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Saturday, December 10, 2005

# 740 - # 746

Saturday 1oth Dec.05

# 740. NZ Center Stage Again !!!

First came the New Zealand made movie "King Kong" and now hot on his heels is another New Zealand made movie,
"The Chronicles Of Narnia". The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe was the first of 7 books, C.S Lewis's classic childrens novels that he wrote about the fantasy world of Narnia, into which the children stumble through the back of a magical wardrobe.
Among the guests at the premiere of the movie at The Prince Albert Hall, were Prince Charles & The Duchess of Cornwall.

#741. A Blast From The Past !!!

This, as always is "a blast from the pass" !!! Not last month or even last year, but from 1934 !!!
It makes you wonder, what life was really like inthose days & how people really treated a "friend" as a "friend" !!!

Keep It Down - Revenge is "sweet" to the man who doesn't know a half ripe persimmon, from a barlett pear. "If thine enemy is hungry, give him bread to eat". If a man does you a dirty trick, don't hand it back with an addition of mud. Give him in exchange a blessing for a curse, a loaf for a stone, not to heap coals of remorse upon your adversary's head, but lest your own loaf turn to stone. Lest your own conscience become seared with a red hot iron, give no place to the arch enemy.

# 742. Down Memory Lane - Again !!!

There's a "little clown" in all of us, well so they say !!! One of the memories I have as a kid,is going to the circus and sitting in the front row seats. It was a great circus as far as circus's go with all the normal "actors", humans as well as animals, plus one extra !!! The clowns been clowns had people in laughter as they walked around. One of the clowns carried a suitcase, with the word "brandy" written on the side, with a little tap protruding from it. Despite been a "kid", I knew that you could drink "brandy" !!! So when the clown asked who wanted a drink of "brandy", guess who yelled & screamed for a "drink" !!! The clown came over and produced a cup out of his pocket, into which he poured a little bit of "brandy" out of the tap on his suitcase. He offered me the cup and I gulped it down.........??? Didn't taste like any "brandy" I had.........smelt !!! When he asked me if it was nice, I shooked my head. The clown said he thought I would like the little taste of "brandy" - without futher ado, he opened up the suitcase he was carrying & and and lifted out a little dog, named "brandy"!!! The people roared with laughter and all pointed to me......buggers !!! After the show, the clown came over to me and show me the suitcase, which had a little bottle built into it. So it wasn't a little bit of "brandy" I drank, it was some mixed up lolly water. Hey, at least it put me off "brandy" ......for life !!! Just the mere mention of the word "brandy" makes my stomach turn>

Tuesday 6th Dec.05

# 743 The Lacheteau wine company Can Go .... !!!

Kiwi is kiwi & kiwi is New Zealand !!! I don't see why, Lacheteau,a french wine company, should lay claim to the word "Kiwi" !!! Our government should "stand up" against the french company especially after the fiasco with the "Greenpeace" bombing. How can a french company lay claim to something that isn't theirs to begin with. All NZ companies should send ship-loads of "kiwi made goods", including wine and flood the french markets !!! Its the classic case of the pot calling the kettle black, as the french try to protect burgundy as a geographical indicator. If the government doesn't act now, who knows where it may lead to. It could be "kiwi fruit" next !!! The french company is trying to trade on New Zealands reputation as a maker of sauvignon blanc. I say we, as "kiwis" stand up be counted and flood the french markets. What are they going to do - sue the whole of New Zealand !!! What are your thoughts on the matter - should a "french company" be able to trade on the word, "Kiwi". Comments please !!!

# 744. U2 Fans Turn On Ticket Scalpers !!!

Thirty eight thousand tickets for the Irish band, U2's concert on March 17th 2006, went at sale at 9am yesterday morning and within 90 minutes had sold out. The 90 mintue sell-out broke all previous box office records for a single concert date. At one ticket outlet, keen U2 fans started queuing at 9pm the night before, to be the first through the doors at 9am to purchase tickets, which were limited to 8 per person. Within the hour, tickets which cost $99 were been offered by scalpers on internet auction sites at several hundred dollars. Two tickets which attracted over 70 bids were sold for $800.
Due to the demand, another concert is going to be held on March 18th. Tickets will be on sale from 9am next Monday.They should limited tickets to two per person and have a big sign up - "You are been recorded on camera as having purchased concert tickets. Any attempt to purchase more tickets will result in your previous tickets been cancelled with no refund". They should also crack down on scalpers by cancelling their tickets. Make people queue for tickets at ticket outlets, rather than sell them over the internet. If fans are keen enough,I am sure they would make time from work or what-ever to buy tickets.

# 745. A Dine-In Experience

This "new restaurant" leaves nothing to chance !!! Even before you get to your table & your maitre d', you have to run the gauntlet of security checks, sniffer dogs and barred gates under the watchful eye of prision guards. The restaurant called "Clink" at Highdown Prison in Surrey (what else could you call it ? I suggest "Highgate" !!!) will be United Kingdom's first "behind bars" restaurant, where you can really "chow down" on gourmet meals cooked & served by inmates. Prices on the inside will be around 15 pound (NZ$45), compared to around 70 pound (NZ$210) on the "outside". No doubt they would also have a "bar" -serving drinks of course.It would be the only restaurant, where I think they reccommend that you don't "tip" the waiter under the table,because no doubt if you did,you could find yourself "dining in" for quite a while and it would not be "restaurant food" that you would be chowing down on, it would be normal prison food. I wonder if they check your name, while you are dining in ??? If someone steps up to your table while you are dining and quietly says - " We have a phone call for you sir. Would you mind stepping this way". It will either one of two things - you really do have a phone call or your time's up. Dine in by all means, but don't let those bars hit you on the way out. That is, if they let you out or course !!! (hehe)

# 746. A New Tourist Attraction !!!

Maybe the trend would spread to other prisions throughout the world, including NZ. It could become a new talking point - "What did you do on the weekend, Krazy Kelvin" ??? I went to prison !!! Just to dine in, of course !!! But why stop at "dining in" - why not go the whole hog and let tourists stay the night. Look at it from a tourist point of view - "Enjoy a tourist attraction like no other, when you wander through the gates. The prison wardens could take you out to shooting or fishing to "catch your dinner". Added to it, could be vegetables from the vegetable garden and fruit from the orchard. The "highlight" of your experience would be your overnight stay in your own cell. Come morning, when you bang on your cell door, to be let out, you may hear a little voice reply, "I'm sorry sir, but while you were sleeping, we check your name against our list and we can only say, that you are here to stay !!! Enjoy !!! (hehe)

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