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Saturday, November 05, 2005

# 790 - # 799

I'm back............

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Kia Ora (Hello) Everyone,
Another day "dawns" but not just any normal for today if you didn't know it, is "Guy Fawkes Day". If you don't like the noise, well ......!!! But don't think, that tonight will be the last that you "hear" of them, because there's always tomorrow night & the next night. I think some people enjoy letting them off after the "event", when nearly everyone else has let their ones off.
Take care everyone and don't try & make the biggest bang in your neighbourhood !!! In the local paper this morning, there was an article about a fella who lost some of his 'fingers" !!!
Krazy Kelvin.

# 790. We Owe It All To "Guido Fawkes" !!!

November 5th,1605 - A day that went down in history !!! That was the day, 400 years ago, that Guido (Guy) Fawkes was caught in the cellars of Palace of Westiminster where Parliament of London is, with 36 barrels of gunpowder. The plan was to detonate them, during the official opening of Parliament. Guy Fawkes was one of a group of consipirators, trying to blow up Parliamment with all the politicians & Royalty inside. The consipirators claimed to be oppressed Catholics, who felt that the best way to change the rule of King James lst and the Protestant aristocracy was to blow them up. Guy Fawkes was convicted of treason, tourtured & hanged. Since that day, we have burned bonfires & effigies of "Guy Fawkes" on the night of Novemeber 5th. In earlier times, children used to take effigies of "Guy Fawkes" through the streets and beg for money for fireworks, chanting - "Penny for the guy, mister" ??? Now it would be $5 for the "guy" mister !!!

# 791. Fireworks All Go !!!

As the day dawned, I could hear "fireworks" going off in the neighbourhood !!! But tonight is the night that all "hell" is going to be let loose, as millions of dollars go up in smoke !!! There are legal restraints on fireworks in New Zealand. They can only be sold from October 27th to November 5th; no one under 14 can buy fireworks; regulations limit the strength of fireworks and illegal tempering with fireworks (trying to create a bigger bang) crries a hefty fine, if you are caught. Some "fireworks" have been banned, including crackers with names like "Tom Thumbs" or "Double Happies" as well as "sky rockets".
The government will consider reveiwing legislation if there is a public desire to ban them. So this year may be the last chance the "general public" has to purchase "fireworks". Next year, all we might have are the "displays", put on by registered groups, who will charge an "arm & a leg" to get through the gate of the venue where they hold them. But I suppose that it is better than losing an arm or a leg. There are a number of places that will be having fireworks displays tonight.

# 792. "From Guys To Mummys"

It seems that "Oetzi", a 5300 year old mummy discovered in the Italian Alps, is at the centre of a court battle, as 3 people try to claim "thats my mummy" for a reward of 50,000 euro ($85,400). Credit for finding the prehistoric hunter, whose remains were perfectly preserved in the Oztal glacier, on the Italy-Austria border, went to a german couple. But another couple have laid claim to the "mummy". So, their claims are been heard in an Italy, where "Oetzi" is on display.
We have a "mummy" as well, in our Auckland War Memorial Museum in the Auckland Domain. but I don't know how old our "mummy" is. I may find out next time I go to the museum, which hopefully will be on their open day. Normal entrance "donation" is $5, but for this special day, they are charging $10. While you are in the Auckland Domain, have a close look at the new "6.5m stainless steel tree".

# 793. "I Know, I Know" !!!

The number of emails I have had regarding photos or the lack of photo's I should say, is ??? All I can say, is "hold your horses" !!! The time will come soon enough, when I "master" the art of taking photos & down-loading them on to my blogs. It has taken me all my time, to get this far because as I have said before "computers & I" don't mix - we are like "oil & water" !!! In fact, I still don't own my own computer - most of the time I use internet cafes, which charge $2 per hour. For overnight, the cafe I go to from 11pm to 8am, they charge $10. If you are really, really keen, you can go 24 hours for $25. Who would sit in front of a little "screen" for 24 hours ??? Krazy people ? I have done it, more than once - why do you think they call me krazy. You thought it was because I am friends with you all - yeah, well that too has something to do with it as well. I wonder why they don't make "round screens" so your eyes remain "round" rather than "square-eyed" !!! I really do apolgise for the lack of photos, because as they say - "one photo is worth a thousand words". When I mention the words - "6.5m Stainless Steel Tree", it would mean s*** all to you, without that photo. So I'll see what I can do, but don't hold your breath.

# 794. "24 Hour Movies"

If you thought I was "krazy" sitting in front of a little screen, for 24 hours, spare a thought for all those people sitting in front of a "big screen" for 24 hours !!! I kid you not. It sort of brings back memories, of the many times, I went to the "overnight" movies with cousins & friends,etc. We used to go in about 10 or 11pm & come out about 6 or 7am all dreary eyed & bushy tailed (Porkies !!!) No, it wasn't "porkies" - there was overnight movies, but as for been "bushy tailed" ??? We would get up say around 6 or 7am on a Saturday, work or what-ever during the day - go to the overnight movies that night if they were on and it would be about 11pm, on the Sunday night by the time, we laid our head on the pillow again.They were no "pills" or anything that we took. You just seemed to get to "a point of no return", which just carried you on & on. But, 24 hours of movies - you would have to be "as keen as mustard" and a quiet snorer !!!

# 795. "Can It Movies"

I know in another country, there is "Cannes" movies, but do you have a "can movie" in your country. No, I haven't fallen off my rocker - well not just yet anyway !!! Here in New Zealand people can enjoy a night out at the movies by swapping cans of food for a movie ticket, in the 12th Annual Hoyts Watties Cans Film Festival. One cinema ticket is given for each can of food, but it doesn't have to be Watties. All cans collected are donated to the Salvation Army as part of its Xmas food appeal. The festival is a great way for families to enjoy a cheap night out, while contributing to the wider community. All "cans of food" collected are donated to the Salvation Army as part of its Xmas food appeal. One supermarket chain, here in NZ has 5 x 420g cans of Watties Spaghetti or Baked Beans on special for $5, so it would be a cheap night out, especially as some of the movies on offer, included the latest blockbusters.

# 796. Your Chance To Pick Up A Hollywood Star !!!

Our post office has issued a set of stamps, based on the "King Kong" movie, so its your chance to pick up a "Hollywood Star" !!!
I was at a friends place, when the mail arrived and as I looked through the letters, there was one envelope which had one of the stamps featuring the "main actor". I yell out to the friend - "Hey, this stamp looks like you" !!! She came over to have a look and I show her the envelope. She thought the stamp I was talking about was of the "female Hollywood Star", but it wasn't - I was talking about the "male" - King Kong !!! Some say it is going to be a "horror movie", but we can only wait & see !!!

# 797. "The Horror Goes On....."

A group called "spookers" has set up a "show" in the former nurses home of the notorious psychiatric Kingseat hospital, at Karaka, South Auckland. It is a place that holds "bad memories" for some people, where many experienced mental suffering and some patients say they were mistreated. It has been closed for 15 years now and the place is run-down, so it looks like a haunted house. It is a huge place with over 200 rooms, only 45 of which "spookers" said they will use because of the "feeling" behind the place. "Actors" dressed as ghouls, will chase people around the "haunted house". Outside, a "freaky forest" attraction, promises to make people "lost & scared" in the dark...your worst nightmare. It isn't the only "show", spookers have going, because in the Waikato and at three other north island sites, "actors" chase people through mazes in corn fields, with chainsaws !!! The "haunted house" show will generally be open to adults only, but a "lights-on, spook-free" tour will be available for children.

# 798. Living.......!!!

After all the "horror", who wants "living", for even the cost of living has gone up ??? If you are living in NZ and you travel overseas, you need a "passport". New e-passports have now been introduced, with microchips encrypted with peoples photographs and personal details to boost security. But all this comes at a price - a high price. They said the new e-passports will cost travellers, more than twice the standard passport they are replacing. So, if you re-new your old passport or apply for a new one, expect to pay the following........Adult, was $71 / now $150; Child, was $36 / now $80; Urgent fee has gone from $146 to $150. But the bug-bear of it all is that "passports" are now only valid for 5 years, not 10 years. So in affect, a 10 year passport @ $71 would of been $7.10 per year, but with the new fees it ends up been $30 per year and they say its twice the price ??? More like 4 times the price. E-passports are bben introduced worldwide to meet international civil aviation regulations.

#799. A Blast From The Past !!!

Another "blast" from 70 years ago. What life must of been like then, us "young ones" can only wonder. I will see if any of the "older friends" who were around at that time, can give me an insight to their past. Life would of been a lot slower then, thats for sure.

"One Line" - Hit straight, hit often and hit hard. It is the men with a single aim and who keep "at it", who get there. Most of us have too many irons in the fire. Do one thing and do it well. "This is one thing I do" said Paul and the purpose and the doing gave to the world the greatest of all apostles. Quit dabbling. Take up some one thing seriously, put all you have in your mental, moral and physical make-up behind it and you will make history. Too many of us are content to be "potters". "Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might" There are plenty of things for your hand to find, but find something and do it.

I'll be back.........
It's not the memories I have, it's the memories I leave behind !!

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