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Friday, February 10, 2006

# 660 - # 665 !!!

# 660. "Lost World" !!!

An expedition to one of the most isolated jungles in the mist shrouded Foja mountains of western New Guniea has discovered a "lost world" of extraordinary new species, giant flowers and rare wildlife which is naturally protected by rugged and inhospitable terrain. The Foja mountains highest summit is 2200m. The region of 300,000ha on the upper slopes of the Foja Mountains is one of the least explored areas in a provience of western new Guinea, part of Indonesia. In the tropical rainforest, scientists found new species of mammals, frogs, birds, plants & butterflies. But how did they manage to find "hundreds"of so-called "new species" and indentify them in the time they had and how do they know they are new ??? Anyone ???

# 661. Robo Jocks !!!

Kuwait has held the first regional camel race using robots as riders after "child jockeys" were banned from the lucrative sport, following criticism by human rights groups. Teams from the six Gulf Arab states participated in the race hedl on the dusty tracks of a racing club outside the capital, Kuwait City. The remote-operated robots are shaped like small boys. Rights groups said thousands of boys, some as young as 4 worked as jockeys in the wealthly Gulf Arab region, where camel racing is a lucrative and popular sport. Last year, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates banned child jockeys.

# 662. People Are So Bloody Thick !!!

Police are stggered by the amount of money that Australians are losing to Nigerian investment scammers, with internet rorts netting more than A$7 million from Queenslanders alone. Among those been duped include financial advisiers; lawyers & university professors.

Also in America, gullible & greedy US "investors" are losing an estimated US$1 million per day, to Nigerian scammers. People everywhere should be aware of emails promising quick riches for little effort. It's the same old story - if it looks too good to be true, it usually is.

Footnote: I may be a little krazy, but I aren't bloody silly !!! No one - in their right mind - is going to share their "millions" with you. They send out their "fishing line" - hook you - reel you in and you pay and you keep on paying !!! Wake up - Get it through your "thick heads" - there is no "pot of gold" at the end of the rainbow ! Never has been & never will be !!! Cut your loses & get out while you can, while you still have all your "bits" intact. If you have never been there - don't ever start. Email from Nigeria - don't even waste your time reading it !!! Delete it !!!
If you want to throw your money away - think of your fellow man - Krazy Kelvin - give "him" a helping hand. Put a little love in your heart and the blog world will be a better place for you & for for me and all those bloggers out there.

#663. Road Safety For Students !!!

Because of the number of foreign students been "hit", an "On Road Kit" is been distributed to english language schools. The kit contains video skits; cards; tapes of TV adverts and a board game.

It is not only "foreign students" - it is other students & adults as well. At traffic lights in the central city area, you see people take their life in their hands every minute of every day as they cross the road, without waiting for the signal - "jay-walkers". Its a wonder more people haven't been run over & killed. It would be a good source of revenue for the council - charge a $10 instant fine for jay-walkers. In America, jay-walkers; people who drop rubbish; if you so much as sneeze - you get fined !!!

In places where there are no traffic signals - how hard can it be to cross the road. Vehicles in NZ drive on the left so "Look left - look right - look left" - again !!! Then step out and walk "straight across" the road. Some people seem to think, that once they reach the middle of the road they can can take a trip to Timbucktoo and they keep walking along the road. The only trip you will take if you don't walk straight across the road is one you will never return from !!!

# 664. We Won't Say No !!!

Starving children on Rusinga Island in Africa's Lake Victoria have accepted the controversial donation of NZ protein supplements which stirred controversy over perceptions that they were offered "dog food" !!! Residents of Rusinga Island, said the donation of 42 tonnes of supplements, would make a difference in the lives of helpless children. The "powdered food" is mixed with water, will fed the strarving orphans.

# 665. Beer & Blowflies ???

"Brewtopia" an online beer company which started in 2001, has more than 40,000 customers in 46 countries for their beer - a europeon-style lager. But what has "blowflies" got to do with beer ??? Well, "blowfly" has got the right buzz for "Do It Yourself" Brewers, plus that's the name of their beer & their website, so have a look. You can even design your own labels at a cost of course !!!
Remember that beer called "Wankers Brew" ??? You don't !!! Well, it's a long story...................

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