Haere Mai,Welcome,To all family & friends in NZ & around the world and anyone reading my blog ! This is my first ever blog, which I started on Black Friday, 13th May 2005. My thoughts & prayers are with you all. Take care & God Bless. Arohanui ! Kakite !

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

#490 - # 499

Kia Ora (Hello), I am overwelmed with the rise in the number of people reading my blogs & the number of emails flooding in, especially as I have only been blogging for 15 months.
Need I remind you that it was .........
Black Friday 13th May, 2005 that I started my first blog with My First Ever Post !!!
To me. the blog world is like having an extended family right around the world - a world of caring & sharing. Karma - all about giving rather than receiving. Not charging other bloggers or asking them for donations to list their blogs or to mention their blog/s as some other bloggers are doing. I can't see where they get off having the nerve to charge other bloggers, when it isn't even their own site so to speak. It would be a different story if they had their own "website", but they are on Blogspot !!! Lets hope, the plug doesn't get pulled on their blog/s !!!

Krazy Kelvin

#490. Something Old !!!

If it wasn't for this man - where would be Blogspot bloggers be ??? He is the "oldest blogspot blogger" that there is bar none !!! Check out his profile number.

#491. Something New !!!

New VW Beetle Roadster !!!

#492. Something Borrowed !!!

A real Tortise-shell-cat, the photo of which I borrowed from here !!! There are some other great photo's & sidewalk chalk drawings as well !!!

#493. Something Blue ???

The saying is true - when you are feeling down & out and feeling "blue", stop - think for a moment !!! Because, no matter how "blue" you may feel, there is always someone out there in the world that has had a harder life than you & has bounced back !!! Take this man for instance - who was born with no hands or no legs. Have a look at Aneel Aranha : Missionary's Journal
His name is Nick Vujicic - his website is called Life Without Limbs - "From Life Without Limbs To Life Without Limits" !!!
Good on you Nick !!!

#494. Currently Reading.

I started reading a book, which has about 34 stories about "Pig Hunting" in NZ. I have lent the book to a friend but I will get it back next week and tell you more about it. Also the name & ISBN number for those who live in NZ and would like to purchase the book from your local bookshop. It would make a great gift for a friend overseas, after you have read it of course.

Anyone that has been born & bred and lives in a rural area of NZ, would have "tails" about hunting in the bush for wild pigs & deer.
It's a past-time like no other as you will see, when you have a look at these great photos !!! and a great "hunting" website.

#495. I'm feeling Lucky !!!

When you use "Google" as a search engine, you have the option of after you have entered your words, to click - "I'm feeling lucky", which brings up their "top rated page or whatever. Last week, it was a great auto museum in USA. This week I thought I would enter the same words - auto museum - click NZ as well to see what comes up........... Southward Car Museum !!!
Comparing the two there is a vast difference - it goes to show what a difference a lot of colour makes. Comparing the two sites is like comparing apples & oranges. I would rate the USA website 9 out of 10 / NZ would be 3 out of 10. It's that different. You can click on to the small photos on the NZ site, to make them bigger, but..............!!!

#496. One Of Life's Little Mysteries ???

The other day, I was buying an ice cream for a friends child, when he asked me how does the machine make the ice creams. I said to him that there was a little snowman inside the machine which dispensed the ice creams !!! He didn't believed me - would you ??? Well the snowman does make the ice creams. In fact, there's a little snowman in this machine - I kid you not. Have a look !!!

#497. Time Out !!!

I have this coming Monday & Tuesday off work, but no prizes for guessing what I will be doing most of the time.........blogging !!! I also have the 28th & 29th off work, so on Saturday 26th, I was thinking about taking the Overlander down to Wellington and returning on the Tuesday. But.........I still have to get a camera. A friend said I should get a laptop as well , but I like to travel light. There will be internet cafes in Wellington - jus a matter of finding them. I haven't made up my mind as yet........!!! After I leave here today, I will head down to the train office at the bottom of town and see if they still have seats available. It seems that a lot of people are taking the trip as the train service finishes on September 30th for good. The only public transport available between Auckland & Wellington / vice versa would be the bus. Watch bus fares rise on the lst of October !!! I can't remember the last time I went to Wellington. It would of been on a truck, many moons ago !!!

If I go to Wellington, I have no set plans as to what & where I will go. I won't even bother booking accommodation. I'll think about that when the time comes. As I said before, it wouldn't worry me, if it was the "Starlight Hotel". I aren't talking about 4 walls & a ceiling hotel. I am talking about when you look up at the sky at night & see the stars !!!

#498. Where Is It ???

A new addition to the family of K.A.M.A !!! Looking thru the blog world, I sometimes come across photos that could of been taken in New Zealand, Australia, USA or even Timbucktoo for when you look at them, they are so similar.
Take this photo for instance. It could of been taken at a lake here in Auckland, called Western Springs, but ................. !!!
Next week, I will give you the name of the country where the photo was taken and a link to the blog as well as a new photo.

#499. Down Memory Lane

One day, Muggins & I were playing in the trees that surrounded the property where he lived. I like normal, was the 'krazy monkey" who would be either "swinging from the lower branches of the trees" or climbing right to the top of what would of been 40 foot high trees. Muggins parents just about had fits any time I played around their place. I remember getting told off by Muggins father "once" when I climbed down from one of the highest trees on the property. He must of asked Muggins where I was - Muggins would of pointed up the tree !!! "Kelvin, you are a f*****g krazy kid, get out of that tree" !!! (hehe) Then when I got down he asked me if I knew how high the trees were. Noooooo !!! He said about 40 feet high. Great views, especially of the neighbouring properties and...............(best left unsaid !!!)

Muggins, been Muggins was a real sissy and wouldn't dare go any higher than the lowest branch of any tree. He always wore long pants, a shirt, a jacket as well as shoes & socks - no matter what the weather. Me - no matter what the weather - a pair of shorts, no underpants, no shoes & socks. Sometimes a shirt. Muggins would sometimes take off his jacket & his shirt, when he got hot..

Anyay, this particular day I teased Muggins into climbing futher than he had climbed before But as he tried to get back down the tree, he slipped !!! Somehow or other he got hooked on a branch, which resulted in him falling forward pulling his pants right down exposing his ............!!!
There he was hanging down trying to cover his private parts with one hand while trying to hold on a branch with his other hand. I climbed back up the tree and tried to help him get untangled, but....... so I went running - for help ??? Noooooo !!! Hey, you are talking an 8 or 9 year old krazy kid here. I went running alright - around the neighbourhood getting kids who were our friends to come and have a look at Muggins !!! There we were all standing under the tree looking up at Muggins stuck in the tree, waiting for him to "swap" hands !!! All of a sudden the kids scattered............it was Muggins father !!! I was banished for a week from playing with Muggins for not going to get "adult help".
That day, I found out another thing about Muggins - he didn't wear underpants !!!

Its not the memories I have, it's the memories I leave behind !!!

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