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Saturday, July 22, 2006

# 520 - # 529

Something Old

"Rocklands" , an historic homestead on a .08ha site in Epsom has been sold for NZ$7.6 million to the government of French Polynesia.The property also includes 4 residential blocks containing 169 rooms. The main homestead was built in 1866 with the residential blocks added in later years. The property was purchased by the NZ Government in 1921 and was used as a hostel for students attending the nearly teachers training college. In the year 2000 it was sold to 5 Auckland businessmen, who operated it as a hostel/backpackers. The government of French Polynesia, proposes to use the property to host official functions and to establish a presence in NZ to encourage ties between FP & NZ.The accommodation will also be used for FP students & nationals & their families in need of medicial treatment in NZ.

#521. Something New

New ??? I can't think of anything "new" unless of course you can count a baby as "new". Not just any baby mind you, but "my baby". If you had been reading my thoughts & feelings you would know what I was talking about. One of my relations has given their new-born baby, "Kelvin" as a middle name. The baby's double-hyphen first name, is at the bottom of this post.

#522. Something Borrowed

I borrowed this from a friend to send to another friend............no names mentioned !!! Copy it and send it to one of your friends !!! Send them the first part of the verse and wait for their reply - then send them the second part.

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you.

But the roses are wilting, the violets are dead, the sugar bowl is empty and so is your head.

#523. Something Blue

What could be more blue than the "Blue Baths" in Rotorua.They were first open in the early 1930's and were closed in 1982. In 1999, they were re-opened after been restored. Hopefully we will make a trip down to Rotorua, before the end of the year and have a look for ourselves.

#524. Currently Reading

I am currently reading & looking at the "pictures" in a 98 page book called "Small Libraries of New Zealand", by author - Margaret Jenner. ISBN # 0-09582503-8-3 for the benefit of those NZ'ers who are interested in purchasing a copy from their local bookshop. It is a vey interesting, well researched book with some great photos of "small" libraries around NZ going back to the early 1900's, some of which are still housed in the original building with their original books as well as more up-to-date books. There are 45 libraries mentioned, with some "Gone but not forgotten". The nearest "small" library to Auckland, would be in Albany Memorial Library, which first opened in 1922. The library is currently opened for 3 hours, twice a week. There is no charge for borrowing and members simply write their own name & number in a book and return the books borrowed within 3 weeks.

#525 Listening To ???

I aren't into music - I don't have a stereo at home, no CD's, no portable music player - no nothing !!! I just can't be bothered. Even over the years with various flatmates & friends been in bands and playing at gigs, including at the Supertop I never once went to one of their gigs to hear them play.

But...... while searching the blog world, I happened to come across this blog which I felt was worth sharing as it has a lot of videos of "The King of Rock 'N' Roll" - Elvis Aaron Presley !!! I even listened to a few !!! The first video, Elvis sings is "Welcome To My World", where you get a quick look at "Gracelands" - inside & out.

#526 NZ All Blacks Give Blood !!!

It seems that nothing is beyond marketing in this day & age - even blood !!! The NZ All Blacks have given "blood" which was sterilised and then mixed with printers ink, to produce a limited edition poster titled "Bonded By Blood". The poster is only available from selected NZ addias stockists to fans who purchase a NZ All Blacks jersey. The poster shows the NZ All Blacks performing a haka in a Fiordland setting.

#527. Mobile Phones !!!

Do you think mobile phones have got a lot to answer for ??? In the days of old, when there was no such thing as a mobile phone, you could always tell if a person was mad - they would walk around talking to themselves. You knew to cross over the street to avoid them, but.........now adays, if you happen to see someone walking towards you talking to themselves, who is too know if they are talking on their bluetooth wireless mobile phone, or if they are "truly mad" !!! I'm okay - I'm krazy - so I can tell a mad person from a 100 paces away and cross the street, but I feel sorry for all those that aren't krazy. Be careful out there - that person coming towards you, talking to themselves could be "truly mad" !!! You could always ask to have a look at the palms of their hands (hehe)

There is a saying that there are three signs of madness. Number One is - talking to yourself. Number Two is - hairs on the palm of your hand. (You use your hands all the time, so they should be smooth and no hairs should be able to grow on your palms) I'll tell you the third sign of madness next week !!! If you think you know what the third sign of madness is, feel free to leave a comment.

#528 Down Memory Lane

When I was younger, we didn't have the "toys" of today - we had to make our own fun. One of the things we enjoyed doing on a fine day, was sliding down the grassy hill sides on old sheets of roofing iron, with the front bent around, like a sled. When someone coming behind you, yelled out "watch out", you knew you had but seconds to roll off your sheet of iron as they rolled right over top of yours. I cannot recall any injuries happening to anyone. It was good clean fun !!!

#529. The Gumboot Is On The Other Foot !!!

Talk about a "waste of money " - If you wonder what stupid things, tax money in New Zealand gets spent on here's one of the most stupidest things ever............

The environment ministry (it doesn't even rate using capital letters) who are supposed to be the waste-conscious watchdogs of NZ, "footed" out a child's gumboot, stamped with the ministry's logo - left foot only - to 600 mayors & councillors who attended a local government conference. It would of made sense if they handed out 300 left & 300 right's - at least then they could of "paired" them up and given them away to a needy cause. I doubt very much if we would have 600 left foot only, children in NZ. The boot will no doubt be on the other foot and people will vote with their feet, when the next election hops around.

It's Not The Memories I Have, It's The Memories I Leave Behind.

Baby's name - Tatiyana-Marie Kelvin D..... !!! Krazy ??? I kid you not - it's a lovely wee girl, who has 3 older brothers. They could of given one of the boys, my name as a middle name or even a first name, but...........Nooooooo !!! When she starts growing up and if she doesn't like her first name, she sure isn't going to like her middle name either !!! I do feel sorry for her, I really do. It could of been worst. They could of made her middle name a double-hyphen name as well - "Krazy-Kelvin" !!! (hehe)

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