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Saturday, November 12, 2005

# 780 - # 789

I'm back...........
O:-) Censor On Board - Granny Smith

Kia Ora (Hello) Everyone,
I asked a few friends what would they prefer - a post of 10, or single posts. Nearly everyone like the post of 10, so here I am again with another 10.

I hope you like "colours" - if you don't well just tough tities !!! (hehe) Its my blog birthday - 6 months old - on November 13th. It seems hard to believe that on BLACK FRIDAY 13th of May, I started this blog - my first ever blog in my life. You can send me a "gift" if you like, just as long as she's blond and 6 foot (tall - that is, not 6 foot under) Talking about krazy - you sure you still want to be friends, because the next 6 months are going to be even krazier than the past 6 months. I kid you not !!! Would I lead you up the "garden path" ??? Well, maybe I would but I certainly wouldn't hold your hand, because I don't know if it's clean or where its been !!!

Krazy Kelvin

# 780. Viral Myocarditis !!!

Rod Donald, the co-leader of the Green Party, who died from this viral infection who was a very fit & active man, who did not smoke or drink. Mr Donald was ill for several days, before his death with stomach cramps, diarrhoea and vomiting. Viral myocarditis, can lead to sudden death, by causing the heart rate to speed up. It is unclear why the virsues infected the heart in some people and not in others.

Viral Myocarditis is an inflammation of the heart muscle. It usually affects people from teenage years to middle age. Several virsues can cause the diseease which sometimes follows a bout of the flu. There are no symptoms, so it is difficult to diagnose and can only be confirmed with an ECG - Electrocardiogram - a quick painless recording of the heart rhythm. Most mild cases get better by themselves. It can not be prevented or treated with drugs. If it worries you, check with your doctor next time you go.

As for me, it doesn't worry me - we all have to go at sometime or other, be it upstairs or downstairs, As for going to the doctor, I aren't going to bother. My father ran me over with his 6 ton truck, right across the stomach, when I was 7 (it was an accident) ; I just about drown not once, but twice when I was 12 / 13; I got hit in the head by a "swing-boat" when I was 12 and I also got thrown off a horse when I was about 19. So I must be "needed" somewhere, at sometime but don't ask me where & when. I just take it as it comes.

# 781. Blind Across The Sea !!!

Americans Scott Duncan & Pamela Habek entered the record books this week when they reached Whangare1 (the largest city north of Auckland) to become the first "blind people" to sail a yacht across the pacific. Friends waved them off with "white canes", when they left San Francisco on October 12th, 2004 on their 10m cutter Tournesol, for a planned "world circumnavigation".They started with a 14,500km loop taking in Mexico, The Marquesas, Tahiti, the Society Islands and The Cook Islands. They have both had impaired sight since birth, but their 10% normal vision does not restrict their enjoyment, as they sail
"blind across the sea" !!!
Newsflash: They now have a
Blogspot Blog !!!

# 782. What Does That Tell You ???

To all those out there, including a few friends I know, (who shall remain nameless & shameless, for now) who are always moaning & groaning that "the world owes them a living" get off your arses and get out there & do something - find a job !!! Better still ask a neighbour or two, if they want a helping hand with any odd jobs.Give something back, without any thought of "whats in it for me". Sitting at home complaining isn't going to put food on your table. There is always "someone" out there that is worst off than you are. Okay, you may have struck a few bad patches, but......!!! Everyone has their ups and downs, even the "rich people" out there. Life is not meant to be easy. If it was, how many of us would work ? It's no use just sitting around waiting for your number to be called up yonder.

# 783. Give Us Our Daily Bread !!!

Dietitians say many "kiwis" are cofused over their daily bread and that "kiwis" need to eat more bread !!! I didn't even know kiwis eat bread. I thought they only like grubs & insects, etc. Well as they say - you never stop learning, no matter how old you get. (hehe) But......... I think they are talking about 2 legged kiwis without feathers & they say we are confused. We are supposed to eat 6 servings of bread & cereal, preferably wholegrain, a day !!! Get off the grass - I don't eat 6 servings a day, never have. Of the people they talked to, only 12% of the males & 38% of females knew that "a serving" is one slice. Is one serving of cereal, "one slice or two".
There is one brand of bread & cereal I eat now & again which is based on Dr Vogels original Swiss recipe.

# 784 You Are What You Eat !!!

How did we get on this track - healthly food & healthly eating !!! I don't know, but word has it, that eating well and enjoying a healthly well balanced diet is essential for good health. You are what you eat ??? Look at me, I don't eat a "healthly, well balanced diet - if I took all my clothes off and stood next to a rake, you would not see me, nor would you see any people around me - all you would see would be their dust. Honestly though, I am 65 kgs wringing wet and as for the amount that I eat - well some days I eat a lot, while other days I eat very little. Some days I might just have toast & coffee and more coffee !!! I believe that you have to give your "body" time to digest what you put in or else it has to go somewhere.....where's that - "fat". I don't play any sports. The only thing I do a lot of which you may of already read about in a previous post, is walk !!!

# 785. How Far Do I Walk ???

I usually walk at least 5km per week day - more on weekends !!! I am so "mad" on walking, that sometimes I purchase an all day pass on the Stagecoach buses, (yes, no doubt the one & the same in NZ, as in other countries) which is $10 per day for an all zone pass. I catch a bus out to a town called Pukekohe, which is on the outskirts of Auckland. It is the same town where the shop I mentioned before, Ntolerance is. Its a great shop, believe me. Anyway, once I get out to Pukekohe, I have a look around the shops and then...... then I walk "back" to Papakura (which is about 16km from Pukekohe) where I catch a bus back into the Auckland city. Once you leave the township area, it is all rural with farms & market gardens, etc. until you get to Papakura. I stop about half-back and sit on the side of the road to have a bite to eat & a drink and watch the world (well a few vehicles) go by. Sometimes I see a hawk or two soaring in the sky. It is a sight to behold as they soar down and scoop up a rabbit or a duck or two !!!

# 786 The Next Big Thing ???

Who knows - only time will tell if the next big thing in USA, will take-off here. What big thing ?
"Cereal Bars" !!! Customers at the Cereality Bar can mix & match up to 30 different cereals for US$4 or more a bowl, add milk from a "Moo Machine" and either eat in relaxing on a sofa or take-it-away. Optional extras include chocolate & strawberry milk as well as a range of toppings include bananas & "nuts". Counter staff who are called cerealogists wear pyjamas as a uniform, while overhead televisions play cartoons. Now doesn't that take all the cereal & make you feel at home. They could have a "turn-up-in-what-you-sleep-in" special. I would turn up in my birthday suit (hehe)
The Cereality Bar wants to patent the idea and a legal battle has begun because "Bowls" in Florida & "The Cereal Bowl" in Miami have both open their doors & boxes of cereal. Hey, maybe one of the bed & breakfast places in a rural area could open a ceral bar and get the customer to go out into the paddock and get their own milk striaght from the cows tits - sorry udder !!!
I can just see little Jonny - "I'll have a teaspoonful of that one & that one & that one & ...... !!! By the time you know it, "breakfast is over" !!!

# 787 The Best Of New Zealand - Manuka Honey.

Manuka Honey is well known in NZ and is becoming increasing popular around the world. Manuka shrubs , also known as Tea Tree are a defining feature of much of our rural landscape. The uncultivated scrub has the amazing ability to colonise the smallest patches of land and flourishs on wetland margins, at high altitude and in low fertility soils.
The hardy scrub, produces a delicate white flower, the nectar of which is collected
by bees and used to produce honey. Manuka Honey is dark and has a distinctive sweet taste. It has long been used on the kiwi breakfast table. and more recently, some varities have been recognised for their unique health benefits. The "honey centre" is a great place to visit.

# 788. Sheep & More Sheep !!!

As you may well know "sheep" far out-number humans in numbers by many millions. The two-legged population is around four & a half million, where as the four legged "sheep" population is somewhere around fifty million. North at Warkworth on the same property as the "Honey Centre" is a
"a sheep show" which you will no doubt enjoy, especially if you a tourist where you don't have any woolly bags running around. The most famous sheep would have to be "Shrek", who managed to elude shearers for 6 years. When caught & finally shorn on national TV, the fleece weight 27.5 kilos. The wool was used to make woolly jumpers - the first of which was presented to Sir Edmund Hillary, our famous mountaineer. The other woolly jumpers were said to have sold for $10000 each. A little crack at Australia - "What do you get if you cross a kangaroo with a sheep" ??? Leave a comment, if you think you know the answer.

# 789 A Blast From The Past !!!

These "blasts from the past" are really that - from the past !!! Seventy years ago, in fact. I haven't counted up how many of them there are, but it will certainly keep me going for a while.

Forbidden Fruit - Heartburn does not to keep us from evil any more than burning at an other vital spot kept us from green apples & "hookey", in school days. To the maturer fools who are bent on stolen sweets, the words of the wise men ought to come with force - "Stolen waters are sweet and bread eaten in secret is pleasant, but he knowth not that the dead are there and that the guestsare in the depth of "hell". Let not thine heart decline to her ways, go not stray in her paths. For she has cast down many wounded. Yea many strong men have been slain by her.

I'll be back..............but nether wait up or hold your breath !!! On second thoughts, if you don't like me, "hold your breath" !!!

"It's not the memories I have, it's the memories I leave behind" !!!

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