Haere Mai,Welcome,To all family & friends in NZ & around the world and anyone reading my blog ! This is my first ever blog, which I started on Black Friday, 13th May 2005. My thoughts & prayers are with you all. Take care & God Bless. Arohanui ! Kakite !

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

# 810 - # 819 October 22nd

I'm back........
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Kia Ora Everyone,
This week is the last week that I'll do a "post" of 10 !!! After this lot, I will be doing "single-posts" as & when I read about something but there will still be at least 10, if not more "posts" per week. Have a look at last weeks posts, as there is one blog mentioned, on which you are welcome to post something - anything !!! There is also a second blog for people to comment about what they think of the date next year 6th of June 2006 - 6/6/6 !!!
Take care everyone & God Bless !!!

Krazy Kelvin

# 810 "Rosy" Takes To The Water !!!

"Rosy" is getting back into the swin this year of the Auckland Harbour Crossing - a 2.8km swim from Devonport's Stanley wharf to the Auckland Viaduct, on November 5th. She is in training at the moment and will be trying to beat her time of 1 hour & 7 minutes that she set last year in the swim. Twice the number of entrants are expected compared to last years inaugural event, including champion swimmers, such as Olympic games competitor, Rebecca Linton. Rebecca & Rosy have two things in common - both love swimming & their name starts with an "R:", but thats where it ends for Rosy has 4 legs - she is a dog. The official start time from the wharf is 9.30am, but be there by 9am. The first swimmer is expected across the line at the Viaduct by 10am with the last by 11.30am. Rosy hopefully will be in around 10.30am. Be there to cheer on the swimmers as they come ashore, especially Rosy !!! There will be live music from 11am, plus NZ Olympic & Commonwealth swimmers signing autographs.

# 811. American Basketballers !!!

American basketballers are "up in arms" about the ruling of a new dress code been imposed by national basketball league officials, that bans the wearing of chunky chains; pendants; medallions, sunglasses indoors; headphones; flip-flops & headgear. T-shirts, shorts and trainers are also out as the National Basketball Association requires players to wear "business-casual" attire when involved in team or league activities. Maybe they could stage a protest when they have their next game and just wear their "birthday suits" !!! They would no doubt play in front of a "packed house", so that should please the officials !!!

#812. The Old Vinegar Factory Site.

Other people "up in arms" are people who live in and around the Ponsonby area as developers proposals for the old vinegar factory site are revealed. I think the only thing some people like is the name "Soho Square". They are saying that it is too big & too ugly !!! Up to 30 shops & bars as well as a 700+ seat cinema and 45 apartments are planned for the area. Anyone who lives in or around the Ponsonby area, leave a comment, if you want. Hey - why not start a blog "No To So Ho" !!!

# 813. Making A Stand.

A New Zealander, Malcolm Kendall-Smith is making a stand and facing a court martial for refusing to obey the orders of his Royal Air Force superiors to return to duty in Iraq, even though he has already served two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. His defence is that Britain cannot order his participation in an unlawful war. Legal experts say this unprecedented case highlights a novel legal problem, that individual combatants must now consider the risk of prosecution in the International Criminal Court, if they take part in illegal confict. So is the war legal ??? UN Secretary General Kofi Annan said it was not and the invasion in 2003 went ahead despite the absence of UN resolutions endorsing the use of force.

# 814. Alcohol Ban !!!

Within the Auckland central city area, a total ban on drinking alcohol in public places has been in force for sometime. But.....an inner city over-bridge on Karangahape Rd is just outside the area, so guess what ! Drunks have a binge on the bridge and there is nothing that can be done about it. A security guard working the area often tells "drunks" to move on, but he has no right to. He has even gone as far as calling the police, but they said there is nothing they can do, as it is outside the "ban" area. The security guard said " He doesn't think drinkers know that the bridge is outside the ban area and says that the situation will worsen if they are made aware of the fact. The day they find out, there is going to be trouble". All this said in the local papers - drunks can & do read, so that was a silly move. If they didn't know then, they do now !!!

# 815. Down Memory Lane...... Howling At The Moon !!!

At the very begining of Karangahape Rd, is another place where "drunks" used to gather to drink & to sleep, but on "full moon" nights a liitle voice woke them... (this is a repeat of #922a)

In a certain graveyard, people slept upon the graves, still warm from the suns rays. They were out or "this world" because of drink but on full moon nights they always heard an eeery call, which gave them a fright !!! "What are you doing sleeping on my grave???" To someone who has had a few, they don't know if its true. So to their heels they run, as the eeery voice they heard, rolls around laughing at the fun of making the drunk men rrruuunnnn !!! OOOooohhh !!! Howling at the moon !!!

#816. Arabic Writing.

Asylum seeker, Ahmed Zaoui has launched a book of 24 poems, called "Migrant Birds". It is the first time in NZ that a book has been published in Arabic. It is a bi-lingual book, with the first half in english and the second half in Arabic. It is a compliation of 24 poems that the former Algerian MP wrote - one for each month of his imprisionment, after arriving in NZ in 2002. He was held in jail, after the Security Intelligence Service declared him a threat to national security. He was released on bail in December 2004. Mr Zaoui fled Algeria in 1993 after a military coup cancelled the 1991 elections in which he had become an MP. He sought refuge in a number of countries, including France, Belgium and Switzerland, before coming to NZ in 2002.

#817. Whats On In Auckland

I started the blog Auckland - Whats On due to the number of requests received. I have listed a few events that are happening in October & November, as you will see. The biggest would have to be the annual "Farmers" Xmas parade on November 27th, where up to 250,000 people line the streets to see all the "floats" and "Santa". If you don't get in early for a "good seat", you miss out. The biggest event coming up in December, would have to be the "Coca Cola In the Park", which is held in the Auckland Domain. Again up to 250,000 people attend. I would hate to be a "rubbish collector" the next day.

#818 Living - Korfball ???

Are you a "sporty person" ??? I certainly aren't, but I may go along on a Thursday night, just to see what
"Korfball" is all about. It is roughly a cross between netball & basketball. It is a fast-moving mixed team sport, which comes from Holland. It is played at the Auckland University Gym, Symonds St, City each Thursday night, only until the 23rd of November. Beginers are welcome. Your first session is free, then $5 per week. It sounds interesting !!! Who knows, it could become another kiwi sport.

#819. A Blast From The Past !!!

Sorry !!! I am in the inner city at the internet cafe, where I hang out. I thought I had brought "everything" with me, but it looks as if, I left the paperwork for "A Blast From The Past" at home. So later on tonight or tomorrow, I'll finish this off.

I'll be back.....but don't wait up !!!

It's not the memories I have, but the memories, I leave behind !!!

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