldie but a goodie, so I'm told. I've seen magazines from way back to the 1940s
at Granny Smith's, when we have been helping to clean up. I think she cuts them up
into little squares for her "outhouse" !!! .......Bookworm
915. Down Memory Lane - That Big BLACK Limo !!!
916. Living - Recipe From Muggin's Blind Girlfriend Ann !!!
917. Some Helpful Hints From Muggins ???
918. Granny Smith - Gives Blogging....... Another Try !!!
919. Around NZ - More On The Coast To Coast Walkway by Bill

This week........... # 920 - # 929
Nut behind the wheel: Krazy Kelvin
Co-Driver : Muggins
???: - Barb
Censor : Granny Smith
Krazy Kelvin has kindly given me, my own spot for my rocking chair,
so I can try my hand at been a "blogger" ! Next stop, who knows ?
Maybe I will start my own blog, because you are .........
Only as old as you feel !!!

920. Little Gems - Friendship Poem

"The Miracle of Friendship"

There is a miracle of "Friendship", that dwells within the heart.
You don't know how it happens, or when it gets its start
But the happiness it brings you always gives you a special lift
And you realise that "Friendship" is Gods most perfect gift !!!

921. Around NZ - 16km Coast to Coast Walkway - we talk, before we walk !

"Muggins & I" were to have done the the Coast to Coast Walkway walk, together today but he said no - Sunday 10th July is better. So Muggins, I am holding you to it - I'll be on your doorstep at the crack of dawn ! Therefore you won't be able to read if "Muggins" made it to the end of the 16km walk, (I'm sure he will !) until the "post" of the 16th. Muggins & I will no doubt do a couple of "short walks" between now & then ! We were planning to head out today at 8am (2nd July) to do the walk and then do the "post" this afternoon, while the "walk" was still fresh in our minds. It would of given us a good excuse to sit down the rest of the afternoon with Granny Smith fetching & carrying cups of tea and home baking for us. Maybe she will come back on the afternoon of the 10th and do that for us - about 2pm Granny Smith, OK ! I have got a leaflet on the walk, which I picked up from the Grey Lynn library, so I'll tell you a little about it. You can pick up a Coast To Coast Walkway leaflet from any information centre or Auckland City public library. If you are planning a trip to Auckland, add this to your agenda. I would allow a good 6 hours, if you are a tourist, because there are places where you may want to "linger" a little bit longer. So read on...........

You can start the walk either at the city end, or at the Onehunga end but most people would no doubt start it at the city end. Just "pace" yourself - don't hurry. From the city - northern end / Waitemata Harbour to the Onehunga - southern end / Manukau Harbour, this "walk", takes you across the narrow neck of land, that gives Auckland its maritime character. Maori once used both these northern & southern narrows as canoe portages, from the Pacific Ocean on the eastern side, to the Tasman Sea on the Western side. The starting point from the city end is Viaduct Harbour, formely home to Auckland's fishing fleet. It was redevloped for yachting's America's Cup Challenge of 1999/200 as well as 2003/04. On the walk, you pass through a few of the 800 or so parks scattered around the Auckland area; pass five volcanic sites, as well as many places of interest. It also takes you up the summits of Mt Eden & One Tree Hill, where the man known as the "Father Of Auckland" lies burried in his grave, which bears the Latin inscription - si monumentum requiris circumspice - "If you want a memorial, look about you". So on & on we go ........to the end at Onehunga Bay Reserve. In the early days, Maori canoes beached on this Manukau Harbour shore, to sell & barter goods.

So.....on the 10th of July, Muggins & I will take this walk and I will let you know in the "post" of 10 on the 16th, if Muggins makes it to the end. To get back to the city, there is a bus stop not far away. What we might do, is buy a Auckland Bus Pass, which is $8 each. You can use the "pass" all day on the Stagecoach / Link buses. If Muggins ain't to tired, when we get back to the city, we might even go for a ride on the ferry across to Devonport & back. If there's more than 2 of you you can purchase a all day "group pass" for 3 or 4 people for $16. The only thing is that with the $16 group pass, it does not allow you on the Devonport Ferry, where as the $8 each pass does. You have to give Muggins credit though - for his size, he is a lot fitter, than he looks and than he makes out at times. I was passing by his place one day in a car with a friend, when I saw him "flying" out the gate, after his dog which had a string of sausages, dangling from its mouth. I'm glad, I wasn't invited to "dinner" that night, Muggins !!!

Footnote: Not many people know, that across the other side of the city in that small graveyard on the hill (# 922) is burried the wife of John Logan Campbell - the "Mother Of Auckland". If you visit "Father" please pay a visit to "Mother" & their daughter as well, upon that hill !!!

922. I Visit A Graveyard !!! (More than One !!!)

Upon the hill, is a little church surrounded by graves of those who have long since passed before us. There was one grave in particular that I took notice of, because here in this graveyard lays a lady - the "Mother of Auckland". In this graveyard also lay a number of people. Some of the inscriptions on their headstones, tell sad tales of death by drowning. On one headstone is an inscription for 3 brothers, who died at various times, but none saw the age of 30. If you walk from the city along Tamaki Drive, passed the gas station & shops, take a right then a left, you will come to the Rose Gardens on Gladstone Rd. Once you have finished looking in the Rose Gardens, follow the path down the hill, which will take you down to the sea. If you look to your right, upon the hill you will see, a quaint little white church. The "Campbell" grave is among the first graves on your right. If you keep following the footpath and go through the gate, there is a road, which will take you to a lookout point. Then if you look down below you will see, the salt-water Parnell Pools, which is a great place to have a swim - that is if you can swim !!! From the lookout, there are steps, leading down, to Tamaki Drive so follow the road you see, back to the city. Its a great walk.I will try and find out, the best time to visit the Rose Gardens, when the roses are in full bloom. Then I'll add to this. I'll also find out the "times" that the Parnell Pools are open.
The graveyard of course is 24 / 7, so you can even visit it on a "full moon" if you wanted, but............

I had to put this in............
# 922A. Howling At The Moon............!!!

I wouldn't want to visit any graveyard on a full moon would you ? Because strange things may happen like this, many moons ago, when a person who shall remain nameless for now, was young(er) .............

In a certain graveyard people slept, upon the graves still warm from the the suns rays. They were "out of this world" because of drink, but on full moon nights, they always heard a eeery call, which gave them a fright - "What are you doing, sleeping on my grave" ? To someone who has had a few, they don't know if its true. So to their heels they run as the eeery voice they heard rolls around laughing at the fun, of making the drunk men, ruuuuunnnnnnnnn !!!
OOOOOOoooooohhhhhhkk !!! Howling at the moon...... ???

Krazy Kelvin, was that eeery voice, you ???
Noooooooooo !!! Not me Granny Smith !!!

923. Review - Book: Blood Memory / Greg Iles

Now this book is a must, full of everything that you need. Mystery, death, surprises and most of all, it keeps you guessing as to who did it. Cat is a forensic odontologist - a dental forensic person ! The story not only involves the suspence of her work, but also her own privaye hell. She deals with horrendus murders and also finds that the life as she knew it, is about to be torn to hell. Involved with a man she knows that she will never have, and I am sure she deserves better. Born from the better side of the tracks, she has always felt that something was wrong. Demons of drink, drugs & men have all added to her demise and the fact that she needs to know how & why her father committed suicide or was murdered, all leads to a gripping justified end. As well as been a great story - the theme is something that is very real horribly sad and one that needs to be attended to for the sake of us all.
Really, really great book - I rate this 9 out of 10. Hopefully you will get your hands on this book, shut out the world and.......enjoy!
Good reading. Bye for now !!!
Bookworm gave this book a rating of 10, but I changed it to 9 because as in life, no one is perfect !!! Bookworm has read many books and shared her thoughts on the books with us. What are your thoughts - please let us know !!! Thank you. o:-) Censor

924. Down Memory Lane - "Pot Luck Dinners" ???

What has happened to these ? Have they gone by the roadside ? When we were all single & silly, (Krazy Kelvin is still single & silly as well as krazy, as we all know !!!) as no doubt Granny Smith would tell you, PLD's were all the rage ! We would start off at someone's place with, goodness knows what, spread on crackers; move on to the next place, for the next course which was usually spaghetti & meatballs or mince with mixed veges; then on again to the next place for dessert - Granny Smith Apple Pie, Vanilla ice cream or Hokey Pokey Ice Cream & fruit and then finally to the last place, which somehow or other always ended up been "my place" for tea, coffee & biscuits and .........story telling !!! I always had to start the ball-rolling, so to speak. But it seem the time they spent telling their story grew shorter & shorter while mine grew longer & longer. It wasn't long before it was my turn yet again. Other times, everyone would turn up at "someones" place with their "pot", salad or what-ever !!! It was always usually held at the "last place", which of course was my place. You never heard any complaints about not been able to eat this, or I don't like that. Food was food - it was plain & wholesome !!! Afterwards it was fun & laughter all around, especially when it came to story telling. Sometimes we would end up with someone playing the guitar as well as someone else playing the "spoons". I don't know what our neighbours, on Shortland St must of thought, although most of the time, they joined in as well ! We didn't have much money in those days, but hey we seem to manage and we had a lot of good times which made for good memories. It was always rent first, bills & then food. We shared & shared alike. When someone was "stuck" we helped them out. If someone got turfed out of their flat, someone always took them in. It wasn't unknown for 4 people to be sharing a one bedroom flat. "Time" moved a lot slower, than it does now-adays !!! Its hard to keep up with the changes, that occur in everyday life now. It seems, most people, even friends don't have the time to spare, to help other friends in need any more - its sad to say the least !!! Again I suppose its the way, the world is moving, or has moved, I should say. !!!
Does anyone still go to or have Pot Luck Dinners ??? It doesn't have to be top notch food - tin of spaghetti with mince thrown in (cooked of course); followed by the good olde New Zealand favourites - Granny Smith Apple Pie & Vanilla Ice Cream or Hokey Pokey Ice Cream !!! Or you could just have jelly & fruit. Its not so much the food that makes a "meal" its the friends that you are sharing it with !!! Don't forget Master Storyteller afterwards - you can even pinch some of mine, if I aren't there. I don't mind if you do. But you if you scratch your head enough, will jog some of your own Memory cells and you won't have need of "Kelvin A Memory Always" !!!

925. She Said - Don't Touch My Nuts !!!

Never let it be said, that Granny Smith didn't care about her friends - she was from the "old school", brought up to always think of helping other people & doing good deeds. When she was young(er) if someone was poorly, she was the first one to turn up to help with the housework, cooking, washing and the kids !!! She would call bearing homemade "gifts" of preserves, sauces & pickles as well as baking, from her kitchen, plus vegetables from her garden & fruit from her trees, including a bag of Granny Smith Apples. Even if you already had an abundance of food, because to her gifts of food, were "gifts of life". Now she is getting on a bit, her doesn't venture far so people are returning the favours and helping her & giving her gifts. One day, someone had given her a packet of chocolate coated "nuts". Muggins & I were over at her place, this particular day "doing some cleaning" for her. She said to us as she went into the kitchen to make us morning tea - "Don't touch my nuts that are on the table". If there is anything that Muggins likes better than chocolate - its "nuts" - any kind of nuts. There was a small bowl of just "plain nuts" as well as half a packet of chocolate coated nuts. Muggins, thought she wouldn't miss a "few", so he took a couple from the bowl & a couple from the packet. I said to him,"Not a good idea, Muggins" !!!. "Its okay, she won't miss a few nuts" - so he takes some more ! "Ohooooo these are nice, especially the plain ones" ! Don't you want one, Krazy Kelvin"? "No thanks, Muggins, you can eat them" !!! Shortly, Granny Smith starts laying the table with morning tea, lunch & afternoon tea !!! Well, thats what it looked like, but Granny Smith always puts on a good spread for people who take time help to help her and she knows Muggins only too well - he eats like a horse and he will eat anything !!! I know better not to touch any womans nuts, especially Granny Smiths, "nuts". Because I had sat at the same table, the day before and had a cup of tea. While I ate her home baking, she opened her packet of chocolate coated nuts. I watched her as she took one of the chocolate coated nuts out of the packet and put it in her mouth. A couple of minutes later she took the nut out of her mouth and put it in the dish, then put another choolate coated nut in her mouth and so on ........!!! She loved the chocolate, but she couldn't eat the nuts because of her false teeth. She said, she always throws the "nuts" out. The moral of the story is - never touch a womans nuts, especially not Grannys Smiths, if you visit her and theres a dish of plain nuts on her table !!!
I haven't told Muggins,yet - I am just waiting for that "golden opportunity".............!!! Maybe he will read this first and I won't have to tell him.

M. Kelvinnnnnnnn !!! You could of told me !!!
K. You will learn Muggins - when a lady says " don't touch my nuts" she means - "Don't Touch My Nuts"

926. My Idea Of The Ideal Internet Cafe !

It would be interesting to find out from family & friends in other coutries, what internet cafes are like and the prices that they charge per hour and then compare them, with what cafes in NZ charge. The ones in the Auckland city area, usually charge $2 per hour with special rates for all nighters, between $10 & $15 depending on the number of hours.
I have been in a few internet cafes, since I started this Kelvin A Memory Always blog. They have been so crammed with computers, there hasn't been much room to "swing a cat" so to speak, or lay out all your bits, if you wanted to do some work rather than just "surf" the net, play games or watch movies. There would be a lot of internet cafes in the city I haven't been in yet, but within the next few months, I want to be able to say that I have been to every internet cafe in in the inner city, at least once if not twice, just to compare them for price, space and service.

So......the ideal internet cafe ? The cafe would be 40 / 30 / 20 / 10 !!! Meaning that 40% of the shop space would be "booths" with desk space, big enough to spread out all your bits, so you can do work; 30% would be for your normal "run of the mill counters" with computers, but still allowing a bit more space, than other internet cafes; 20% for tables & chairs for people to sit and have a coffee & a toasted sandwich, as well a couple of couches, so people can sit down & relax, while they wait, if they haven't booked in; 10% would be behind the scenes management. The booths would cater for people who want to book in & work for 3 hours or more. An extra 10 minutes for every 3 hour session, will be given, so people can get up, stretch their legs and maybe have a cup of coffee & toasted sandwich. We would go for "quality" of service as well as quality of "space" rather than try to squeeze in as many computers as possible. Also the service aspect which is sadly lacking, we would have a good look at because, the person comes to you and you are offering a service. What would it take, just to get up and walk over to the computer the person is using and place a small business size card in front of them with the words......."Thank you for coming - you have 5 minutes left". It gives the person, time enough to finish off what they are doing. None of the internet cafes, I have been in so far, have given me a warning. It's there one minute & gone the next. A couple of times, I have been so engrossed (no Muggins, I wasn't in a chat room - I don't believe in those things) in what I have been doing that I didn't watch the computer clock - the next thing you know, its shut off. You learn the hard way, but it shouldn't have to be that way. You need to look after the "person" who comes through your door, so if they are a local, they keep coming back. If he / she is a tourist you might only see once or twice, while you passing through, but you still need to look after them. because when they go "home" to where-ever and they tell their friends about the places they have been & seen - one of those places mentioned may be your internet cafe. Because if they have friends, going to head down-under, they will no doubt be in need of an internet cafe as well.

1.We would go for quality of service & space (rather than lack of service & quanitity of computers.)
2.Treat "everyone" who came through the door as a "friend".
3.Give people, a warning, that they have 5 minutes left.
4.Offer hot beverages, soft drinks & toasted sandwiches.
5.Have a Loyality Card for regulars, who spend at least 3 hours per week or more on the computer.
6.An extra 10 minutes "free" for every 3 hours booked.
7."Booths" with room enough for people to spread their bits, to work.
8.Have tables & chairs so people can sit and have a drink & a toasted sandwich,
9.Couches so people can sit & relax, while they wait.
10. Any SUGGESTIONS.......... send me an email kjmkama@yahoo.com

927. Living - Recipe: Salt Free Seasoning Blend

Mix together well - 1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoon Onion Powder; 1 tblsp Garlic powder; 3 tblsp Poultry Seasoning; 3 tblsp Paprika; 2 tblsp Dry Mustard; 2 teaspoon oregano; 2 tsp Pepper; 1 tsp Chilli Powder. Store in airtight container. Pour a little of this salt free seasoning blend mix into a shaker and use on meat, poultry & vegetables.

928. I Got A Email !!! 8pm April 6th 2005

My first experience with .........computers !!! In early April I joined one of those search things where you look for friends from old schools & work places,etc !!! I found a few old(er) friends as well as made a few "new" ones. I also helped a few people find their old(er) friends. Then on Black Friday 13th of May, I found the article about "blogs" and becoming a blogger so I gave up on the search thing so I could devote my time to this blog. One of the friends I found was, read on .........

While looking through "names" of past-pupils from Whangarei Boys High School, where I went to school for one year, one name rang a bell, because his name was......Kelvin (K2), so I sent him an email. We have exchanged emails a few times since, but we have yet to catch up with each other in "person" again. "Two Kelvins" !!! Just remember that this is a krazy blog, where anything can & does happen !!! While I was "searching", I thought I might as well have a look at a couple of work places, where I knew my oldest brother, Reo worked. I clicked on one place and there before me, was a list of names. One name "stuck out" but no prizes for guessing what it was !!! Kelvin !!! (K3) So, where there was One Kelvin, then Two Kelvin's, there is now Three Kelvin's !!! I sent K3 an email about 6pm on the 6th of April and asked him, if he knew my brother Reo. His reply came back about 8pm that night. K3 had not seen Reo for about 12 years after he had left the "work place", but had worked with Reo for 5 years prior to that. My brother Reo was a really good workmate & friend but as always happens, he had lost touch. As I read between the lines, I began to realise that he didn't know that we had lost our bro, sometime ago !!! I would of replied to him, that night but.......I have not been "home" for years, nor did I attend my Reo's funeral so I did not know how long ago our bro had taken the "Stairway To Heaven" !!! I wanted to be able to give K3, the exact date when Reo, had died from cancer, so I thought I'd wait until the next morning and phone another bro and ask him, when Reo had died. So at 7am on the 7th of April, I phone another bro up north and asked him what date Reo had died. He said, to give him a minute while he looked back in his papers. I heard him flicking through pages - then silence....you could of heard a pin drop !!! He came back to the phone and told me the date. So with tears in my eyes, I sent an email to K3 - "I am sorry to have to say, that it was on this day 6 years ago, that we lost our bro, REO - 7th April, 1999 !!! Unbelieveable but true ! One day, I will meet up with K2, to re-live memories of the old-schoolyard. Then when I go "north" I will meet up with K3, to re-live old memories of my bro, Reo !!!

Footnote: In June 2006 is the 125th reunion of the Whangarei Boys High School, which I "might" (there will be a lot of "shouting" going on !!!) attend with K2. Who knows while we are there, we both may get together with K3. After all we 3 have one thing in common, our name - "Kelvin". K2 & K3 will also have something else to talk about as well, because both are mechanics !!!

929. Krazy Kelvin - Xmas 05 / New Year 06 !!!

I'm going to spend a few days putting out my thumb and hope that I don't end up, with a kick up the bum, as I head north as far as the "sea". I might wear something bright or maybe I will just wear all white but what-ever it is, you will see that people won't be able to miss me, as I will have KRAZY KELVIN written all over me !!! I will think of thee, as I look out to sea and try and figure out just what direction is - Hawaiki. But don't you worry as for me, this time I'll be only looking at the sea. I'll be taking my mobile phones with me, so I show thee that we truly do have a great country, by posting some "photos" on this very place that you now see before thee !!! As I take a last look at the sea, I'll go down on bended knees and say a prayer of blessings, knowing that the next time I look at the sea, that it could be the last time ever for me, before I take that plunge into the sea and head "home" to Hawaiki. Maybe I am krazzzy, but those are be my plans you see - to be standing there looking out to sea, as the count-down begins to New Years Eve ! God Bless you all, as I will no doubt leave thee, with some great new memories on Kelvin A Memory Always !!!

PS: After my "swim" I'll take the "STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN" !!!

Footnote: A "friend" doesn't want me hitch-hiking - he said I am too "precious" ??? So it looks like I'll be the back-seat driver for a change, not the nut behind the wheel, as a "friend" takes me where I want to go.......up the east coast, from Auckland to Cape Reinga & then back down the west coast. I may have to go a couple of days earlier than I wanted too, as he wants to be back in Auckland for New Years Eve, but we will wait & see - shall we ???
As you have read in this blog, I have hitch-hiked before, when I was a kid......... !!! Only once I refused a lift, even though it was pissing doown with rain & I was chilled to the bones. I would of sooner have died from the cold than have got into this fellas car and maybe died at the hands of a stranger, as he gave me the GB"s !!! Luckily another vehicle came by soon after - a camper van, with a young couple, so .....

K. All censored & ready to go Granny Smith ?.
GS. No, there's a bit of fine print at the top I can't read ! "Olde To.....
B. Has anyone seen Granny Smith's reading glasses ?
K. Nooooooooo !!!
M. It will be OK Granny Smith Apple !!!
B. Yeah I had a look, its OK - hit the publish key Granny Smith !
K. Yeah, so we get out of this krazy krazy bog - sorry, blog !!!

I'll be back ..............

Krazy Kelvin keeps forgetting......we are all in this together now !!!
Muggins / Barb / Granny Smith o:-) censor

NEXT WEEK..........
GS. Don't forget, Bill who has been Around NZ & around the track quite a few times will be joining us.
M. My girlfriend Ann will be with us as well so all you best behave.
GS. I can't see her name........
B. Well put your glasses on Granny Smith !!! Here they are ! They were in my bag ! Strange ???
M. It doesn't matter, Ann is blind, so she can't see any of us !!!
Bi. Whats all the racket.......hows a person supposed to get some kip in this krazy krazy blog ???
GS. Who pushed your button ?
Bi. No one ! Its automatic !!!
K. Will you all put a sock in it, or we won't have to come back next week - we will all still be here !!!
ssshhh ssshhh ssshhh don't tell me to ssshhh, be quiet yourselves. I was having a kip !!!
K. Everyone keep watch for a message from me about other blogs in the pipeline, coming soon !!!
Censored o:-) 12.05 am Friday July lst, 2005

I'll be back ................

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