Haere Mai,Welcome,To all family & friends in NZ & around the world and anyone reading my blog ! This is my first ever blog, which I started on Black Friday, 13th May 2005. My thoughts & prayers are with you all. Take care & God Bless. Arohanui ! Kakite !

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

LOOK DOWN - IT IS THERE !!! (somewhere ???)

GRANNY SMITH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would of let you "censor" it, if you had asked !!!
You didn't have to delete all # 920 - # 929 !
Sorry guys.............The Other "S" stories were great !!!

At least she didn't get her "hands" on this one, read on...............

An elderly couple were holidaying in Texas. Bob had always wanted a pair of authentic cowboy boots and this was his "last" chance ! He wanted to be able to wear them and nothing else, when he walked up the "Stairway To Heaven" !!! After searching high and low, he finally found a pair that he liked. They were very expensive but what the heck - he could always send Nancy out to work, when they got back home to New Zealand. He pays for them, puts them on there and then in the shop and walks back to the hotel, where they are staying. He goes up to their suite, where Nancy is watching TV, in the lounge. "Notice anything different Nancy?" Nancy looks over to him - "Nope" ! Bob says excitedly - "Come on Nancy, take a good look. Notice anything different about me?". Nancy looks over again - "Nope!!!". Frustrated, Bob storms off into the bedroom, undresses and walks back into their lounge, completely naked except for his boots !!! Again he asks, a little louder this time - "Notice anything different Nancy?" Nancy looks up and says - "Bob, whats different ? Its hanging down today, it was hanging down yesterday, it will still be hanging down tomorrow" !!! Furious, Bob yells - "And do you know why it's hanging down Nancy"? It's hanging down, because its looking at my new boots" !!! To which Nancy replies - "Shoulda brought a hat, Bob ! Shoulda brought a hat !!!

PS: This was faxed to me, by some lovely ladies in OZ (they who shall remain nameless for now !!!) who wrote a note on the bottom of the fax - " Have you got any cowboy boots, Krazy Kelvin" ??? As soon as I read it, I faxed it back ......... NO !!! But I've got a 10 Gallon Hat !!!

Krazy Kelvin !!! Krazy to the Kore !!!!!!!!!!


I'll be back..........next week to post # 920 - #929 !!! (again)

As for the "mouse" Granny Smith.... !!!

ssshhh...we will all be back next week as well, so we hope you all join us, in this krazy krazy blog as we head to .......

# 1 - together !!!

Muggins, Barb & Granny Smith o:-) censor There will be no more "S' words or any Sex, Drugs or Rock 'N' Roll while I'm here !!!

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