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Saturday, November 26, 2005

# 760 - # 769

I'm back............
o:-) Censor On Board - Granny Smith

Kia Ora (Hello) Everyone,
Today is one of those on again, off again type of days - I am talking about the weather, not my clothes. Hopefully it will clear up as the Grey Lynn park festival is on today & then tomorrow is "Santa's" turn. Once I have finished here, I start listing events for december & futher afield that are going to be on in Auckland. Is it worth doing a blog for "whats on" in other areas of New Zealand. You tell me - leave a comment. Because it is not only for "kiwis" but for all people, no matter where in the world you live, as when there is a website available, you can click on and see for yourself what we 'kiwis" get up to, down under.

Krazy Kelvin

# 760. We Don't Talk Funny - Oztralians Do !!!

How to speak New Zullander - for bist effict,rid these out aloud. More words from those girls across the ditch (well old(er) ladies, I should say) who say we kiwis speak funny. I don't think they have got their hearing aids turn up high enough, when we talk to them. (hehe) Anyway here are some more words. The first word/s are what they say, we sound like when we speak. kens = Cairns; jungle bells = jingle bells; inner me = enemy; fush = marine creatures; fitter cheney = type of pasta; ever cardeau = avocado; fear hear = fair hair; ear roebucks -= exercise at the gym; duffy cult = not easy; one doze = computer program; cuds = kids; pits = pets; cuttin = kitten.
I think its because we got the Rugby World Cup for 2011 & they didn't !!!

# 761. Rugby World Cup 2011

It seems that Australia after voting for the other country & not for their neighbour, now want to host some of the 48 games that will be played during the world cup likely to be held in Sept/Oct 2011. Shall we let them or shall we tell them to .......... !!! The games are likely to be spread around 11 stadiums, throughout the country, with the final been played at Eden Park in Auckland. Ticket prices for the games are unlikely to be finalized before 2007, but the average cost to the "final" could be as high as $700 or more !!! Time to sell off that family silver, I think. Only time will tell but hopefully the Joe Public won't have to dig too deep......into his pockets.

# 762. "SidKnees Tower"

I thought while we are across the ditch, we might as well take a quick gander at "Sid Knee", as it seems to be the first stopping off point for a lot of New Zullanders. What's the draw card that draws us kiwis to "Sydney" ??? More kiwis !!! The first place I would head to would the Tower, for views over Sydney. From the beaches to the mountains, you will be amazed at what you can see from the Towers observation deck, perched 250m above the city. Skytour, located at the base of the tower takes you on a thrilling virtual reality ride throughout Australia, where you will visit the countrys landscapes & nationa treasures. Also located at the top of the tower are 2 revolving restaurants. The best thing about Australia if I visited would be that I can leave again !!!

Compare their tower and restaurant with our Auckland Skytower I think that you will agree that our Tower website is better by far and they say, we .............. !!!

# 763. Kiwi Korean War Memorial Unveiled

More than 50 years after a creasefire was called in the Korean War, a New Zealand granite memorial has been unveiled in the United Nations Memorial cemetery, to remember the 6000 kiwis who served there, included the 45 who never returned. NZ Prime Minister, Helen Clark unveiled the memorial in front of 17 NZ war veterans, Korean dignitaries & the Australian Prime Minister, John Howard.

# 764. The Last Link Has Gone.

New Zealand has lost its last living link to War World 1, with the death of Bob Rudd, a British centenerian, who made NZ his home. Bob who was 104 years old, had lived in NZ since the 1920's. He was born in London in 1901 and lied about his age so he could join the army, where he served with the 9th Lancers cavalry regiment. About 100,000 New Zealanders fought in World War 1.

# 765. Another Link Will Live On

The Muhammad Ali Centre on the banks of the Ohio River has opened, so that the legend of Muhammad Ali will live on. The centre 6 stories high has a roof in the shape of a butterfly, after his "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" catchcry. The entrance hall is built like the torch he carried at the Olympic Games and coloured tiles round the building turn into images of Ali, when veiwed from the correct angle. Exhibits are divided into sections and represent what are describe as Ali's core values of - respect; confidence; conviction; dedication, spirituality and "giving". Mitchell, an 8 year old New Zealand boy (his middle name is Clay, taken from Muhammed Ali's former name of Cassius Clay) and his father were special guests of Ali's. Mitchell present Lonnie, Ali's wife with a framed bone carving of a koru from the Childrens Commission on behalf of New Zealand children. Mitchell aslo presented Ali, with a surprise gift of a greenstone pendant, which he slipped over Alis neck, while Ali was sitting down. Muhammad Ali was a former world heavy weight boxing champion.

# 766. Whangarei A&P Show !!!

Whangarei is a city north of Auckland, (I'll see what I can do about a link for a map of NZ) where urban & rural come together in a friendly atomsphere, with a great Agriculture & Pastoral show for all the family, at the Barge Showgrounds on Statehighway 14, just opposite Pompallier College on December 2 - 4. There will be equestrain events; sheep, beef & dairy competitions; a farmyard nursery; trade exhibitors; a sideshow alley; fairground rides; entertainers; competitions & much much more. Check out the website

# 767. Living - Balsamic Vinegar

Take a bottle of ordinary balsamic vinegar, and mix in about a third volume of Demerara sugar, heat gently in a saucepan with a star-anise, (a small oriental fruit available from large asian supermarkets) a small stick cinnamon, and a silver (small slice) of fresh chilli, until the liquid is reduced by half. Once cool, you will have a thick balsamic that when sparingly to dressings, tastes like one that would cost up to tem times the price. Enjoy !!!

# 768. NZ Minimum Wage !!!

About 30 Starbucks staff from 10 Auckland cafes protested outside Starbucks on Karangahape Rd, at the start of a national campaign to raise the NZ minimum wage from $9.50 to $12 per hour. A shift supervisor, (who is 18) joined the protest said he gets $13 an hour while those umder him get $10 per hour. Futher protests are planned for outside the Starbucks cafes on Queen St on Sunday, the day of the Farmers Santa Parade.
Starbucks is also in a giving mood this christmas, teaming up with the child Cancer Foundation. Customers can make donnations to the charity in the chains cafes, until December 23rd.
To all Starbuck workers, where-ever country you live in - How much do you get paid per hour ???

# 769. A Blast From The Past !!!

An Old Mistake - In almost every case the mere getter becomes smaller by the process he adopts, until he dwindles to the merest apology for manhood. It is not altogether a figure of speech to say that his heart gets so hard that you could break the paving stones of the street against it. The law of growth and greatness is "giving'. The more a man can put out of his best self into the lifes of others, the more he adds to himself. "getting" in its practical results is not addition but subtraction, whilst "giving" is not division but multiplication.

Footnote - This "blast from the past", like the others is not something from last year or even a few years ago - it is from 70 years ago. To me, it speaks volumes of "karma" - you give without any thought of what, where & when you will get paid back. It will come back to you, sometime, just like I'll be back.............

It's not the memories I have, it's the memories I leave behind.

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