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Saturday, May 06, 2006

#580. When You Find Someone!!!

#581. On The Road Again !!!

Garth Morgan, father of Sam Morgan (of Trademe fame & fortune) and a group of friends are in your neck of the woods - America !!! They are touring the backblocks of USA by bike - motorbike, not push bike !!! But with all his millions - 47 of them - that he received, when Sam sold his Trademe website for $700 million to Fairfax, I wouldn't be biking - I would be winging my way around USA, then.............the world is your oyster !!!
Check out their website - World By Bike !!!

582. A Maori Poet In The Making ???

A poem a day, keeps Krazy Kelvin sane ??? Well something like that !!! I was reading a magazine article about the "first man" over the Niagara Falls on July 25th, 1911, when this poem popped into my head............

Our falls are nothing when you compare it with the one,
Bobby Leach went over and landed on his bum.
But the falls didn't kill him so on tour he went
telling people everywhere about his daring barrel trip.

He even paid us a visit, down under in the sticks, but alas
it prove to be his undoing as he walked around our town.
As he walked down Customs St, he stepped on a peel
and poor old Bobby had a "fall" and broke his heel !!!

In the hospital as the days dragged on, he got so bad,
that they even went as far as chopping off his leg.
But poor old Bobby just got worst, until one day
he died right where he laid in his hospital bed !!!

Whether it was money or whether it was pride
no one took his body back to where he reside.
He ended up been buried here in a cemetery,
where to this day, poor old Bobby lies - still !!!

Footnote: The falls didn't kill, but a "fall" on our street did, so when I get a chance, I will go and put some flowers on his grave. I will also say a prayer for him, because out there somewhere in the world today, must be a few relations of the first man who went over the falls in a barrel !!! Booby Leach may of been the first man over the falls, but he wasn't the first human. It was a lady by the name of Annie Edson Taylor who the first human !!!

#583. The Conqueror Returns !!!

In 1953, Edmund Hillary climbed Mt Everest, the highest peak in the world (29,028 feet). Now at 86 years young, he made what could be his final trip to Nepal, flying over the mountains that he once conquered. Despite riots after an uprising against the Nepalese royal family and the problems inherent in old age, he was determined to go. A NZ film crew went with him to document the trip to the Khumbu region. Sir Edmund's Himalayan Trust started in 1960 supporting its villages - building schools; hospitals and bridges, since its people helped him to climb their mountain.

#584. Duck Season Again !!!

A sport which NZ'ers of all ages, even women and children take part in is "duck shooting". The duck season which kicked off early this morning continues until July 2nd. Although some bird species can be hunted until August. There is a daily "bag limit" of between 10 & 20 birds, depending on the bird population in each region. Who wants to go to all the trouble of getting up early, dressing up in camouflage gear to go out shooting "ducks" ??? Some even go as far as painting their faces with face-paint. For those who already own a shotgun, the biggest cost is butying ammunition and a birdhunting licence,which costs $73 for an adult, $16 for teenagers and $2 for under 12 years old. Yes - parents take along their children as well for the experience.

#585. Red Sky At Night !!!

Red sky at night, shephards delight - red sky in the morning, shephards warning !!! Is this old saying true ? While most other weather related sayings are rubbish, this one does have some measure of truth in it. Weather systems that affect NZ, generally travel from west to east. A red sunrise or sunset occurs when the sun sitting at a low angle at these times of the day, passes through a thick atmosphere. This absorbs the other colours in the light spectrum (greens, blues& violets) leaving us with red.. If the sunrise is red, it is indicating the sun is shiningon the underside of moisture bearing cloudscoming in from the west. Rain is an obvious result although not always the actual result. In the evening, the dipping sun lights up the underside of clouds heading away from land giving you the same red sky but for the opposite reason.

#586. A Good Old Cuppa !!!

A good cup of tea at the end of the day, can do wonders for your state of mind and your general well being. - well if truth be known,a cuppa at any time of the day is good. I like the old "gumboot" tea (normal tea, in case you are wondering) with sugar & milk. How much sugar ? Well, I sort of guess by just picking up the container of sugar and just sprinkling it into my cup. With so many "other" herbal teas which are caffeine free out there though, it's hard to pick one that you like. Some will leave you wondering if you "eat it or drink it" - like Pink Grapefruit, Mandarin & Lime, which is perfect when you need a pick-me-up. Another good one is Chamomile & Lime Flower, when you need to unwind and de-stress. One of the best range of Herbal Teas is Twinings Tea

#587. A Long Drive !!!

Eighteen golfers from NZ; Australia; USA; South Africa; Japan & Sweden are taking part in the inaugural long drive world cup been held at the Chateau Tongariro this weekend. In "long drive" golfers power the ball down a fairway, aiming to hit as far as possible. NZ's long drive male champion is hoping to hit at least 350m. An Auckland female student who had never tried the long drive until a week ago, scored the top score in the womans section, hiting the ball a whopping 281.92 metres. The Chateau fairway is 380 metres long by 40 metres wide. Players have the advantage of natural elevation (the green is 1000 metres above sea level) and their tee-off point on the hotel balcony adds another feww metres in height.

#588 Are You Coming Back ???

When you "kick the bucket" - in other words, when you die do you think you are going to return to live on earth as another life form ? I don't think I am - in fact I know I aren't coming back !!! Even so I tried a reincarnation quiz just for fun, mind you !!! It was no surprise to me, that if I did come back, I would come back as a gorilla !!!

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