Haere Mai,Welcome,To all family & friends in NZ & around the world and anyone reading my blog ! This is my first ever blog, which I started on Black Friday, 13th May 2005. My thoughts & prayers are with you all. Take care & God Bless. Arohanui ! Kakite !

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

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I'm back...............
O:-) Censor On Board - Granny Smith
Kia Ora (Hello) Everyone,
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Krazy Kelvin

# 770. Do Us "Kiwis" Speak Fuuny ???

Some of those "cousins" of ours across the ditch, in Oztralia (who shall remain nameless) say we Kiwis speak funny and that they are trying to learn to speak like us kiwis. Why, they are even bothering I don't know - because they would never allowed riff raff like them in our country. I think they are just the "mickey" out of us. The four people in question sent me a list of words which they say we speak with an accent - here's some of them.

How to speak New Zullander - For bist effict, rid these out aloud. (The first word is what they say we "sound like' when we speak - they will keep)

Milburn = Capital of Victoria / Peck = to fill a suitcase / pissed aside = chemical which kills insects / pigs = for hanging out washing / pug = large pink animal with curly tail / Nin tin dough = computer game / munner stroney = soup / min - male of the species / messkara = eye make-up / Mckennock = person who fixes cars / mere = mayor / leather = foam produced from soap

# 771. Aussies Tails Wagging !!!

Oztralian dog trialists are celebrating after beating NZ on home turf for the "first time" in the annual transtasman dog trials. Members of the Oztralian Working Sheep Dog Association had a lucky win in the 2 day test series in Hamilton & Hastings. They have always been the bridesmaid in the past, never the bride. So for them to win, I would say it was just "luck". Sheep & sheepdogs, etc are a way of life in New Zealand. The same can be said for the Agriculture & Pastoral Shows which are held in various areas around New Zealand - sort of like a carnival with everything to do with rural life thrown in. The last one I went to was a couple of years ago at a small town called Helensville, on the outskirts of Auckland. It was a "total" different atmosphere compared to urban life in Auckland.

# 772. Down Memory Lane - Footrot Flats !!!

How many of you "kiwis" out there including those who have '"flown the nest", or should that be, walked away from their NZ nest for better tasting grubs in other countries remember "Footrot Flats" - the fun park. You don't ??? You do ??? Make your bloddy mind up - either you don't or you do, but for those of you, who think I have just taken a few steps close to the looney bin, let me assure you that there was a "Footrot Flats" funpark. People who remember, said it was sad towards the end, as the park started to get run down, before it finally closed its doors. The fun park was based on a dog, but not just any dog. It was "The Dog" created by Murray Ball. There was an animated movie made in the 1980's. So ??? Well, for those of you who loved "The Dog", the good news is that he's back, in the form of a DVD of the movie, which is out in shops now. Maybe the kiwis in other lands could get their relations to buy them a copy for their xmas box.

# 772. For Xmas I Want ..........

Peace & Goodwill throughout the world, but .....??? Well at least "friends" old & new, as well as those still to come can band together and have our own little "blog world" !!! There is a saying which has been around for years, which goes - "There are no strangers in the world, just friends you haven't met'. How true that rings depends of course on how you, as a person treat your friends. You are very welcome to voice your own opinion in the form of leaving a comment, but to me it is all to do with with KARMA !!! If you treat your friends & family like "shit" sooner or later, its going to blow back on you and you will have no one to blame, but yourself. You give & you give without any thoughts of what, when or where it is going to come back to you. Don't be an "indian giver" - someone who gives with one hand and then takes it back with the other. Why did I mention xmas ??? Because a friend (who again shall remain nameless) gave me a unexpected "gift". No, it wasn't a 6 foot blonde. It was 3 foot, skinny & brown as well as as having a few carvings adorning it. What was it ? When I told Granny Smith, she fell out of her rocker, in laughter !!! So, I'm in two minds to tell you all, but.......it was a "walking stick" !!! I can hear the laughter from here, you buggers !!! He had intended it to be just a "gift" for all the help I have given him over the years, but been so close to xmas, I thought I might as well count it as a xmas gift. Xmas is so close, its scary.......but not as scary as this next post !!!

# 773. "Spookers"

I know I may of mentioned this before, but for all of you that missed it - here it is again. There is an old hospital called Kingseat out at Karaka, which some kiwis will remember even though they would sooner forget it. I am sorry if I have dredged up the past, but a company "Spookers" has moved into Kingseat and is using about 45 of the 200+ rooms as a sort of "everyday Halloween". It is strictly limited to R16 and ID is required. No ID, no can see !!! It is open on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights from 8pm. Last entries at 10pm. I wonder if they have spooky "dinner evenings", where you hear that tap - tap - tap !!! I could apply now that I have got a "walking stick" !!! I'll have to talk a "friend" into taking me out there one night as there is no bus service at all around that area. Look into "Spookers" !!! Talking about buses........

# 774. Stagecoach Has Sold Out In NZ !!!

Auckland & Wellington's main bus operator and Auckland's main ferry operator, Stagecoach is likely to return to NZ ownership under a conditional sale . Investment company, Infratil which owns airports here and in Europe told the stock exchange that it had agreed to buy the NZ Stagecoach operations. Stagecoach owns more than 900 buses in Auckland & Wellington as well as 7 Fuller ferries. Business as usual !!!Fares have not long been increased, but will fares increased again ??? Only time will tell. They have to make a return on their investment, but its at the expense of the poor old Joe Public, again. I catch the bus now & again, but I mainly walk to & from where I live, which is about a 25 minute walk (15 minutes of which is along a bush lined path way through a park) as well as walk into the city, so it saving me over $1000 a year in bus fares. More money in my pocket & not theirs.

# 775. Blogs & Blogging !!!

Whats in a blog ??? How many blogs do you have ? Are you finding it hard going ? Think of your blog been around for years & years - think what joy it would bring to your future generations, especially children where their grandparents or whatever have passed on.
It's your blog, so blog to express yourself - don't blog to impress others. If you sit down in front of your monitor and your mind is blank and you can't for the life of you, think of anything to write about, go for a walk around the block, or to the shops to get an ice-cream, or what-ever. Look around you, take in what is happening - is it a beautiful day with birds singing, or is it the opposite ? If you have any questions about blogs & blogging feel free to email me kjmkama@yahoo.com or have a look at blog 14, as you may find the answer to your question there. If you "search" through the blog world reading blogs, leave a "comment" and also leave your blog address. if you have more than one blogspot blog, leave your blog profile number. When you log in, you end up at what is called the "dashboard" which lists your blog/s. At the top, you will see a number - copy it as it is.
Mine would be www.blogger.com/profile/9098295 This applies to all blogspot blogs which I have found to be so much easier than other blog Don't by-pass blogs which have a language that you cannot understand. Scroll though - have a look to see if they have any photos,etc. Several times, I have left a comment on such blogs - I know that they appreciate it. If english is your second language, you are more than welcome to copy anything from my blog on to yours. Because even if your country has english as the second language, there would no doubt be english speaking people in your country who would end up reading your blogs for the english content. include photos if you can, because there is that old saying again - "one photo is worth a thousand words". Given time, I will have "photos" on my one of my blogs. I will keep you up to date.

# 776. The Same The World Over !!!

Mobile phones !!! Day in & day out, people seemed to have their mobile "glued" to their ear !!! It happens all the time. I have even been on a Stagecoach bus, which was going over the harbour bridge, when the driver received a text message. He continued to play around with his phone - one hand on the wheel - until we turned left off Esmonde Rd in Takapuna. I should of reported him by taking note of his bus number and the time & other details on my bus ticket, but I didn't. next time I will, don't you worry, because its bad enough a driver of a normal vehicle playing around with his phone. A bus would be 10 times worst because of the size of it and the number of passengers on it. I was also on a bus one time, when a fella got on with his mobile glued to his ear - an hour later when he got to where he was going, believe it or not he hadn't stopped talking . Another time, a girl who was sitting in front of me, had her phone going on & on & on. No sooner had she finished one call, the phone would ring again. She was speaking in a really loud voice in another language and after about 4 times, people on the bus were getting highly pissed off. So, next time, her phone rang "someone" leaned over and said in a loud voice "Would you stop bloody ringing, we are in bed" !!! The person at the other end would of heard loud & clear. After that - silence is golden !!! If you are talking in a public place on your mobile, have some thought for those people around you - especially if you are on public transport. If you have to take the call, keep your voice down. i don't think everyone within ear-shot wants to know the last time you did it, or what you had for breakfast or whatever.
I have also seen truck drivers, with the phone glued to their ear. I don't know what they are thinking when they do such stupid things. Whats wrong with pulling off to the side of the road and taking the call or text message. A minute in time, saves a life which could be mine, so take that phone and put it .......until you have the time. !!!

# 777. Living - A Couple of Helpful Hints !!!

1. When making rice for suushi - wash the rice and leave it to soak in cold water for 30 minutes before cooking. This moistens the cooked rice, helping it to stick to the fish.

2. Choosing the right chilli - Size does count, when it comes to chilli's. When deciding how hot to make a dish, work on the simple basis, the smaller the size of the chilli, the hotter it will be.

# 778. Leonard Da Vinci !!!

Leonard Da Vinci is probably more famous for his paintings, including the "Mona Lisa" than anything else but he was not only a painter. He was also a dab hand at other things as well - he was an architect; engineer; inventor; sculptor and a musican. He designed a wide range of things, including helicopters & machine-guns, centuries before their time. The Da Vinci Machines has open at the Auckland War Memorial Museum in the Auckland Domain, showing 50 of his designs that have been brought to life, including the bicylce, gilder and the military tank. The models were constructed by Florentine artists and based on Da Vinci's original drawings of the 15th century.

Footnote: For those of you who don't have any wheels of your own, you can always catch the "Link" bus, from the stop by the Art Gallery on Wellesley St.Tell the driver you are going to the museum. Its a hop-skip & jump from the stop, to the entrance gates to the Auckland Domain and a little bit of a walk to the museum itself. As you walk through the entrance, look over to your right and you will see an "old grandstand" and surrounding park land. There may be a handful of people playing sport, as well as a handful walking around - try to picture that same scene in a few weeks, when approx. 250,000 people crowd into that area - from the grandstand, all the way up to the museum - for the "Coca Cola In The Park music event. I can't promise anything, but....for those of you who have no imagination, I will try and get some photos taken, becasue as they say - "one photo is worth a thousand words".

# 779. A Blast From The Past.

Read into this what you will, but for people to actually write about these these things 70 years ago, makes you think of what life must of been like all those years ago. I know that there are a lot of people out there who are much older than that (including Granny Smith - she can't read fine print) but they would sooner keep their thoughts to themselves. I urge all "old" (in the sense) people out there who don't have a weblog, start one !!! Share those memories "today" with those you love or share them with everyone. because tomorrow may be too late. Once you have gone, thats it - there's no return ticket and your memories if you haven't shared them..............

Keep It Down - Revenge is "sweet" to the man who doesn't know a half ripe persimmon from a barlett pear. "If thy enemy is hungry, give him bread to eat". If a man gives you a dirty trick, don't hand it back to him with the addition of mud. Give him in exchange, a blessing for a curse, a loaf for a stone, not to heap coals of remorse upon your adversary's head, but lest your own loaf turn to stone. Lest your own conscience become seared with a red hot iron, give no place to the arch enemy.

I'll be back.........

It's not the memories I have, it's the memories I leave behind.

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