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Friday, December 16, 2005


# 730. Digital Cameras !!!

Boy o boy o boy - where do you start to even think about buying a digital camera. There seem to be so many places where you can purchase a "camera" but where does one go ??? Whats the best shop in Auckland to go to ? What is a good model to buy ? What can i expect to pay ? Maybe an Aucklander reading this has a "spare digital camera" sitting around collecting dust which they want to sell. It will certainly get a lot of use as well as going to a good home - "Krazy Kelvin's" !!! To be honest with you, I don't know where to even begin. All I am after is a reasonably priced 4 - 5 pixel digital camera, that is easy to use to take photos & download on to my blog/s. There are so many differemt brands and prices. I thought I would start off with something simple, that a "krazy person" can use and then later on get something with a few more bells & whistles.

# 731. Murder He Wrote !!!

I thought I would be kind to you all and not mention "murders" until after the New Year, as I don't want to spoil your xmas dinner. In January, I will start by mentioning murders that have happened "close to home", then other murders in and around NZ, of which there have been a lot over the years. In the past week alone, there have been a couple of murders in New Zealand. I was reading the paper about one of the murders, when the name of one of the people that was injured, rang a bell. He just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. As I said before, within our large family, there have been "blood relatives" that have murdered & been murdered. It's sad, but it seems to be a fact of "human life" that happens. At whose feet can you lay the blame ??? I will also be inviting people to "write" about murders that have happened in their town or city and "post" them on to the blog. We could have "a murder on Mondays" blog. Interested ???

# 732. Suicide Figures Released.

Figures released show that the impact suicide in NZ has on society costs not millions, but billions ??? How do they come about the figures ? For each suicide, economic costs including health services used and lost work force production make up $448,000 while the non-economic value society attaches to each life lost is $2.4 million. In 2002, 460 people committed suicide. Reasons ? How can you attach a "figure to a human life" ? There is no way to measure, the value of a "human life". What say that person lives to be 100 before they die a natural death. They could leave "several generations" behind as well as a lot of memories !!! What value do you put on that ? Say 360 of those people were married or given time, would of got married and they each had an average of 3 children - thats over a 1000 lifes. Then for arguments sake, 900 of those went on to get married and have an average of 3 children............it is never ending the number of lives that can be lost !!! The mesaage has to be hammered home, that its not just your life that you are taking when you commit suicide - it is the lives of the generations to come !!! Also as I have said before - If you commit suicide, "the heartache does not stop, when your heart does". It goes on for ever, in the hearts of the people that you leave behind. Anyone interested in joining me, in starting a blog about "suicide" ? I know that it is a topic that tears at your heart strings, but what I would like to do is to get people to write about the loved ones that they have lost as well, as their feelings about the "heartache" that does, go on & on.........!!!

# 733. It Just Doesn't Ring True !!!

They go on about people committing suicide, yet if the "figures" released ring true, 3 times as many people are dying from errors with medicine, than from suicide. There are nearly 1500 deaths per year from people taking the wrong medicine which has been given to them, or by taking the wrong amount or by trying something that they shouldn't take. Where's the fence at the top of the cliff, rather than the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff ? Who is making the mistakes ? Why are the mistakes been made ? Is it any particular medicine or is it just the high-risk medicines ? Should people be educated more about their diet, lifestyle, etc so that they don't need to take medicines ? Its not a case of, look we have made an error or two, we will fix it. It seems to happened all the time if the figures are anything to go by. The country's 21 health boards are going to formulate a strategy to improve the uses of medicines, but at which end ?

# 734. You Are What You Eat !!!

To me, the saying "you are what you eat" is true !!! I don't follow any rules about you "have to eat eight a day" or you have to eat so much of this and so much of that and you have to drink 2 litres of water per day. To me that is all crap !!! I just eat, when I want to & what I want to. I don't have any set times for meals. In fact half the time I don't sit down to meals, even at night. The point I am trying to get across here is, you have to give your body time enough to get rid of what you have put in. I don't see any harm in missing a day and going without food. How often have I been to the the doctor in the last few years ? Never !!! Have I ever been sick ? To be honest with you, I can't recall the last time I was sick. I don't take any medicines. My feelings are that people are eating too much and its clogging up their systems and causing all sorts of problems !!! A lot of people could cut back & cut down on what they eat. What right does it give me, to say - cut back & cut down !!! No rights. It just pisses me off when I hear people complain how much it costs them in doctor bills per week. When you look at the size of them, you can only wonder !!! How often do you go to the doctor ? How much medicine or pills do you take ? Are you overweight for your size & age ? How many diets have you tried ? Do you stick to the rules of - "eight a day rule" & you have to eat so much of this and some much of that and you will be healthly, wealthy & wise ? Well two out of three might not be bad. How much do you eat ? When you see those photos of those poor starving kids, with their ribs showing do you think twice about how much you eat. They, I was going to say live, but thats the worng word. They exist day by day - how, I don't know. I can't say with the love of God either, because if there was a God, He is certainly not around where all these starving kids are.

# 735. The NZ PM Gets A Rise !!!

Our NZ Prime Minister has just been given a "rise" of $29800 !!! Yes - you read it right the first time - "Twenty Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Dollars !!! I don't know why they they didn't give her a little bit extra and make it a rise of $35,048, which is what the average NZ'er earns per year. Other members of government have also been given rises. So while "Joe Public" gets his $674 per week, the PM gets $6637 per week. But there are also a lot of NZ'ers that don't earn anywhere near the so called average of $674. In fact there would be people who are below average and are on the "breadline" trying to bring up their families as well as keep a roof over their heads. You know who you are ??? Lets hear from from you !!! If you live in another country, how much do you earn per week ? What do you do for a living ? Is your weekly wage above or below the NZ average ?. A lot will no doubt be said about the number of children some families have and why do they have so many. Lets hear your veiws..........!!!

# 736. Bid For Silver Fern Rights Thrown Out

The New Zealand Rugby Union, has been given a red card in their bid to claim the "fern" as theirs and theirs alone.They wanted to trademark a black rugby jersey or casual shirt made in the style of a rugby jersey, bearing a "fern" with a white collar as their property. Twelve clothing manufacturers joined forces in a bid to argue that the "fern" belongs to all New Zealanders, not just rugby. So the "fern" as it turns out is no ones intellectual property. Anyone anywhere can make a rugby jersey or casual shirt and put a "fern" on it.

# 737. King Kong Premiere In NZ - Finally !!!

Thousands of fans packed Courtney Place in Wellington, to see the stars of Peter Jackons re-make of the movie, King Kong when they arrived at the Embassy Theatre for the NZ premiere of the movie. . But.....why did we have to be sixth on the list ? Why couldn't we be second ? The film has already premiered in theatres in New York, London, Paris, Berlin & Tokyo.
I haven't seen the movie yet and I don't think I will as a lot of blogs I have read have given "away" most of the story-line....!!! So I aren't going to waste good money to see something I don't think I would enjoy anyway. If have a different opinion,lets hear from you. Ya or nah !!! Have you been or are you still thinking of going? if you have been, did you enjoy it or.........???

# 738. What's Next ???

What will be the next "movie" ??? Will it be "Uncle Tom" ??? Will whoever purchases "Uncle Tom's" cabin which is on the market for US$990,000 open the way for a movie to be made ? There is a lot of history in that cabin & sourrounding area in Rockville, Maryland. The cabin was once the home of Josiah Henson, who was born into slavery in 1789. Historical associations are already campaigning to raise funds to preserve the building. I think "Uncle Tom" would make a good movie, even though it might upset a few people. It would be history in the making again - the slave trade of America !!!

# 739. A Blast From The Past !!!

Another one of those "blasts from the past" - from 1934 !!!

Windbag Virtue - If some people panned out half as good as their talk, the world would be richer and better. When you hear a man talk in church matters about haivng "borne the burden and the heat of the day", you can put it down that most of his giving has been the freewill offering of his big mouth. Some men mistake the gift of the gab for the bump of benevolence, but the two never thrive together. there is lots of wind in the prayer meeting, in the store and on the road. "He that boastethhimself of a false gift, is like clouds and wind without rain". Lots of promise but never a drop of refreshing "doing".

I'll be back..............

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