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Sunday, December 04, 2005

George Best Laid To Rest Today In Belfast

George Best, will be laid to rest today in Belfast
Hundreds of thousands of "fans" are expected to line the streets to pay their respects to the worlds greatest footballer.
On the website, click on the stories to the right for photos.

#748. Ten Little Drivers !!!

Ten little drivers cruising down the line,
One had a heavy foot, then there were nine.
Nine little drivers, the hour was getting late,
One dozed a moment and then there were eight.
Eight little drivers and the evening seemed like heaven,
One show off his driving skills and then there were seven.
Seven little drivers, there lives were fill of kicks,
One brought a bottle and then there were six.
Six little drivers, impatient to arrive,
One jumped a traffic light and then there were five.
Five little drivers touring near the shore,
One viewed the scenery and then there were four.
Four little drivers, as happy as could be,
One passed upon a hill and then there were three.
Three little drivers were busy, it is true,
One neglected car repairs and then there were two.
Two little drivers and the day was nearly done,
One didn't dim his lights and then there was one.
One little driver, still alive today.
By following all the safety rules,
He hopes to stay that way.

Footnote: This festival season, take care everyone and don't be in a hurry to get to where you are going. Ease back off that pedal and don't put it right down to the metal, or the next step you take could be on the stairway to...........heaven !!!

#749. We Must Be Short Of News !!!

We must be short of news here in NZ, because an article in the paper goes on about our Governor General, Dame Siliva Cartwright costing the taxpayer over $270,000 in overseas travel costs this year !!! So............. ??? I feel that she is entitled to spend as much as is needed, because she represents our country & our people. She is a very popular ambassador for NZ. She went to Italy for the funeral of Pope John Paul ll; to Great Britain for Prince Charlie's wedding; to Russia for V-Day 60th anniversary commemorations; to Chile for a state visit; to Singapore for a state visit; to Vietnam for a state visit; to Vanuatu for the 25th anniversary of independence and to the Cook Islands for for the 40th anniversary of its constitution.
Does anyone care how much she spends ??? These trips create media coverage not just for her but for NZ as a whole. Any comments anyone ???

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