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Saturday, October 29, 2005

# 800 - # 809

I'm back...........
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Kia Ora Everyone,
I was going to do single "posts", but I thought I might as well wait until I got into the 700's.So here is another mixed bag of 10 - the last of the 800's as I continue counting down to # 1 !!! Anyone with a blog, is more than welcome to email me their blog address,kjmkama@yahoo.com if they would like me to pay them a visit and then (maybe) have their blog listed on 21 21 21 Blogs. I have still got a long way to go, to reach #1. What happens then ??? I haven't decided !!!
Take care & God Bless

Krazy Kelvin

# 800. They are On Their Way !!!

Our "All Blacks" who have left our shores for for Britain, are hoping for a "grand slam" - winning tests against Wales, Ireland, England & Scotland. The last time NZ beat all four sides was with Graham Mourie's 1978 team. Before they left, a fashion parade was held, on the Auckland waterfront at the landing spot for the returning 1905 team, to show people what they will be wearing on this 2005 tour, compared to what their forebears wore a century ago. Two All Blacks were kitted out in 2005 "style", while two were kitted out in the 1905 "style". In October 1905, the team travelled by steamer to Britain, Ireland, France & USA., where they played a total of 35 games - won 34, with a loss to Wales. It was March, 1906 before they returned. Whereas our rugby team of today will be there & back before you know it.

Footnote: 8am Sunday 30th. For those "die-hard rugby fans" kick off time is 3.30am NZ time. Test Match date: Wales Nov.6th; Ireland Nov.13th; England Nov.20th; Scotland Nov.27th

# 801. Rugby World Cup 2011 !!!

I am not a rugby follower and although I have walked passed "Eden Park" many a time, I have not once stepped through the gates. But someone who has a lot of weight behind "2011" has been there and was left out in the cold & the wet. It happened in July, when French Rugby's IRB representative & a distinguished member of the Rugby World Cup Board, stormed out of Eden Park during a stormy night. You would of thought rugby officials would have rolled out the red carpet and wined & dined him in one of the boxes, instead of letting him sit out in the open to get "soaked", especially when New Zealand is in the running to host the "Cup" in 2011. The vote to decide which country gets it, will be taken in Dublin on November 17th. South Africa & Japan are also in the running, but did that one "stormy night" put a damper on our chances - only time will tell !!!

# 802. Touring France After The Rugby ???

Anyone in Britain for the rugby, who intends venturing into France for a spot of sight-seeing & a little bit of high-speed-driving - beware. A little know French law means not only "loss of license" on the spot, but also a heavy fine, if you get caught exceeding the speed limit by more than 40km. Very high speed, could result in not only "loss of license", but also a jail term. The law has been around for a few years, but few visitors to France seem unaware of it. Motorists from Britain, are finding themselves well & truly stranded, because if if there is no one with them able to drive the car, they have to pay to have the car "trucked" back to Britain at a cost of up to thousands of pounds, which is not covered by insurance.

# 803. "Rugby In Church" !!!

In a bid to attract more "worshipers", a church has thrown out normal Sunday services in favour of a 7am "breakfast" and to show screenings of the upcoming All Blacks tour matches in Wales, Ireland, England & Scotland, on a Sunday morning. The church will have guest speakers, who will share their story of how their faith, has influenced their rugby careers & their life. What happens after the "rugby" - will they show screenings of other sports ? Sunday services will be held on another day during the week, but just because people have attended "Rugby" on a Sunday, doesn't mean to say that they are going to be "regulars" and turn up again for church on another day of the week. Church "once" a week is enough for some people !!! What next ???

Footnote:8am Sunday 30th. Will they get more "worshipers" ? The test matches are due to kick off at 3.30am NZ time. Real "Rugby fans" would be watching the matches at 3.30am with a beer or two in hand. There will no doubt, be more than a few beers drunk during the playing of the match. If we win, the "party" will go on....!!! If we lose, it will be a good excuse to party on as well, to "drown the sorrows". Can you drink beer in church ? I feel sorry for the "neighbours" around the church, especially if they aren't rugby fans.

# 804. Keeping Tongue In Che(c)ek !!!

It seems some people have nothing better to do with their life, than complain about the "little" things, like jockey Michael Walker poking out his tongue, a pukana, each time he crosses the finish line after a succesful race. Whats so different between him poking his tongue out at the end of the race, with the rugby team poking out their tongues in a "haka" before a rugby match !!! Answer me that - your comments please, if you wish. Before you know it, people will be wanting to ban that. The pukana is derived from war - warriors would make fierce faces - but has evolved into a symbol of "Maori" pride. Michael walker has been the top apprentice five years in a row and top jockey overrall in two of those years, so he is doing something right. Go to it Michael !!! You are been yourself - it's the other people that are different. If they don't like it, tell them to turn the other cheek and put their head where the sun don't shine !!! Maybe Michael, you should think about "poking" out something else as you cross the finish line - really give people something to "talk" about !!!

# 805. " Pania Of The Reef "

All those kiwis in other lands, who have ever lived in or been to Napier will remember the statue of "Pania Of The Reef", which was on the Napier foreshore - I say "was", because some bugger has "pinched her" from the plinth, where she has sat for more than 50 years. The life-size bronze statue, which was casted in Italy and modelled on a young maori girl, weighed between 60 - 100 kg.The "Pania" statue is in every tourist guide book and would of been seen by thousands of tourists, from around the world. The theft of "Pania" has shocked everyone, including the lady who (when a young girl, over 50 years ago), posed as a model for the statue, so that the legend of "Pania" could live on, in the hearts of the people.

"The Maori Legend Of Pania"
"Pania" was a beautiful maiden of the sea people, who lived with her husband Karitoki in a whare near tthe foot of the Napier breakwater.The sea people were forever calling out to her, to return "home" to the sea, but she was happy living on the shore. She resisted the calling, but one day swam out to meet them. The sea-people surrounded her and drew her down into the depths of the sea, never to return to the land of the mortals again !!!

# 806. Living - Food Intolerance.

I don't normally put in a "plug" for a shop, but there are a lot of people who have an intolerance to certain food/s, including dairy products, wheat, gluten, nuts,etc or who suffer from allergies to certain products, etc, who will find this helpful. If you have an intolerance to any food/s, or any allergies, help is at hand, in the form of a shop called Ntolerance, 5c Glasgow Rd, Pukekohe. Ph (09) 238 2323. The shop caters for gluten free; wheat free; egg free; dairy free; soy free; nut free; sugar free and more with a wide range of food products. They also stock safe deodorants; creams and household products. Don't worry if you can't get out to Pukekohe, as you can purchase on line, via
their website. Next time, I go out to Pukekohe, I'll go have a look and let you know what I think. Not that I have any intolerance or allegies to products. I am of the those lucky people who eats anything and gets away with it.

There is also a blog worth checking out, -
Gluten Free Girl which has recipes, etc. as well as a lot of useful links to other blogs & websites.

# 807. Bad Apples In Every Barrel !!!

The world over, there are "bad apples in every barrel" - in other words, it takes all sorts of people to make a world and there are people out there, no matter where you go who seem to get their kicks out of "pinching" what they can & when they can. Even our tourist spots here in NZ are been targeted by thieves. Warnings are out not to leave "valuables" in your vehicle, when visiting tourist spots. Maybe the councils can employ "someone" suited out in a security uniform, to wander around the parking spots, during daylight hours, to deter "would-be-thieves".
If a "bus" has a tour guide plus a driver, the driver should stay with the bus, no matter what. Surely the responsibilty rests with the "tour company" to employ both driver & guide and not have the driver act as the tour guide as well. Also taking people straight from the airport to a "tourist spot" makes no sense. Surely they can take the tourists to their hotel or motel to "freshen" up first and hand their valuables in for safe keeping. If you had just got off a plane, would you want to go and visit a tourist spot, straight away ?

# 808. From Bad Apples To Tattooed Apples ???

Those little stickers that you take off fruit, could well be a thing of the past, if tattoos take off !!! It seems that a supermarket is going to try out new laser technology to tattoo fruit. This seasons stone fruit - peaches, nectarines & plums - will be the first to bear tattoos, instead of sticky labels. The technology uses a laser to etch information into the very top layer of the skin of the fruit. Consumer acceptance of the new process - and whether any aesthetic concerns over tattoos outweight the inconvenience of stickers - will be the key.

# 809. A Blast From The Past !!!

I missed putting in last weeks, I know - but to those who sent e-mails, sorry you aren't getting a double-dose this week. Some people can't believe that the "sayings" or what-ever you like to call them are from 70 years ago. Does it seem so strange, that all those years ago peoples thoughts were what they are ??? Life was a lot different then, compared to today. Life was a lot slower and people really "cared" about helping other people.

Lame Ducks - When you hear a man snarl at someone who is hitting out at evil you can put it down that he has got a dose under his skin. You never follow up one of this tribe yet that you do not find roosting in a place where he was in full sight of the gun. When you get a man criticising the remarks of a preacher on immorality, you can put up a hat against a tin whistle that he has been hit. Don't show your teeth when you get a dig in the ribs. To kick back, shows that the goad has landed on the right spot. When you throw a stone into a crowd of dogs, you can always tell which one is hit. "The wicked flee when no man pursueth".

I'll be back.......

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