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Friday, February 03, 2006

Updated - 3rd February 2006.

#666. MORBID & MURDER !!!

My latest blog, which I premiered on my "birth"day, 31st January, was listed the next day by Google @ #1 out of 1.5 million for Morbid & Murder !!! MSN, also had it listed not once but twice, the next day @ #1 & #7 out of about 220,000. One of the MSN listings was the "Blogger - Email Post to a Friend", which I thought was kind of strange. A recent check about an hour ago on MSN now has it listed 4 times in the Top 10. Krazy ??? Yahoo has yet to list it.

It is a blog which is open to contributors. Madam Grizzle was hiding in the coffin, to be first on board as a contributor. She has already done about 4 posts.
Anyone interested in becoming a contributor, please email me - kjmkama@hotmail.com

Footnote: There are another 2 or 3 blogs which I have on the "drawing board". One of the blogs will be a "music blog", because I am flatting with 2 other guys who are into music & bands. One flatmate belongs to 2 bands and is a solo artist, while the other flatmate is in one band which is well known in a way. They are off shortly overseas on a tour. The music blog, will have music tracks (of course) as well as music videos (hopefully) as well as "posts" on entertainment, etc, etc.

#667. The Next Narnia Film.

Following on from the "The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe", will be "Prince Caspian", which should be released in time for Xmas 2007. In the movie, Prince Caspian, finds the four Pevensie sibblings pulled back into the land of Narnia, where 1000 years have passed since they left. The child characters will again be enlisted to join the colourful creatures of Narnia, who have been driven into wild, unfriendly parts of the land. The Prevensies must struggle to overthrow a usurping king named Miraz and restore the rightful heir to the throne, Prince Caspian.
"Prince Caspian", published in 1951 was one of a series of 7 books written by C.S Lewis. The word out, is that the movie will be filmed in Ireland.

#668. We All Get Counted !!!

Well, its nearly that time again, where we all get counted in a census. If your two feet are planted on NZ soil as from midnight on Census day, March 7th you have to fill in a census form, even if you are just "visiting" NZ. So, no matter where in NZ you are, whether it be a hotel, a motel, a house, a flat a cave or a burrow or what-ever, it will be "time" to fill in a form.
For the first time, people are able to complete census forms on-line.

February 20th - Collectors start dropping off census forms.
March 7th - Forms must be filled out either by hand or on-line.
March 8th - Collectors start returning for forms.

#669. Waitangi Day !!!

Conflict in the early 1800's between European settlers & Maori people arose because of the exploitation of land by some colonists. In 1839, the British Government sent Captain William Hobson (who is burried in the Symonds St Cemetery, which I mentioned in Morbid & Murder) to NZ to secure British sovereignty. In order to do this, Captain Hobson drafted the Treaty of Waitangi with advice from his secretary James Freeman & James Busby who had lived in NZ since 1833 as the British resident. Missionary Henry Williams, then translated the Treaty into Maori. On February, 6th 1840, at Waitangi, the Treaty was signed by 40 Maori chiefs, before travelling to other parts of the country. Copies were made and more than 500 Maori chiefs signed them.

FOOTNOTE: I have posted websites about Waitangi here !!! # 990 - # 993

#670. XBOX 360 Delayed !!!

Microsoft has delayed the NZ launch of XBox 360 , by 3 weeks. The highly anticipated video game console already available in North America, Europe & Japan, was scheduled for release on March 2nd - it won't be available now until March 23rd !!!

#671. What You Like Shares With That ???

Next time you venture into "Burger King" for a burger & fries, instead of been asked if theres anything else, you could be asked "Would you like shares with that"? Why ? Because Burger King's parent company, plans to sell shares to the public for the first time in the fast-food chains 52 year history. as part of its attempt to recoup ground lost to McDonalds & Wendys. Three private equity firms - Texas Pacific Group; Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs Capital Partners brought Burger King in 2002 for $1.5 billion. It would be one way to sell "shares".
It's like going into a butchers shop to buy a kilo of sausages and been asked "Would you like a mobile phone with that"? I kid you not - I brought my last mobile phone in a butchers shop !!!

Updated Friday 27th January 2006.

# 672. A Liitle Tale !!!

A family were dining together, when the son asks his father a question. "Dad are all womans boobs the same"? The father replied - "No son, they aren't. When she is in her 20's, they are like melons - round & firm to the touch. When she is in her 30's/40's they are like pears - they hang a bit lower, but are still firm to the touch. When she is in her 50's, they are like onions, because they bring tears to your eyes" !!!
This infuriates mother & daughter, so the daughter asks "Mom, do all men have the same type of willie?" The mother replies - "No, they don't. In his 20's, it is like an oak tree. mighty & hard. When he's in his 30's/40's, it's like a Birch - flexiable & pliable. But when he's in his 50's, it's like a xmas tree - dead from the roots up & the balls are only there for decorations !!! (Hehe !!! Hey cut me some slack - it's my "birth"day soon)

# 673. New Zealand ???

Are you thinking of visiting New Zealand and need answers to your questions, before you leave home or have you been to NZ already and know all the answers ??? What I would like to try and do is create a new blog which will centre on NZ from a tourist/backpackers point of view, to (hopefully) find answers to peoples questions.
The way it will work is anyone who has a question about NZ, can post it as a comment. I will try & find out the answer for them, but anyone reading the blog who knows the answer/s to the question/s would be welcome to leave a comment, in reply to the question/s.
It's a matter of "helping each other out" where/if you can, to make the trip down-under more enjoyable & hassle free. Unless you have bags & bags of money, (do you want a "kiwi" friend???) your trip down-under may be your one & only in your lifetime, so its only naturally that you want to enjoy yourself every minute of every day, without having to worry about the"pitfalls" of making mistakes, etc.
If someone knows the pitfalls to avoid, it helps other people who are coming through. With me been kiwi born & bred I see it from a "blind-kiwis" point of view (kiwis can only see in the dark) and so I don't look at the bigger picture, the way a tourist would.
From a tourist point-of-view, whats the most important thing once you get off the plane and don't say "finding a kiwi to mate with" !!! Is it - 1. accommodation; 2. employment; 3. transport; 4. finding where places are; 5. finding a bar; 6. finding good grub/food. You tell me !!! .
Does anyone have any suggestions for a name ??? No rude names either. You can leave a comment on "All Coments Here Please" !!!

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