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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Have I Been Asleep Or What !!!

#726. Le'ts Go Surfing USA !!!

Is that how that song goes ? I can't remember - I'm getting old, memory blockage !!! (well I suppose a blockage "upstairs" is better than a blockage "downstairs", if you get my meaning). Seriously though this "surfing" thing will knock your socks off !!! I aren't talking about "hanging 10" surfing or surfing the net - I am talking about "couch-surfing" which if it really takes off, will be the next best thing since sliced bread !!! Over 12000 people from 171 countries have registered. If you are thinking of back-packing around the world (watch out world, here comes Krazy Kelvin !!!) but don't have an over-flowing address book of friends who are willing to let you crash on their couch for a night, "couch surfing" is the way to go !!! It is an online interactivesite that matches budget travellers with hosts are only too happy for you to crash on their couch for the night. - for zilch, zero, nil !!! In plain english - FREE !!! Don't foget to mention that you read about it on a krazy bloggers blog, who lives down under in New Zealand. As I said, watch out world..............!!!

#726. Real Surfing Where You Hang 20 !!!

Hang 20 ??? No I haven't lost my marbles - I think they are still where I left them in the pouch, in the bottom drawer !!! (hehe) But if you hve tried "surfing" and always ended up on your bottom, or if you have been keen to give it a go and don't know how, well help is at hand. That is if you are in the Taranaki area over the coming summer. What it is you "hang 10" and you also have someone "on board" with you who "hangs 10" as well - hence "hang 20" !!! See, so can I have my marbles back now while you check out the website The person hanging 10 with you on the big tandem board is an expert surfer as well as a professional surf livesaver. It is suitable for anyone over 8 years old who can swim and is reasonably fit. Bugger - that rules me out because I can't swim !!! The hang 20 is based at Oakura Beach, just outside New Plymouth. If you asked nicely, they will even arrange transport from New Plymouth. Cost for $80 per person, with wetsuit etc supplied. If theres two or more of you, ask for a discount.
Ooppss.......!!! Website currently unavailable, but I will leave the link up in case, it comes back "on board". You can email him - hang20@xtra.co.nz

#727. J.A.F.A's !!!

You would think that the North & South Island are two different countries, the way you hear those South Island people, who like to be refered to as Mainlanders, talk about anyone who lives north of the Bombay Hills. Yhey refer to Aucklanders as Jafa's. Not the lollie sort of jafa that you pop in your mouth and eat, although sometimes I think they would like to put us in the "pot & eat us" !!! A jafa to them is "Just Another F***ing Aucklander" !!! Its true !!! So if you live north of the Bombay Hills, just make sure you don't mention the word "Auckland" when you are in the South Island. Tell them you are from Timbucktoo !!! They would believe you, the silly cows - they are so dumb !!! (hehe)

#728. Jafa's You Can Hail !!!

If you see a empty "Jafa" rolling past you, put out your thumb (or your leg, if you are so inclined) and hop on aboard for a free ride within the Auckland Central Business district, especially if you are an Auckland ratepayer because its your rates money that just happends to be rolling past. It may be the only free ride you get. The Jafacab are a three person (at a squeeze) pedal-powered cab, of which there are 8 on the road. Eight times the number of hours, which is about 41 hours per week, times what ever the hourly rate is that the driver is getting - hopefully minimum wage of $12.50 per hour, because you certainly wouldn't want to do it for any less - times the number of weeks from December till the end of March and you have a tidy sum "blowing in the wind" !!! Why didn't they charge people for a ride ? They could of charged $5 per ride or even $2 and that would of wnet somewhere towards the cost as well as the advertising, etc, etc. Lets go James & don't spare the horses !!! I was standing by the lights one day, when a kid yelled out, here comes a Jafa. I looked around and sure enough there was a Jafa cab, with a "sun-tanned" couple inside. Then a little voice added - " It sure is a jafa. It's orange on the outside - chocolate on the inside !!!

#729. Stranger Things Have Happened !!!

Have I been asleep or what because it certain feels that way. First I find that "Santa" has helpers that I didn't know anything at all about when I was a kid. No one certain told me !!! I was going to list the blog on here but having paid another visit for the 3rd time - just to say hello to the lady who owns it, certainly not to have another peek at Santas helpers - Xmas #4. I thought it better I list it on that other blog !!! It is sort of R18. Now I see Charlie Brown is there as well !!!
Then I paid a visit to a blog that I have been to before to find that our
"Russell Crowe" has a child !!! I kid you not - have a look at the post for Wednesday Dec.14th. I only knew he was married after I read about the airborne phone. Then to see him on this blog, carrying a child on his shoulders, I feel as if I have been asleep. I wish someone had woke me up and told me. How many children does he have ? Is the child he is carrying on his shoulders, a boy or a girl. The lady whose blog it is said the child is a boy, while the first person who left a comment on the blog begs to differ - says the child is a girl.
Then..... on the same blog is a photo of a well known daughter of someone in America, taking off her pants !!! You would see her, before you got to Russell Crowe. Next time will someone please "wake" me up !!!

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