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Saturday, July 01, 2006

#540 - #549

Something Old !!!

Typed up by Krazy Kelvin, as written by Granny Smith

That's me - old !!! Well, older than most of my friends, including Krazy Kelvin of course. When I look back over the years to when I was growing up as a child, we didn't have much in the way of worldly processions. Didn't have much money either, but that never stopped us having a good time. There was hardly any crime to speak of, although there may of been an odd murder now & again, but nothing like there is today. I know that young people had more respect for their elders, especially those in law enforcement. It wasn't unknown for young males to get a good boot up the behind if they got into trouble. You could go out for the day and leave your house unlocked. Even leave your washing on the line and come home to find that the neighbours had not only taken it in for you but even folded it up. When someone was down on their luck, people rallied around and pitched in to help each other without any thought of what's in it for me, sort of thing. Because they knew that if the time ever came when they were down on their luck, people would help them. Today, unless you live in a very small town, all that has gone by the wayside - it just doesn't happen any more, especially in the big cities. The fact is, people just don't care any more which is really sad, I know but it's a fact of life. I still manage to get out & about at my age, but I have to make sure every window is shut, doors are locked and that there's no washing on the line. Where has todays "values" gone ?

#541. Something New !!!

If you are looking for "something new" to give as a small gift or a "thank you" to someone, which is easy to post, you cannot go past - stamps, first day covers & minature sets. New Zealand Post which is owned by the NZ government issues most of the new stamp issues in NZ as well as sells coins. Our new "smaller coins" of the 10c, 20c & 50c are also out on the 31st July, which means an end to the 5c piece. We can no doubt look forward to "higher prices" on items where the cost ends in 95c. Take magazines for instance - a $4.95 magazine will no doubt become $5. Despite what people say, I cannot see prices going down to 90c or 80c or whatever. They would have to have their head, where the sun doesn't shine, if they think that's going to happen. Milk will go from $1.99 to $2. It isn't much I know but the thousands & thousands of litres they sell, it will soon mean extra dollars in their pocket. Watch supermarket prices..........!!!

#542. Something Borrowed !!!

This could of ended up as a "something blue" post for Muggins, but it takes him a little while to wake up - sometimes. Blue in the sense of the sssssssss word !!! The shell must of been rocking.
This little picture was found on Momentos !!! I could not understand the language but understood this picture. There was also a "lego model" of the Germany football stadium.

#543. Something Blue !!!

Typed up by Krazy Kelvin, as written by Muggins.

When Krazy Kelvin first mentioned "something blue". his version of blue & mine varied slightly, but now I am getting into the swing of things, trying to find something "blue" that I like, to write about isn't as easy as I first thought. In my previous post, I mentioned the common expressions of the colour "blue". This week, I thought I would mention the first "love of my life" - food !!! Well, the second love of my life I should say or else I will end up in trouble with my girlfriend Ann.

Blue food ? Apart from blueberries and a few blue-purple potatoes, there does not seemed to be much in the way of blue food on our supermarket shelves - I wonder why ? I suppose just the colour of it, would put a lot of people off. Take bread for instance - would you eat a sandwich that had been made with blue bread ? Of all the colours in the spectrum, blue is considered to be an appetite suppressant. Weight loss plans suggest putting your food on a blue plate. Or even better than that, put a blue light in your refrigerator and watch your midnight munchies disappear.

Krazy Kelvin - Footnote: Just as a matter of interest, next time I am in the supermarket I will have a look to see what other blue foods are on offer. When I think about it, I have seen blue yoghurt; blue jelly & blue confectionery but they would of had colouring added to them. It would be interesting to find out if there is blue food in other countries, apart from blueberries of course.

#544. Currently Reading.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have offered 2 "free" books - one book to a NZ blogger and one book to a blogger from another country, but.......no one has taken me up on my offer yet. So once again, the two books I mentioned in #554 have been shelved, as two new ones for this week are on offer. This weeks book - 93 pages of black & white photographs of past & present - has photos of the Manawatu & Wanganui areas. As I mentioned before, the names of the cities will not mean anything to anyone who has not lived in NZ, but the books are interesting to look through. It really gives an insight to what NZ was like many moons ago.
All you have to do is send me an email kjmkama@yahoo.com with your normal postal address and quote - #544 / free book. As long as you are the first blogger from within NZ or the first from another country, I will post the book out to you. Once I have received two emails, I will add a footnote to this post.

#545. Texting Is Cheap !!!

I currently have 11 "new voice mail messages" on one of my mobiles, which isn't set up to take voice mail messages, so I can only guess that the 11 messages are from the phone company themselves. I don't see the point in having it set up to receive voice mail messages because if your phone is off, the person phoning you has to pay to leave a message; then you have to pay to listen to your messages and then pay again to phone the person back who left the message in the first place. The way it is at the moment, the person doesn't pay as a recording cuts in to say "sorry the mobile you are calling is either switched off or out of the coverage area". If the person can't get hold of me, they know to text me, which is cheaper !!!
I don't know what the mobile phone service is like in your country but our 2 NZ companies seem to be always trying to outdo each other. With one company text messages cost "one cent" to send, while the other company charges $10 for 500. Now one company is offering "free" texting on weekends.
If you like talking instead, well you can talk for an hour but only have to pay for the first "3 minutes" !!!

#546. Other Expressions Of Colour.

Muggins mention the colour "blue" in a previous post, which resulted in a couple of emails - what about the other colours ??? So for those who asked.............

Red - passion; heat; blood; urgency; sex; speed; danger; excitement; strength
Yellow - cowardice; sunshine; cheer; happiness; warmth; brightness
Green - nature; health; money; cool; environment; cheerfulness; abundance
Orange - warmth; vibrancy; playfulness
Purple - royalty; dignity; wealth; sophistication; spirituality; intelligence
and..........because it's in our reainbow as well, here's
Black - death; elegance; mystery; rebellion; evil; strength; seductive

Anyone care to add more colours............

#547. Some People Are Really Thick !!!

Email phishing !!! It has happened a few times in the past and has happened again, in NZ. It happens in other countries as well with a lot more people caught out. I may be a little krazy - just a weeny teeny bit - but there's no way in the world that I am as stupid or thick as the people who seem to get caught out with email phishing. It's a scam !!! Banks do not send you an email asking you to confirm your account details by clicking on to a link, which is provided within the email. Other companies as well, DO NOT send out emails like that either. It's scammers "fishing" for people thick enough to click on to the link they have provided. DELETE IT !!!
In January, 17000 phishing scams were in circulation around the world accounting for 15% of all circulating emails. Don't be a bloody mug and fall for the phishing scam, for that is all it is. If you bank via the internet or deal with any company via the internet, use only the normal channels that you do - don't click on to any link sent to you in an email.

#548. Morgan In Canada.

Gareth Morgan (father of Trade Me founder Sam Morgan) is now in Canada on his bike travels. He started off in the Bahamas in April on a trip taking in USA, Mexico, Canada, Alaska, before heading back to Canada & USA, where he will finish the trip in Los Angles in August. I have mentioned his website before (I think - getting old(er) - memory blockage) so do have a look at it and follow his travels.

An interesting point he made in his weekly column of our paper, was that - "It is planned that by 2008 all Americans, travelling back from Canada to the USA will have to produce their passports" - a major slap in the face for the Bush administration.

#549. Are Kumfs Really Comfortable ???

A lady friend (no names mentioned) who does a lot of walking to keep her fit & to help keep her weight down brought a pair of Kumfs shoes and now she cannot stop talking about them. Just the mere mention of the word "walk" in her presence is enough to set her off - talking, not walking about her shoes. I have never known a woman to talk so much about a pair of shoes. Believe me, she has more pairs of shoes than I have had hot dinners - well this year at least !!! (hehe) From what I have been told, they don't make shoes for males, only females, so I can't put the shoes to the test for myself. I'll just have to take her word for it, unless of course some other female friend out there in the blog world, reads this and sends me an email kjmkama@yahoo and tells me their story - keep it short - about their Kumfs shoes.The company Kumfs Shoes has been in the footwear business since 1933 and have stuck to their knitting, so to speak, doing what they know best. In NZ, there are 15 branded stores as well as about 100 outlets where you can buy Kumfs. In Australia there are 16 branded stores as well as 250 outlets, plus there are also outlets in Singapore; Malaysia; Japan; Finland; Canada and USA. Kumfs have also just opened their first fully-own store in downtown Fresno, a city of 800,000 people between Los Angles & San Francisco, so given time there will be a lot more americians with Kumfs on their feet - female americians that is. Hopefully the company will start making "mens shoes" - size 6 to 12 in Black & one pair of brown shoes in size 8 - for me !!!

Reminds me of a blond joke........... Two sisters owned a farm and were in need of a bull for their cows. One set off to the sales yard with $500 in her pocket. By the time she got there and purchased her bull she had a dollar left. She had to send her sister a telegram to come and pick up the bull but the telegram cost was a dollar a word. So she said to the clerk behind the telegraph counter, send the word "comfortable" !!! The clerk scratched his head - "Comfortable ? How in the world is your sister going to know you want her to come for the bull reading that ? She replied - "My sister is blond, so she will read, comfortable.......slow" !!!

Get it ? You don't ? Well read it slower or get your eyes tested !!! (hehe)

It's Not The Memories I Have, It's The Memories I Leave Behind !!!

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