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Sunday, July 09, 2006

#530 - # 539

Something Old !!! - Granny Smith

Stew & Dumplings !!! A stew isn't complete without dumplings. They go hand-in-hand like bread and butter; bacon and eggs.

Cheese Dumplings - Mix 2 ounces shredded suet into 4 ounce of wholemeal flour (or plain flour) ; add 3 ounces of cheese; half a teaspoon of baking powder; pinch of salt and a dash of pepper and mix to an elastic dough with either milk or water. Divide into small pieces, roll each piece in wholemeal, drop into your simmering stew or soup for the last 15 minutes of the cooking time. Enjoy !!!

#531. Something New !!!

It's official - you can now well & truly do it with a KISS !!! GET MARRIED and seal your love, with a KISS coffee, as a couple will do at 9pm tonight in the new KISS coffeehouse. If you love KISS music you will love KISS coffee, who have opened their first KISS coffeehouse in the South Carolina resort of Myrtle Beach. You have a selection of Kisses to choose from, including Kiss Frozen Rockuccino, (give one to your gf or bf as you walk out the door of the coffeehouse, with the words "This is the last kiss you will get from me - it's frozen - bye" !!! Hehe) a French Kiss Vanilla or a Demon Dark Roast - choose your Kiss !!! Coffeehouses are planned for Los Vegas and other resorts.
Footnote: When you click on "get married", you may have to scroll down for the Wedding in the Coffeehouse story.

#532. Something Borrowed !!!

As they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words - this picture caught my eye on Whole Life Stewardship as I was surfing the blog world. I didn't need to dig into the archives because from what I read & the photo was enough for me to "borrow" the picture. Interesting reading, so have a look.

#533. Something Blue !!! - Muggins

KK Footnote: Next week , I think we will give Muggins the "new" post to do !!!

#534. Currently Reading

How actual businesses start up sometimes remains a mystery, until of course someone "publishes" a book about the business. Hugh Adams, son of Ernest Adams has done just that with his book, "A Bakers Tale". It tells the story of "Adams Bruce" which was/is a name on NZ'ers lips, with their well known cakes, ice cream and Queen Ann Chocolates. I am about half-way through reading the book and so far, I have enjoyed reading it. I like reading about businesses/companies, etc. I am also reading another book about "Smith & Caugheys" - Aucklands only department store, which is 125 years old.

Both books should be available in local NZ bookshops. The book "A Bakers Tale" ISBN number 1-877373-06-1 and should be around $30. I'll post the IBSN number for the Smith & Caugheys book later.

#535. He Has Done It !!!

I don't know how many of you have been following the tale of "One Red Paper Clip", which started on the 12th of July 2005 but those who have will know that he has reached his target of swapping his one red paper clip for a HOUSE 14 trades later. On the 12th of July, he will receive the key to his house from the Mayor (no less) of the town of Kipling, Saskatchewan in Canada.

#536. Bogies Forever !!!

Despite the Upper West side brownstone building in New York, where the actor Humphrey Bogart grew up in, been turned into public housing, it will always be his. Scores of fans stood in the rain when the city unveiled a plaque renaming the stretch of in front of 245 West 103rd St as "Humphrey Bogart Place".

#537. Would You Like A Cat With That !!!

If you happen to live in windy Wellington, NZ and you wanted something special for your function or event, to wooooooo your guests, it seems that the Wellington Zoo hires out their two juvenile cheetahs & their trainer at a cost of course - $2500. Neither Auckland Zoo or Orana Wildlife Park in Christchurch "hire" out their big cats. I wonder if the trainer wears a loin cloth ???

It is said that the cheetahs enjoy their off-site visits. Of course they would - if they ever got loose, "fresh meat" on the run - what more would they want. I wouldn't go within striking distance of a cheetah, would you ???

#538. Worlds Highest Railway

The worlds highest railway journey, starts off at Xining in China and journeys through to Lhasa in Tibet. The highest point at 5076m is Tangula Pass over the mountains and then it drops down to 3650m at Lhasa. At the end of the 2 day, 4000km journey nearly all those who made the journey were said to look like death warmed up when they got off the train.. Oxygen masks are provided on the train for passengers as the train journeys on & on & on..............!!!

#539. ???

I was going to mention a new video game on this post, but having had a look at the website, I don't think I will. They spend millions making these games without any thought to the end-users. Fictional entertainment they call, but if it is "fictional", why do they have to make it so real looking. Why bring names of countries, etc into their games ? Surely the brains behind the games can think of fictional names instead of using real names. The millions they spend making thses games could surely be put to other better uses in the world. It seems that it is the way the world is moving - I'm just glad that I won't be around in say a 100 years, minus a few years of course !!!

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