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Thursday, December 29, 2005

# 703 - # 725 (Updated 29th Dec)

Update - December 29th

#703. A Gift From The Ancient Gods

A mural discovered in a room attached to a pyramid at San Bartolo, Guatemala is said to date back to 100BC. The mural tells the story of creation, the mythology of kingship and the divine right of a king. The find upends everything thought to be known about the origins of Maya art, writing and rule.

Footnote: It was first discovered in 2001 and it taken all these years to completely uncover it. What is a few more years compared to 1900 years !!! It makes you wonder what other "undiscovered treasures" are out there in the world ???

#704. "Art of Italy"

Of all the beautiful art work of Italy the da Vinci painting of "The Last Supper of Jesus Christ" would be one of the most famous !!! People who want to have a look have to book at least 60 days in advance, to see the painting, which is in the Dominican convent adjoining the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, in Milan, Italy . The painting, which da Vinci painted on the wall of the convent in1494 - 1498 has been restored 10 times, since it was first painted.
Click on the picture of the painting, to view it in a larger size, then use the back button, to view other Italy artworks.

#705. Pink Floyd Rulers Of Rock

"Pink Floyd" have been named the greatest rock act of all time, in a poll by a British radio station.The band which recently re-united for the Live 8 concerts for the first time in 24 years, beat rock icons, such as U2 and The Who to take the title. Led Zeppelin came second, followed by the Rolling Stones, in the poll of 58,000 listeners carried out by digital rock station Planet Rock. Pink Floyd are thought to have sold 200 million albums, since they first formed in 1965.
The top 10 - 1. Pink Floyd; 2. Led Zeppelin; 3. The Rolling Stones; 4. The Who; 5. AC-Dc; 6. U2; 7. Guns 'N Roses; 8. Nirvana; 9. Bon Jovi; 10. Jimi Hendrix.

The Irish band, U2 are playing at 2 sold-out concerts of approx. 38,000 people per concert, in New Zealand in March.

Jimi Hendrix & George Best both died at the same hospital.

UPDATE - December 28th

#706. A Icy Place To Really Cool Off !!!

When the summer temperatures start soaring and you start getting really hot under the collar (that is if you have any clothes on) there are a few places you can go, to really cool off !!! Where ? It all depends on whether you drink or not.
If you drink you could head to "The Coldest Bar In Town" !!! (Click on the little photos, to get the bigger picture) It is so cold, that when you go in, they lend you a warm jacket and your time is limited to 20 mintues !!! How cold is it ? It is "Minus Five" !!! Everything is carved from ice - the walls, the bar, the sculptures, the seats and even the gleasses that you enjoy their vodka based cocktails drink in. It would be one bar in town, where if you tried to pick up a "date", you would really get a cold shoulder !!! (hehe) There is one bar in Auckland. one in Chritschurch and in Sid-knee, Australia !!!

#707. A Snowy Place To Really Cool Off !!!

Another other place you can go, if you aren't into drinking is "skiing" !!! Okay, okay I can hear you from where I sit typing this - "Krazy Kelvin has really lost his marbles this time. Skiing in Auckland, in soaring temperatures and when Auckland has never had snow ???
Well people, have a look at this !!! because I aren't really krazy (well maybe just a little bit but for that I can blame my friends) and there is snow in Auckland all year round. You just have to know where to look. I haven't been there yet, but one day....I will. Maybe I could take my chances and ask for a free ticket - krazy idea.

#708. First Ice, Then Snow, Now - Penguins ???

I was going to mention the "S" here (the 4 letter word, not 3) but this a family place, where you can believe it or not, you can see "Penguins In Auckland" ??? You need ice & snow don't you for penguins ? Yes you do - well this place has it & more. If you ask any more stupid questions, I'll ask them nicely if while you are there, if they will kindly feed you to the sharks (hehe) When you get there they squeeze you into an little enclosed wagon which runs on rails, through an antarctic encounter of ice, snow & penguins. When you get to the end of the rails, you get out and then walk through an underwater encounter, where you get to see "sharks" !!! Well not just sharks, but all sorts of fishes and underwater creatures. Long ago it was the storage place for the "s" word, but they cleaned it up beautifully and now its a wonderful place to visit.

Footnote - Two little known facts- One: his real name was Kelvin Tarlton. Two: one of my many aunties wrote an euogly which used to be on the wall, just inside the door on a brass plaque when it was just the underwater encounter. I don't know where within the complex thay have put the plaque now, so I may ask them next time I go. Anyone want to join me one day, in going along to have a look. Don't worry, I won't ask them to "feed you to the sharks" (well, not this time, but if you piss me off ???) Afterwards, we could have a picnic on the beach. I'll pay for the entrance tickets and you bring the picnic !!! Entrance tickets will cost more ? Fair is fair. I eat anything !!! Send me an email kjmkama@yahoo.com First in, first serve, but you have to live in Auckland of course !!!

#709. More Ice & Snow !!!

From ice, snow & penguins we go to more ice & snow in the deep south, at Maniototo, a small farming community, with a population of 1800. Maniototo is the home of "curling"in NZ. It is "curlers as in winter sports, not "hair curlers", although our team may end up scratching their head, if things don't go as planned in the game. They will be giving it, all they have got, so watch out Italy, our "curlers" will be out to win in the winter olympic games been held in Torin in February. Our curling team finished eighth at the world championships held in Canada in April to qualify for the winter olympics.

Footnote: Nothing to do with the "curlers" - sport, but to do with "curlers" - hair. I have seen a ladies hair salon in Auckland, called - "Curl Up & Dye" !!! I wonder if anyone has really.......... while they were getting their hair done.

#710. Reaching For The Skies !!!

How high will they go ??? Plans are underway to build a skyscraper in the "city of silk" - Kuwait. It won't be just "another skyscraper"!!! It will be one that will be reaching high in the sky, at more than a kilometre high. The 250 stories, 1001 metres high skyscraper, will form the centrepiece of the Madinat al Hareer or "City of Silk", and will house 700,000 people. Constructing the city and its infrastructure will cost US$150 billion and take 25 years to build. It will become the manifeststation of 2000 years of Abrabic heritage. Other plans been mooted for the city include a wildlife sanctuary that would function as a stop-off for birds migrating across the region. There will also be an international centre for studying chronic diseases.

#711. A Blast From The Past.

You all thought I had forgotten, but I didn't so here it is . This one is from 1936 - you could say 70 years ago, with the year 2006, just around the corner. I have to be extra careful with the magazines I have been getting these "Blasts From The Past" out of, because they are so old, you only need look at them anf they will fall apart. It just goes to show you, what their thoughts were on life all those years ago.

Praise Misers - The best results are not got from employees by continual kicking. Some men seem to run their establishments on the principle that the nastier they are with those about them then the more they will be able to get out of them.When anything occurs worthy of praise, they lay it up against previous faults and consider matters squared and the necessity for praise avoided. No one who knows anything about human nature, will make this mistake. There is nothing like oil for killing friction and preventing loss of power; there is nothing like a pleasant word or an encouraging remark to bring out the best there is in a man, woman, boy or girl. "As face answerethto face in the water, so the heart of man to man.

Update December 26th.

#712. Well, It's Over !!!

There is a saying - "it ain't over until the fat lady sings" !!! Well let me tell you, that today is "Boxing Day" so unless you have a time machine, she finished singing at 11.59pm yesterday and it's over for another year. So now you have got 364 days to plan for next year. Isn't that nice. Remember after what you went through last year, you said that you would never go through the same thing again this year, but you did ? So how many told porkies - there is more than one pink pig flying past the window !!! I know it's bloody hard to plan ahead. It may take some doing but it would be worth it, wouldn't it ? By the way the saying comes not from the opera, but from church.

#713. Teach The Children To Make Fudge !!!

The old saying "A homemade gift from the kitchen, is a gift from the heart" rings true. One of the mates 3 children, a few days before christmas, spend a few hours in the kitchen,(with adult supervision)making christmas gifts of "fudge", putting them onto plates and wrapping them. I know because I not only received one of those plates, but I also taught them some months ago, how to make fudge using "Krazy Kelvin's recipe" and no you aren't getting the recipe. It was the best present I received as I knew it came from the heart. You should of seen the smiles on their faces as they gave out their homemade gifts. Another "lost" photo opportunity !!!

#714. Xmas Hampers !!!

Pay me $5 / $10 / $20 or what-ever each week and I'll send you a xmas hamper in early December - fair enough !!! I don't mind getting rich off the profits from the hampers and building a huge house. A better idea would be to check with your local supermarket or "Four Square Store" and see what they can offer you. (The website shows just a few of the many Four Square stores) They may have a xmas club, into which you can put a set amount each week. When you do your weekly shopping, put in what you can afford. If it's out of sight, its out of mind. No need to worry about direct credits, bank fees, etc, etc. If you give it to your local grocery store I am sure that they will let you cash in some of the dollars you have saved away with them, if you need to.

#715. Talking About Building A House !!!

Two blondes were helping to build a house. One was up the ladder hammering in nails. When she took the nail out of her apron, she would have a look at it and either nail it into the house or throw it away. The other blonde who had watched her a while said "What are you doing throwing nails away for"? The blonde up the ladder replied "Well, when I take them out of my apron and they have a pointed bit, I can nail them into the house. If they don't have a pointed bit, I can't hammer them in, so I throw them away" !!! The other blonde replied "You stupid woman, the ones you are throwing away will be the nails for the other side of the house !!!
(You don't get it - well sit on it !!!)

#716. Down Memory Lane - Again !!!

I was a "kid" once, believe it or not - a krazy kid, mine you, but never-the-less a "kid" !!! I always played with my food, moving it around the plate. It was a pity that we didn't have a dog - sitting under the table. He would of been the best feed dog in the street, if we did. It would get to the "point" where Mum knew that there was no way we would eat it before bedtime. So - what happened ? It didn't get thrown out, I can tell you. It got put in the fridge and you were made to eat it for breakfast. So playing with your food kids, does not solve anything.

Footnote: I'll be back to show you what one fella has done "playing with his food" !!!

#717. Have Holidays Lost Their True Meaning ???

Do you think, that we have too many holidays, or not enough ? What is the meaning behind all the holidays that we have ? How many holidays do we have that really have any true meaning any more ? Has Christmas lost its true meaning ? Questions, questions, questions !!! If you asked 10 people the same questions, I doubt very much, if you would get 5 who would agree.
The answer to the question, my friend is -
"blowing in the wind" !!! - well the meaning behind the holidays that we have is, so have a look & see.

#718. Please Listen, It Will Drive You Krazy !!!

If you hear this jingle one more time will it drive you around the bend ? Please listen to it, then I won't be the only 'krazy person" in the world. (hehe) If you click on the reindeer, they will dance for you. If you click Santa, the music will stop but the reindeer will keep dancing. If the kids had seen it yesterday, they would say - "It's cool" !!! Enjoy - think of it as been an early christmas present for next year - now what do I need ???

Update December 25th.

#719. Older People Get A Flatting Alternative.

Abbeyfield is an international volunteer based, not for profit organization, which is building its 6th NZ Abbeyfield house in Sandringham, Auckland. Houses already exist in Stoke; Masterton; Motueka; Hamilton & Whangarei. There are more than 900 Abbeyfield houses in 16 countries around the world.
Abbeyfield NZ, which started in Nelson in 1992 has JB Munroe, the brother of the "worlds fastest indian", Bert Munroe, as its chairman. Abbeyfield houses provide a comfortable, friendly and supportive home for lonely "older people", that are 60 or older and who are active & independent and whose assets do not excced $400,000. The house been built in Sandringham, will have ten single ensuite bedrooms as well as a live-in housekeeper who will provide 2 meals a day and communal area cleaning. The cost per week will be $280 all up.More Abbeyfield houses are planned for Golden Bay; Queenstown; Dunedin; Palmerston North; Tahuna & Kaeo.

#720. Over 80 & Experienced ???

It seems up until now anyone 80 or over has been deemed not to be experienced enough to drive on our roads ??? Well, that what it seems like because anyone 80 or over has to sit an on-road test each year. Well, come Dec. 06/Jan.07 this on-road test for "Golden Oldies" is been put on the scrap heap, but drivers will still have to get a medicial certificate to show that they are "fit" to drive, when they are 75, again at 80 and then every two years there-after.
Doctors can still refer people to sit an on-road test, if they feel that it is necessary.
From July 1st 2007, the government will also provide a 50% subsidy to gradutes of a Safe With Age course who want to take a private on-road lesson to improve their driving skills. If a person, 80 years old started driving when he or she was 15 - thats 65 years on-road driving experience, if my arithmetic is correct ! How much more on-road "experience" does an 80 year old need ? I feel that it is the "young(er) ones", that could do with some experience - don't you ?

#721. Patients Test Anti-Cancer Compound.

Ten people in NZ, as well as ten in Australia & ten in California, will be human "guinea pigs" in the testing of a new anti-cancer drug called PR104. Twenty years research have gone into the making of the drug, which up till now has only been tested on mice. The drug attacks hypoxic or oxygen-deficient cells in the darkest core of the tumour. It uses the lack of oxugen to "switch-on" and attack the core, where cells are resistant to conventional chemotheraphy and radiation. This has a "bystander affect" of killing surrounding tumour cells. Pre-trial work shows the drug will not destroy healthly human cells as it attacks the tumour.

#722. Taupo Loses Its Smell !!!

Taupo, one of the cities in the middle of the north island, has lost its smell and people will no doubt miss it - the smell of freshly roasted coffee, that is. (It's a pity that Rotorua, also in the middle of the north island didn't lose its "sulphur smell", which smells like rotten eggs !!!) Taupo has been the host city for the past two years of the coffee festival, attended by more than 50 companies with coffee & coffee related products. The finals of the National Barista Awards & New Zealand Coffee Awards, were also held at the same time. The festival has been moved to Auckland, where we do have many more "coffee drinkers" than Taupo.

#723. The Hostess With The Mostess !!!

If you are a "friend" of the hostess with the mostess, you are a friend for life. She is a very big woman who every now & again phones you to say that she would like you as a guest at a dinner party. Not to eat you of course - we gave up eating people a long time ago !!! She phones you - "Jo, here. I am having a dinner party at (she will then give you the time & date) and don't be late". You never dare say - no. If you already have a prior engagement, well just tough titties !!! You have to be at her dinner party. If you ever "forget" like I did once, you never forget again - that is, if you get invited back again !!! So the other night, I had the great pleasure of not only sitting at her table again, but sitting next to her. If there is one thing she knows, it's how to cook. She always has a great selection of food. In the summer time, she likes nothing better than a good barbecue or a "hangi" !!! She has always been known as the hostess with the mostess, because of her size !!!

# 724. I Was Banished, To The Kitchen !!!

It was at a dinner party giving by "Jo", that I was banished to the kitchen to not only wash all the dishes, but to dry them as well, even though there is a "dishwasher". What did I do to get banished to the kitchen ??? Not much - all I did was squeeze the "cherry" that was on the dessert !!! Sitting next to her at the table, I could see her big boobs as the two top buttons of her blouse were undone and she never wears a bra. During the main course, I was tugging at my shirt trying to give her a hint, because I wasn't going to tell her I was looking where I should not !!! But she wouldn't take the hint. Anyway the table was cleared and all the desserts brought out and placed in front of her. One of the pleasures she enjoys is "dishing up" the desserts. She even has a wooden spoon next to her plate to remind you, if you reach out for the desserts. She asked me what I would like so I pointed to the apple pie, which meant she had to stand up to reach for it. As she reached out, two more buttons on her blouse popped open and her boobs sort of flopped into the dessert in front of her, which happened to be pavlova decorated with whipped cream & slices of kiwifruit. As she lifted up the apple pie, she asked me what I would like with it and I said the cherry on the pavlova. I reached out & ............banished to the kitchen, without my dessert. Not to worry - she saved a bit of everything for me and she had a good laugh as we sat at the table after everyone else had gone. She is a wonderful woman.

Thurs.23rd - Footnote:In reply to the emails received, I thought you would of been able to read between the lines. I got banished to the kitchen, not for "reaching out" but for squeezing the "cherry" !!! Well when it was "sitting in the cream" it looked like a cherry, to a krazy person !!! She said, that the pavlova was the only dessert that everyone asked for "seconds".It must of been the taste of her cherries, in it (hehe)

# 725. A Couple of Things You Never Ask A Woman

Hands up all those males out there that have ever looked at a woman and wondered how old she is or how much she weighs ??? I don't see any hands !!! I hope you are not all telling "porkies" because you will never go to heaven (hehe) A friend, who shall remain nameless made the mistake of asking "Jo" not only how much she weighed but also how old she was !!! The fury that she let out was nothing compared to say, a woman scorned. Boy, I was glad I didn't make the mistake !!! If I had a guess at her weight (its okay, she doesn't have a computer, so there is no chance she will read this) I would say she would be around 150kg, maybe a little more. She is built like a brick .... .....!!! But.........she is a really nice woman whose beauty is within. She has a real "heart of gold" !!!

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