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Saturday, December 03, 2005

# 750 - # 752

Kia Ora (Hello) Everyone,

Three is all you are going to get today - because last week, I "posted" the normal 10, then another 7 the next day.It doesn't seem the same, someone said, because I might miss something, like the "blast from the past".

Me - miss somethng ??? I stopped doing "coming up", because like life, I really wasn't too sure what was coming up around the corner or what was out of sight, over the hill. If you want me to peer into the "future" again I will and let you know whats coming up, I can't promise you anything. I was approached by a "group" of people who are keen to help out if I pay them ??? Pay them ??? Get off the grass and pull the finger out of your .... !!! I ain't pay anyone a cent. They want to do this, do that & clog the bog - sorry blog - with advertising, pop-ups & things for sale, until its coming out of your ........... earhole !!! It would drive you all insane and then I would be "alone again" !!! Anyway, that is not what a blog or blogging is all about. Sure a little bit of advertising might not hurt & a little shop, selling T-Shirts & T-Towels with a NZ theme might not go astray. But.........I am in no hurry. Slow & easy and steady as it goes - I am like a boat in uncharted waters !!! This week, I have touched on the subject of suicide because it affects not only the poor, but the very rich as well.

Take care all & God Bless
Krazy Kelvin

# 750. Lonely Death Of A Heiress - Lee Yoon-hyung.

The truth is out - an heirness to the family that controls South Korea's "Samsung Group", Lee Yoon-hyung committed suicide, by hanging herself with a electrial cord in her East Village Manhattan apartment, on Saturday November 19th. Reports in South Korea's newspapers last week, carried articles saying that she had died in a car accident. But..... as reporters dug deeper, it was revealed she committed suicide, which carries a stigma in South Korea. She had a website, which was closed down, but her friends have started another website for her. She had a personal fortune of over $240 million.
Best known for its electronics, Samsung is the worlds largest manufacturer of computer memory chips and South Korea's biggest conglomerate.

# 751. SUICIDE - Why ???

It is not just people with money - the truth is that people from all walks-of-life, of all ages, in every country of the world take their own by life by what-ever means handy to them at the time. Saying that they died by other means isn't going to solve anything.

I have touched on this subject before if you check back in the archives and I have touched on it here again and I will touch on it again & again & again.................!!! The message has to passed on & on.................. that "suicide" is not the answer to your problem - to anyones problem.

If you have a problem, don't think of the two letters after the "P", as been a "Quick Release & commit Suicide. Think of the two letters before before the "P" - NO !!! No problem, however hard it may seem to find an answer to, is worth taking your own life. If you have a problem, talk to someone - a friend or phone one of the help lines, if there is one in your country. Don't try and carry the burden alone. There is help out there somewhere - what may seem like a mountain today, will be a mole hill tomorrow. It may seem like a stupid idea, but get a bit of paper & a pen & sit down - "write" !!! Get what ever is bothering you out of your system in writing, then read through it. Does it seem like a mountain or a mole hill ??? If you feel that you can't talk to a friend at the time, show them what you have written. "Break that ice" !!! They say that the first step is the hardest !!!

Comments please !!! What are your feelings on the matter ? Have you lost someone to suicide ? Share with us, your thoughts & your feelings. Only one that has been down that road, knows the really true meaning of the "heartache' that they carry after a loved one or friend has committed suicide. I have lost 3 friends that I know of - two hung themselves and one died by drowning. It has really opened up "my eyes & my ears" to all those friends around me.

Remember - "The heartache does not stop, when your heart does. The heartache carries on forever in the hearts of the loved ones that you leave behind".

# 752. Blast From The Past

As always, these come from the past - I don't mean last week, last month or even last year, but from 70 years or more, ago. How many people reading this were around at that time ??? People in their 70's + please get in contact and share with us, your "blast from the past". I have heard tales of - "night carts", going around the streets collecting # 2; milk been delivered not in bottles, but by been poured into a container you gave to the milkman; of fresh bread, meat, as well as fruit & vegetables been delivered to your back door ; of travel by horse & cart and of...................the fresh air & a slow pace.
It may be a time that you want to forget or there may be good times that you dwell on and are willing to share with us all. Do you have your own blog/s where you have "posted" those memories, because once you have gone.......???
Anyway this is the "blast from the past"..........

Yet Hath Nothing - A man died the other day, worth a couple of hundred thousand dollars whose will was a surprise to all those that knew him. He had worked like a slave early and late, Sunday as well as Monday and all the while talked proverty, until his friends believed him poor. He took little pleasure beyond what he got out of money-making, had few friends and dying in his prime, left a fortune as a monument of the folly of living only for riches. "There is that maketh himself rich, yet hath nothing". An untimely end is better than such a life and such a death. Better to be poor all your life and die rich in love and friendship. Don't be lead away with the shimmer of the yellow rubbish which is the great will-o'-the-wisp that lures to the bog of eternal misery and destruction.

Footnote: The above is from March 1934 - a couple of hundred thousand dollars then would be something like $100 million in todays money ??? The "yellow rubbish" they refer to is of course, "gold", but you knew that.

I'll be back...............

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