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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

# 674 - # 679 (Footnote added to # 675 Friday 27th)

Kia Ora (Hello) Everyone,
You may or may not have noticed that I have "cleaned" up some of the blogs and deleted some, before the end of the month. I am trying to keep "a-head" of you all as numbers seem to be climbing. Profile views, just before xmas, were under 5000 - now its knocking on 7000. Where you are all coming from I have no idea, but don't stop !!! Keep coming & don't forget to tell your friends as there is a lot to come - believe me, a krazy person has a lot of krazy ideas for blogs, like - "Morbid & Murder" !!!

Krazy Kelvin

# 674. More Blogs On The Horizon !!!

What better day to breath some life into a new blog, "Morbid & Murder" than on Tuesday 31st January. Why ? Because its my "birth"day !!! Despite what some friends think, I was "born" !!! Due to the number of requests received, there may be "members" joining M&M !!! With people been members of a blog, it is easy for them to "post" articles, photos etc on to the blog/s, when they want to. Then I'll add my bit late on Friday. It won't end at M&M, because there are more blogs on the horizon. Another one of which will be open to "members" as well from different countries. What are the others going to be ??? "My lips are sealed" !!!

# 675. My Own Computer - Soon !!!

I do all this "blogging" in internet cafes, as I don't have a computer of my own at home - never have, but that may change soon. Talking about "home" - I have a new home !!! My new flatmate, who is in 2 bands, (well old in a sense as I have flatting with him, before today) dropped a key off to me today - Wednesday. I should be moving in tonight, instead of blogging, but there's another day tomorrow. Strange as it may seem, I haven't even seen my "room" or the flat yet, nor have I met the other flatmate who is sharing the flat (hehe) He can't be any scarier than me - could he ??? Only time will tell, when I move in on Thursday night. I'll keep you "posted" !!!

Footnote: Well I went "home" last night (Thurs) just to drop my bedding off, to find my flatmates had put a double bed in my room. I was just going to buy a mattress and "bunk" on the floor, which would of done me, but I don't have to now !!! The other flatmate, who I finally met is also in a band, which is off on a tour overseas soon. Both of my "new" flatmates are two great guys - younger than me !!! The flat is alright, but to me it's not the condition of the flat or house that really matters - it's the people that you share with, that makes a place a 'home".

I went back again tonight (Friday) just to drop some of my clothes off. I may finally sleep there Saturday night !!! I re-positioned my bed, so my feet don't face the door - why ??? Something to do with a maori myth that if your feet "face the door", you are ready to be carted out, in a coffin !!!

# 676. If I Gave Up My Day Job !!!

If I ever gave up my day job, I would pack my "bag", stick out my thumb and go on a "working holiday" around New Zealand, then Australia and then............watch out world, Krazy Kelvin is on the move ??? I say "bag", because all I would carry with me, would be a couple of changes of clothes, a few personal things & that's it. I would travel "light" - stay in one place for a few days, take a few photos & do a few posts on my blogs, do a bit of work and then move on to the next place !!! I would make sure to join Couch Surfing !!! which is the best thing since "sliced bread. Been single, I am free & easy; have no one, but number one - "myself" - to worry about; I can get along on the "smell of an oily rag"; I don't need much in life, which in a way is a good thing. Good idea ??? You could follow me around the world for years & years !!!

#677. The Stage Is Set !!!

Well - the "stadium" is set for a mid-year inauguration, which will be NZ's largest indoor entertainment & sporting venue, which has 12200 seats & no onsite parking !!! There is parking only for performers, disabled patrons & charter buses. Others have to "beat the feet" - walk, from either from public transport or their own vehicles if they can manage to get one of the so called 8000 available parks, within 1.5km of the stadium. Auckland City Council will be the owners - in 40 years time ??? In the meantime, what do they get out of it, after putting in $69 million ??? If it cost $80 million why didn't they just put in the other $11, instead of letting Aussies put in the rest, in return for 40 year rights. Surely they could of managed it themselves, or could they. After all the turn-around over the paving stones, trees, tiles, etc who knows ??? Who cares ???

#678. The Sky Is Falling ???

Don't look up and you won't see it coming !!! There are over 9000 pieces of space debris measuring 101mm or more orbiting the earth - a total of 5500 tonnes and it can only get worst !!! The most debris-crowded area is 885km - 1000km above the earth. As of now, there is no viable solution, technically and economically to remove the objects from space. The "number" of debris in space, will continue to grow as items already in orbit, collide with one another and break into more pieces. Even without any launches adding to the "junkpile" the creation of new debris from collisions of material already there will exceed the amount of materials removed as orbits decay and items "fall back to earth" !!!

#679. Commonwealth Games 2006

The "baton" has finally arrived in Melbourne for the Commonwealth Games which begin in 49 days. The baton which has been travelling for a year & one day has been to all 71 countries of the commonwealth. NZ is sending a team of 86 athletes. The above website is really great if you are keen on the "games" !!!

I'll be back....................Thank you for the birthday wishes which I have already received. As for gifts.......well I have the greatest gift that no amount of money could buy & that is "friendship" from all you bloggers out there in the blog world.
Thanks heapssssssssssss !!!

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