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Sunday, June 04, 2006

#560 - #569

Kia Ora (Hello) Due to the number of requests and a little bit of arm twistttting from an old(er) lady, I may be turning back the clock and going back to the old "family" way of doing this blog. Granny Smith; Muggins & Ann, as well as Busty Barb might be making a return - if you're lucky - only time will tell. Given time, KAMA may also be reintroduced into the name of some of the blogs.
Krazy Kelvion

Something Old; Something New; Something Borrowed; Something Blue !!!

I have taken the words that are well known in the tradition of marriage and will put them to use in this blog, to try and add some spice into this blog and into your life. The posts may or may not have anything to do with marriage, but from time-to-time, I will touch upon the subject, very briefly. I won't be speaking from experience though - just here-say - as I have never been married. I will also ask a couple I know, what their secret is, because their 50th wedding anniversary isn't too far away. After been married that long they must have a few secrets, don't you think ?

#560. Something Old

How many people in our time of life today can be bothered to do baking of cakes, biscuits & bread ? Plus have a large vegetable garden; do preserving of fruit from their own trees; do clothes washing by boiling clothes in an outside wash-house, using an old copper; beat the dust out of carpets hanging over the clothes line; make soup the old fashion way by using split peas & pork bones and cut up old newspaper into little squares, make a hole in them and thread them onto string and use them in their out-house !!! The only person who I know of who does not only all this, but more besides, is who else, but Granny Smith !!! Anyone who goes to visit, ends up doing chores for her, but they also go away with a full tummy as well as a container of home baking and maybe a couple of jars of preserves, if they are lucky !!! She would have to be one of the oldest people I know, so the task of providing "something old" , has fallen to her. If only I could get her to write them all down because she has a mind of information, she has built up over the years, most of which will be "lost" when she goes. Trying to get her to write things down is like trying to get blood out of a stone !!!

First post - next week !!!

#561. Something New !!!

I made the mistake of asking a younger lady, if she would be interested in doing a post about "something new" !!! From Granny's mind of information, I ended up in a "mine-field" of information as she went on & on & on about new clothes; shoes; hair styles; boyfriends; videos; music; restaurants; holidays, etc etc and then back again. Finally, she said she would have to "think about it". I won't be holding my breath, I can tell you. I was sort of depending on her, so it left me up the creek without a paddle. Then a little light went on - why not do a post about postage stamps. So - I was reading an article about the government owned NZ Post which issue the bulk of NZ's stamps having to pull their "new" cartoon style maori stamp because a few people got their knickers & their balls in a twist over the designs on the stamps. The $190,000 worth of stamps which were due to be released on to the market next week will not be released after all, but will go up in smoke and the designers will go back to their drawing boards to try and come up with more maori designs.

#562. Something Borrowed !!!

The following photo is "something borrowed" from Electech !!! It is UK based blog, which has so much that is "moving" that you will wonder if you need your eyes tested. Even the little blue man in the photo is running for his life. Who wouldn't with a thing like that bitting your bum !!! (hehe) It really is a blog which will "move you". Don't forget to look in the archives and leave a comment !!!

#563. Something Blue !!!

It's funny how a person's mind works, when you mention something in particular. Like when I mentioned to a friend, that I wanted him to do a post about "something blue" !!! To this particular person, when you mention the word "blue" - movies is the first word that pops into his head. So his version and my version of blue were totally the opposite. When I said I prefered my version of "something blue" rather than his version on my blog, I thought he would say no to doing the post, but he will come on board next week with his "something blue" post.

#564. The Da Vinci Code Movie

Despite been fully grown adults who can make up their own mind if to see the movie or not, a few church people who did see the movie in Samoa, have seen fit to ban it. I will cross Samoa off my holiday list !!!
I can't see what the problem is with the movie - can you ???
I cannot recall the last time I ever went to a movie or what movie it was I saw, but I will go and see this movie which is now showing. It will be interesting to say the least, as I have read so many comments about it on other people's blogs. People can & do make up their own mind what they want to see. No one is twisting anyone's arm to go and have a look at this movie - are they ??? I will go with an empty mind, expecting nothing and see what turns up - in the movie, that is !!! I may even go the whole hog and shout myself "gold class". Anyone living in Auckland who is interested in joining me to see the movie on a Friday night or any time on a Saturday, send me a text message - 0274 219300
I will even shout you a ticket, but there is one condition - you have to do a post on here, about what you thought of the movie.

#565. Currently Reading !!!

To show friends out there that I aren't as krazy as I look and that I can & do pick up a book to read - from time to time - I have started this post. So, the book I am currently reading, which is 93 pages (I have to be honest with you - this book has more photos than words) is titled "Auckland & Northland - Pictures from the Past". It is full of black & white photos from the late 1800's up to the present time. It is quite interesting as by looking at the photos, you look back and see what clothing people wore; their transport; their houses & other buildings, etc, etc. Most of the buildings still exist today, including the "ferry building" (with clock tower) at the bottom of Queen St, near the wharf, which is in a photograph on page 12, taken in the 1930's.

It is a book, which is worth sharing, so the first 2 bloggers out there reading this who want a copy of the book to read and then pass on to another blogger, send me an email kjmkama@yahoo.com I have placed a sticker inside the front cover with the date and my Blogspot profile number. I will send one book to a NZ blogger and one to a blogger anywhere in another country. It will be first in-first serve. If you miss out, don't worry as there are more books in the same series, featuring other areas of NZ which I will be giving away over the next few weeks. If you are the lucky person, don't forget to write the date & your blogger profile number on the sticker as it will be interesting to see where the books "travel" to.

#566. Another New Blog ???

Who knows ? I have been toiling with the idea for a while,of starting a blog to do with tourists/hitch-hikers etc who visit our shores. Over the past year, of using internet cafes, I have met a few people from other countries. Some are here on working holidays, some to study, while others are just here on holiday. What I thought of doing is meeting up with someone and talking to them for 3 or 4 hours over lunch, or dinner and put questions to them. Why, where, what, when etc etc. Then when they are back in Auckland, meet up with them again the day before they are due to fly out and just see how they went, what they thought of NZ and make a note of anything they think they should of done, or shouldn't of done or what-ever. Also if there is anything they would do differently if they were starting over again. I have started a list of questions, I would ask someone - it's just a matter of when I get time to make a start.

#567. Daylight Saving To Be Extended ???

An extension to daylight saying is under investigation after a government change of mind.
Certain people want daylight saving extended by another 3 weeks. The compelling argument for extended daylight saving included a likely reduction in energy usage due to a decrease in the use of lights and televisions as well as a positive psychological effect, Peter Dunn, United Future Leader said. Positive effect ??? Get off the grass - try telling young kids its time to go to bed, when the sun is still shining. As for saving power people aren't going to switch off their TV and sit outside or waste "petrol" driving around !!!
Daylight saving starts on October lst and ends on March 18th,2007 - leave it like that, I say !!!

#569. Down Memory Lane.

When I was young(er) many moons ago, we did not have any of the toys or gadgets that kids of today have - not on your nelly !!! We had to make our own fun - one of the things we used to do, was to get old sheets of roofing iron, bend part of it a-round to make it into a sled to slide down the grassy slopes. When we were playing and someone behind you, yelled "watch out", you knew to jump off just as they rolled right over the top of the sheet of iron you had been sitting on seconds before. I cannot recall any injuries happening to any of us kids. We also used flattened out carboard boxes, but they didn't last very long, especially when left out in the wet weather.

It's Not The Memories I Have, It's The Memories I Leave Behind

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