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Sunday, November 27, 2005

The World Has Lost A Great Footballer - GOD Has Gained A Star !!!

Kia Ora Everyone,

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You are more than welcome to become "part" of Blog 11, where you "post" what-ever - within reason of course. I don't want to start upsetting the apple-cart, so to speak. You are also welcome to post photos from your part of the world as well on the blog. Humans can be in the photos, just as long as they have got "some clothes on" !!! Take care & God Bless !!!

Krazy Kelvin

#753. GEORGE BEST - 1946 - 2005

There was a website that specialized in where you could "light a candle" for a deceased person. Does anyone know if the site is still going, as I can't think of the name of it. I think there are millions of people throughout the world who would no doubt like to "light a candle for George". Maybe, a non-profit charity somewhere could set up a site.
George Best, the world's No.1 footballer, who died in hospital, has been to New Zealand twice. The first time in 1965 as a 21 year old on a club tour with Manchester United, where the score was 9 (M) to Nil. The second time was in 1996, as an "after-dinner" guest speaker.

# 754. GRAND SLAM !!!

Well its over - no more early wake up calls, to get up to............watch the rugby !!! We are the champions of the world - well champions against our "our friends" on the other side of the world. Our final test match with a score of 29 to 10 against Scotland, with 4 tries to their one. So we have won all 4 tests again !!! Are we great or what ??? Leave a comment, if you want to.
Our boys are coming home, to fame. No doubt, everyone will running around organizing a "welcome back All Blacks" - we love you ticker-tape parade up Queen St, our main street in Auckland. Only time will tell, but no doubt something will be done to welcome them home. Hey even though I aren't a rugby fan, they really deserve it, because it can't be easy out there. All our "NZ All Blacks" are held in high regard, by not only kiwis in NZ, but kiwis & other people right-around-the-world. !!!

They should of cancelled the big Farmers Santa Parade today (God, where is rain, when we want it) and held it over till next week and let the All Blacks lead the parade. Now that would of been something. As it is the day has dawned and not a cloud in the sky. I think "santa" must of had a quiet word with God, not to rain on his parade as approx. 250,000 people are expected to turn out for the parade & the after party. The annual parade - the 58th - has only been postponed 3 times over the years. Its a long way from the first parade, where 15,000 people turned out.

# 755. Are We A Rugby Mad Nation !!!

You are welcome to leave comments - are we a "rugby mad nation" or what ??? I don't know, you tell me because you are talking to the wrong person here. I don't like rugby - never watch any of the games, even on TV. I have walked past Eden Park, countless times but never once stepped through the gates. The only time I know something is on at Eden Park is when they switch the lights on - well it would be a bit hard to play in the dark. I know for a time there people in the surrounding streets oposed "lights" been put up. There was posters up all over the area including in peoples windows - "No Lights - Silent Nights" !!! The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Helen Clark, lives just a few streets away from Eden Park, when she is not in Wellington of course.

#756. FERRIT IT OUT !!!

Telecom is set to launch it's Ferrit website in the coming week, with over a million products for sale. Telcom has invested about NZ$15 million dollars, over the past 4 months building its website to create a shopfront for over 100 retailers. The site offers a way to browse, compare & buy a wide range of products. Transactions are sent through to the shop, which sends out the goods. Telecom as yet has not put a price on retailers, who have joined their site - its free !!! But given time, retailers may expect to pay a "commission of sorts" per sale ???
Watch the web for all the other ferritts, furits,furitts, etc etc as they all come out of their burrows, hoping to get in on the action with a similar name.There are sites out ther already, one linked to a porn site so be wary, where you "ferr it", or you may end up at in the wrong burrow with the wrong type of goods.

# 757. American E911 Mandate ???

No, its not what you think. "Mandate" in this case is one word, not 2 words, so you have missed the boat if you think, I am getting into the dating agency game. Well, not just yet but given time who knows. You will know at least you will get value for your buck/dollar. What it all involves is "crystals". A company in New Zealand is making "crystals" for GPS systems. But..........it may not be too long, before crystals are made for mobile phones ??? The American government E911 mandate, wants 911 emergency calls from mobile phones to reveal the callers location, to the operator like landlines do at the present time. the mandate, requires mobile phone makes, to build a location finder into the handset. So they can zoom in and nab you !!! (hehe) They can trace calls with the techtechnology they have got at the moment, but this will make it a piece of cake.The move has marketers rubbing their hands in glee, because of the potential for locoation specific services. If your phone knows where you are, it can tell you helpful things. Think for a minute, your phone talking back to you !!! It will drive you krazier than you are already. as you walk passed shops, "Beep, beep, beep, buy me, buy me, buy me...........!!! "Darling, I told you to leave the kids at home" !!!
There are also manufacturers in China as well, looking to embed GPS in mobile phones.

# 758. What is GPS ???

GPS - Global Positioning System. GPS receivers use quarta crystals because they oscillate at reliable frequencies, allowing satellite data to be decoded into positioning information. So, it's not a case of if they can make the "crystals" small enough to be put into mobile phones, it is just a case of when they can. "Gentleman, the time has come - we have the technology to build a "crystal" small enough to put into humans heads, sorry mobile phones. They are glued to their heads all the time anyway, so it won't make any difference if we put them in their phone, or in their head. We will be able to keep track of all humans, as they roam the world". Did not someone many moons ago, say that this was coming ???
Look out for the next hottest thing on the market for mobile phones - a little "black box", into which you put your mobile phone to stop the GPS signal !!! Someone computer nerd out there will come up with one !!! Back to the days of the "brick" !!! Or, take care of your old phone, so you don't have to buy a new one !!!

# 759. What Strange Place Did You Buy Your Phone

Cheap prepay phones purchased over the counter are not registered on any data base with your name, because you pay your money & get your phone. If something goes wrong, they are cheap enough to throw away & buy another one, as to get it fixed may cost more than the phone was purchased for in the first place. There are shops all over the place, where you can purchase phones, but none stranger than the shop where I purchased a phone. If you can tell me of a stranger place, where you have brought a phone, well you win the "cake". As long as you aren't telling "porkies" (lies) Leave a comment about the strange place, where you purchased a phone, but be wary because I'll be watching out for "pink pigs" flying pass the window - then I'll know you are telling porkies..... !!!The strange place where purchased my phone, I could of purchased some "porkie sausages" !!! True - I brought in a "butchers shop". Here's your kilo of "porkie sausages". Would you like a phone with that ??? I'll have a pink one, to match the sausages (hehe). Once I get a ditigal camera I'll tell a photo of the inside of the shop, so you know I aren't telling porkies !!!
I will leave it open for a week, or two for "strange places" to come in. If your "strange" place where you brought your mobile phone is stranger than mine, I won't send you the "cake" - I'll eat that, as I have a sweet tooth. I'll send you the crumbs though, if you want. The cake would be stale by the time it got to you anyway. I'll pick two "strange place comments" - one from countries overseas and send out a A5 enevlope, with what ever I can get into it, in the way of "tourist information about New Zealand, leaflets, brochures,etc; a few mint stamps, a couple of postcards, etc. Guys, sorry I aren't sending you a blond, nor am I sending a plane ticket to you ladies. Well I suppose I could send you a plane ticket, but you will be sitting on the wing. I'll say a "prayer' for you - how's that !!!

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