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Friday, February 17, 2006

# 650 - # 659

# 654. Blogs Are Great Stress Busters !!!

Where ever you are in the world, when you read this, I hope that you have had a reasonable day. No doubt some have may of had a better day than others, while some have had a really shitty day. My heart bleds for you - it really does !!! So sit down in front of your computer and attack it. I don't mean with an axe - just sit there and attack the keyboard with your fingers - let it rip !!! Whats that old saying about rip, shit, tear & bust ??? Rip into it, let the shit flow, shed a few tears if need be and then you will be ready to "bust" into bed !!! Before you bust into bed though, just save your post as a draft, then when you get up in the morning you will feel a hell of a lot better, so either "publish: your post or delete it. Don't give a shit about what people think of you, if/when they happen to read your blog.They have a God given choice to readit or not. If they read it and don't like it, well just tought shit. Just don't make it too "blue", so that it smokes, because as you all know - "where there's smoke, there's fire and you don't want to get burned or worst still, you don't want to have your blog deleted - do you ??? It's a great stress buster !!!

# 655. $12M Centre Set For Historic Site.

Construction could start on a $12 million memorial centre proposed for one of NZ's historic sites. The Marsden Cross at Oihi Bay, on the Purerua Peninsula marks the site of the first Christian sermon to be delivered in this country following the landing on Christmas Day, 1814 by the Reverend Samuel Marsden. He was accompained on the brig, Active by Ngapuhi Chief, Ruatara whose Rangihoua Pa overlooked Oihi Bay. The site saw the first permanent European settlement, the first land sale and the first farm sale. The Auckland based Marsden Cross Trust board recently brought 18ha in a valley just above and behind the pa site. A foot track leads from there down to the Marsden Cross Reserve. The Trust aims to build a memorial, in the form of a complex comprising a chapel, a meeting hall, a cuurators lodge and courtyard.

# 656. Don't You Just Love Teachers ???

Don't you just love teachers - especially "old" supposed-to-be-retired teachers !!! I sent out a 2 page email to a "teacher" (who shall remain nameless, for now) whose email address I had got from an old school friend. I mentioned in my email to him, that I was looking for an old class photo of which he was the form teaher at the time. I got an email back from him, asking for my snail mail address as he wanted to send me something. A couple of days later, an envelope arrived from him - guess what it contained ??? It was a copy of my email I had sent to him, marked & corrected for spelling mistakes & grammar. Also the comment, "Must try harder next time" !!! I sent him an email, to say I had received his envelope !!! His reply came back, that he could not resist it and wished that he had been a fly on the wall, when I opened the envelope. !!! I sent a reply back, that I wish that he had been a fly on the wall as well - "a squashed one" !!!

Footnote: Anyone know what happens to "old teachers" when they finally closed their "school books" ???

# 657. Another Blog ???

Music Music Music !!! Another blog !!! Will it be the last ??? Hey - I don't think so !!! As I have mentioned on the actual blog, it was too good an opportunity to pass up, especially with not one but both flatmates in bands. It has "sparked" an interest in music, but how long will it last ??? I can take it or leave (music that is) as it doesn't really interest me one way or the other. I don't have a radio, stereo, TV, DVD player or anything at all in my room. I don't even own an iPod. I have started to list bands, etc in the side bar of the music blog.

This "music" blog and the "Morbid & Murder" is still "open" to anyone who wants to become a member. Send me an email if you are interested kjmkama@yahoo.com
I will have a look at your blog and..........send you an email inviting you to join - if you are lucky. You "post" on to the blog, as if it's your own. Each time you do a "post", you are more than welcome to mention your own blog/s. So what are you waiting for..............

# 658. Living - Wholemeal & ButterMilk Date Scones

Sift 1 cup (c) flour, 4 teaspoon (tsp) baking powder, 1/2 tsp salt, 1 tsp mixed spice into a latge bowl. Stir in 1c Wholemeal Flour, 1 - 2 Tablespoons Soft Brown Sugar. Cut in 50 grams butter until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Mix in 1c chopped dates. Make a well in the centre of the mix and pour in 3/4c buttermilk and 1/4c milk or water. Mix quickly with a knife to form a soft dough. Lightly knead dough on a lightly floured board. Roll out to 2 -3 cm thick and cut into 6 inch rounds. Place on a greased baking tray and bake at 220oC for 10 - 18 minutes until cooked.
Footnote:If you do not have buttermilk, replace it with 1/2 cup plain yoghurt and increase the 1/4c milk 10 1/2c milk.

# 659. "A Blast From The Past"

Come Easy, Go Easy - Every once in a while we have to relearn, sometimes painfully that nothing is worth while or abides which is not won by the slow and often trying process of plodding along. The world does not need the six hour day so much as the putting into its working day the honest prideful effort that has the "guinea stamp" on it. We seem in all this strivingfor more pay and shorted hours to miss the pride of achievement that used to give satisfaction to the workman as well as to those who used his products. "What we have, we hold" has a higher meaning to that set forth by the grabber. "He that gathereth by labour shall increase". The joy of accomplished effort has no rival even in this strange old planet. "it is finsihed" is much more important than "what did it bring" !!!

Footnote: This is another of those "blast from the past" from 70 years ago.

Its not the memories I have, its the memories I leave behind !!!

I'll be back...............

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