Haere Mai,Welcome,To all family & friends in NZ & around the world and anyone reading my blog ! This is my first ever blog, which I started on Black Friday, 13th May 2005. My thoughts & prayers are with you all. Take care & God Bless. Arohanui ! Kakite !

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Timelog: 9pm - 30th August

Either everyone is asleep or you have all died & gone to Heaven, as no one has taken me up on the offer to do their own "post" on this here blog. It is so simple, I could do it..........well, we won't go down that path. Honestly though, I aren't leading you up the garden path. Doing a post is as easy as typing up & sending an email, which will be emailed straight to this blog. It will be held in draft form until I have had a look at it and publish it on to this blog. You can even mention your own blog and include a link to it.

With reference to last weeks t****** post...........

Boy, I have never known friends (they who shall remain nameless for now...!!!) to be so gulliable.
Hehe - I was rolling around on the floor in laughter after reading a couple of "upsetting" (for them) emails in response to # 484. As I mentioned t****** was the first love of my life before blogs, but t****** had to take a back seat, as blogs & blogging eroded futher into my life.
The mere mention of t****** & big mamas as well as a link to a great website, only goes to prove that some friends have a one track mind...!!! It also goes to prove, that despite those friends haven't known me for many, many moons, they don't really know me. They clicked on to the website expecting to see "big mama's" & titties, looking back at them, but all they found staring back at them was the view you sometimes see, in the rear vision mirror of your car...........the grill of a truck !!! The reason why I put "trucks" as t*****, is because I felt that trucks could be a dirty word to some people, especially if one is tail-gating you and they are sitting right on your arse not giving an inch !!! It happens sometimes in NZ and it happens as well in other countries across the world - tail-gating that is. A few people would no doubt have their own story to tell. . The percentage of truckers are good, but as in any apple barrel, there is always that percentage that are rottne to the core !!!

#470 - #479 UPost It Uself !!! (extended to 3rd September)

Kia Ora (Hello), I made this offer before, but for some reason or other nothing came of it, so......to all those blogger friends out there that have left a comment in the past on any of my blogs............your chance to be a "guest blogger" !!! Don't all put up your hands at once, but.........if you want to do a post on this blog, within the next 4 days (close off will be 6pm, 29th) send me an email kjmkama@yahoo.com or leave a comment and I'll tell you how you can email your post direct on to this blog. It will be held in "draft form" for me to have a look at and publish.
I, Krazy Kelvin reserves the right to refuse to publish any post.
First in, first serve or as we used to say many moons ago - first up, best dressed !!!
You are more than welcome to provide a link back to your blog as well, at the begining or the end of your post. I will do it for you, if you don't know how.

Have you got a new Blogger-Beta blog yet ??? All those whose posts are put up here from #470 - #479 who haven't got a new blog as yet will be invited behind the scenes of my new blogs on Blogger-Beta, to have a look for themselves and do a post on Something Old, New, Borrowed & Blue. It looks morealess the same, from the outside, but on the inside, beats a new heart - a heart of gold !!!

At 6pm on the 29th, hopefully you will have 10 posts by "guest bloggers" to read !!! If I don't get 10 posts, I'll fill in the gaps.

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