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Sunday, October 01, 2006

#440 - #449

Something Old

I mentioned this on my "maori blog", but.......you may not have read it so here it is again, its a tourist attraction in the Rotorua area, called
"The Buried Village" which is the site of a village called "Te Wairoa", which was buried by the eruption of Mt.Tarawera, in 1886.

Something New ???

With the spate of bike accidents in New Zealand and the number of deaths, maybe this should become law in NZ - rear vision mirrors for bikers !!! Looks silly, but if it helps saves a life or two, hey why not. Have a look at this blog -
"White Boy" / Fred
Something new or has it been around for a while ???

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Fred said...
Hey Kelvin,The rearview mirror for bikers is fairly common among cyclists here in the US. But typically only for people who ride a lot. To be honest it isn't all that helpful. Cars still don't respect that we are on the road. The culture of drivers needs to change before the death rate for Motor Vehicles changes, unfortunately. Fred

#442. Something Borrowed

This tickled my "funny-bone" !!! It's on a t-shirt, the photo of which was one of.........many photos I saw on this blog
Central America

#443. Something Blue

"Out Of The Blue", is a movie based on the events that happened in 1990 at Aramoana, an Otago beach settlement, where David Gray shot and killed eight adults & 4 children and injured many others, before he himself was shot dead by police. Out Of The Blue is unique, because it deals with a shocking, true event and many of the survivors are still alive. The movie which has already been shown twice in Port Chalmers - one showing was for the general population while the other was for survivors, their families and the families of the victims - is due for release in NZ movie theatre's on October 12th. I'll be going to have a look, so I'll let you know what I think of it. More on my Movies & Music Blog

#444. Where In The World Is It ???

Searching thru the blog world, this blog popped up. It would be beautiful & cool on a hot summer's day.

It could be somewhere in New Zealand, but.........it's here !!!

#445. Currently Reading !!!

Who has got time to read, now that we are into daylight saving time !!! Our clocks went forward an hour at 2am so now we have an extra hour of daylight to enjoy the nice lovely sunshine...........not !!! It's been cold & wet with heavy rain & thunderstorms, etc - you name it, we have had it. So much for the sun shining !!!

#446. King Appoints Brother Heir

The new King of Tonga, Siaosi Tupou V, has appointed his younger brother as Crown Prince and heir to the throne. The appointment resolves the future of the monarchy of the island, as King Tupou V who is unmarried has one daughter, but no male heirs.

#447. You Are In, But Can You Get Out ???

A campaign has been launched in NZ to stop people who owe large court fines and reparation to crime victims, from travelling overseas even if it's for a family funeral or family emergency. From now on, anyone with an arrest warrant against their name or who owes more than $5000 in unpaid court fines, or any unpaid court-ordered reparation, will be stopped if they try to leave the country. Customs will be alerted by computer when the traveller tries to go thru and police will then step in.
What's to stop it going futher and applying to "tourists" who are already in the country and owe "fines" in their home country. Like I have said many a time before, once you enter NZ, they might not let you leave, or they will put you on the next plane home to where ever it is, you come from !!!

#448. Overlander Stays On Track

The "Overlander" - a daily , train service between Auckland & Wellington and vice versa which was due to end today, September 30th, is now set to remain on track as an off-season service for 3 days per week - Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays. From mid-December until Easter, it will resume a normal daily service, depending on the number of tickets sold. For 98 years, NZ has had a train service bewteen the 2 cities, so at least it will operate 3 days a week.
Michael Laws, the mayor of Wanganui, who refered to the late King of Tonga as a big brown slug, said he would honour his promise to streak naked down the main street of Ohakune, if the train service was saved. He said, unfortunately they have saved only half the service, so in the interim that means he has to streak only half-naked. My suggestion to you Michael, is to keep your pants on - no one wants to see your little white slug !!!

#449. Home & Mobile - The Same Number

NZ Vodafone customers, will be able to assign their home based land-line number to their mobiles, allowing them to do away with fixed-line telephones. Customers will need only one phone, whether they are at home or out & about. Vodofone expects to launch the service next year and compete on price with the $40 monthly rental that Telecom currently charge for a fixed-line.

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