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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Tuesday 16th - I added the map of NZ. The lighthouse is at the very tip of the North Island. All you can see is "sea". On the small map of the world, we are the black speck just below Australia. Hopefully you can work out where you are. I'll try and get a better map of the world.

#570. Cape Reinga.

Cape Reinga is the northernmost part of New Zealand. Its distinctive 10.5 metre tall lighthouse (165 metres above sea level) is a landmark - the light from its beacon can be seen 50 kilometres out to sea. It is said, that standing there looking out to sea is a amazing experience.
Apart from the Three Kings Islands, faintly visible on the horizon, 64km northwest of Cape Reinga, there is nothing but ocean. (The vast Pacific Ocean stretches almost another 16,000 km north to the Bering Sea). It is here also that another great Ocean, Tasman Sea meets the Pacific Ocean, joining with it to create turbulent waters, with waves up to 10m high, during storms.

Cape Reinga has always been a place of great consequence to the Maori people,including myself. Tradition says that when a Maori person dies, the spirit after hovering for a time above the body, makes a final journey to Cape Reinga, where it turns and farewells the land, that will soon be lost to view. The spirit then descends down to a wild & rocky promontory, known as "Te Rerengawairua" - the spirits that leap. A lone pohutukawa tree growing on the lower eastern side, of which the roots are exposed enable the spirit to climb down to the rocky promontory for its final moments on this, "its last place" on this land. In the sea, close to the promontory is a deep hole - as the waves flow in, long masses of seaweed, obscure the entrance, but as the water recedes, the hole is fully revealed. It is then that the spirit dives in, to begin the long journey home to Hawaiki - the mystical homeland and place of orgin, where the spirit will be reunited with its loved ancestors.

#571. A Blonde Gets Her Own Back.

A blonde started a new job at a road side cafe, catering mainly to truckies. The first order she took, the truckie asked for 3 flat tires; 3 headlamps and 3 running boards. The blonde went into the kitchen and told the cook what the truckies order was. "What does he think we are, an auto parts shop" !!! The cook said nooooooo - he wants 3 pancakes; 3 eggs, suuny-side-up and 3 strips of bacon. So while the cook prepared the order, the blonde got a serving of baked beans, put them on a plate and took them out to the truckie. The truckie said "Whats this"??? The blonde said - "Well while you are waiting for your flat tires; headlamps and running boards, I thought you might like to gas up" !!! (Everyone knows or should know that beans cause gas)

Footnote:Q. How do you keep a blonde busy ? A. Give her a piece of paper with "Please turn over" on both sides !!!

#572. Anything & Everything !!!

It's no surprise that anything & everything can and is sold on eBay !!! A chinese businessman has brought a Mig-2lf plane from an american seller for US$24,730 and plnas to use it to decorate an empty space in his office. The plane, in Lewiston, Idaho was last flown in 1995, by the Czech millitary. It wasn't clear if the plane is able to imported into China.

# 573. Flush It !!!

With this toilet in your bathroom, you will never have to worry about people (especailly kids) not flushing the toliet. In fact, you may never get them out of the bathroom. It gives a whole new meaning to "did you flush the toilet".

Yes the goldfish in the tank are really !!!

#574. Kiwi To Lead Rotary Clubs

New Zealander, Bill Boyd will take over the international presidency of Rotary Clubs next month. He will be the figurehead for more than 1.2 rotarians in 200 countries. My Boyd, former general manager of magazine publishers, Gordon & Gotch and a 33 year Rotary member will become only the second New Zealander tohold the position and the first in almost 50 yars. Mr Boyd joined Rotary in Wellington South in 1971. He moved to auckland in 1985 and joined Pakuranga Rotary and become prominent in the organisation's affairs at district and international level.

#575 Rainbow Warrior Appeal.

The Supreme Court sent back to the Court of appeal, an appeal invloving French spies, Alain Mafart and Dominique Prieur. The pair were convicted of the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior and are trying to stop TVNZ screening footaage of their 1985 court appearance. The Supreme Court ruled that the Court of appeal had jurisdiction to hear an appeal by the agents. It was the pairs third attemp to stop TVNZ showing the clip filmed during a 1985 Auckland District Court committal hearing, which has never been released.

Footnote: I for one say that TVNZ should just go ahead and screen it !!! What are the pair going to do, if we did - come over and bomb another boat. We should let them into the country, throw them in jail to serve their full sentence and "lose the key" !!!

#576. Little Matterhorn

"Little Matterhorn" also know as Klein - a Swiss Mountain Peak, is to hit the heights even futher with a 120 metre high glass dome hotel, containing 100 beds. It will have a pressuried atmosphere, similar to that in passenger jets, to protect guests from altitude sickness. Work on the $80 million swiss franc construction, dubbed "Dream Peak", is due to start in mid-2007. Once completed in 2014, it will offer really great views over the mountain region.

#577. Sony's Playstation 3.

Sony's Playstation 3 is due for release in Japan on November 11th and on November 17th for the rest of the world. Based on current exchange rates, the PS3 will retail in NZ for $999 with a 20 gigabyte hard drive and $1199 for the 60GB version.

#578. Friends Rally !!!

Friends of Graham Thorne, a former All Black are rallying around him as his son, David Thorne lies injured in the neurological ward of the Christchurch hospital. David, a highly rated rugby player, reportly injured an artery in his neck, when he was tackled during an under 21 club rugby match in Motueka on Saturday. he continued playing but quickly deteriorated after the match and collapsed. He suffered a stroke, while he was been x-rayed in Nelson hospital. he was then flown to Christchurch hospital

Footnote: Sunday 14th - Neurologists said that David has had a seizure, rather than a stroke. He cannot talk, but smiles lopsidedly, when asked how he is.

Graham Thorne, says it is frightening, that his second youngest son may never run again. But the incident has not turned him against rugby. It's with the territory. And you can't stop your children playing it. He thinks hes bullet proof.He's a blithe spirit.

#579 Web Hosts Celebrate !!!

A United Kingdom computer company, "Fasthosts" has been sold by its founder, 26 year old Andrew Michael, to United Internet, a German company, for 61.5 million pound ($183.5 million). Mr Michael who started the company in his bedroom, when he was 17 and owned 75% of the company will pocket 46 million pound. Fasthost provides email and other web services to small UK based companies, from its Gloucester headquarters. Mr Michael, who was born in Cyprus,Greece plans to stay with the company despite his millions. Sales have soared for the company, from 240,000 pound in 1999 to 20 million pound last year.

It's Not The Memories I Have, It's The Memories I Leave Behind !!!

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