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Sunday, October 08, 2006

#430 - #439

Something Old

A 3 page letter written by blacksmith turned missionary James Kemp on February 26th, 1820 to his lawyer, in Norfolk, England has sold for more than 5,000 pound (NZ$14,300). In the letter, which was carried on a whaling ship from NZ before been posted in the British capital, James Kemp told his lawyer what life was like in Kerikeri, the health of other missionaries and gives account of a bloody dispute between two Maori chiefs. The Kemps lived in "Kemp House" in Kerikeri, from mid-1832. It is the oldest surviving European building in New Zealand.

#431. Something New !!!

A new internet cafe has opened in the inner city area. They must of spent mega-bucks, as it has been outfitted with the latest state of the art computers, high back leather chairs, the floor is fully tiled and the toilets wouldn't feel out of place in a 5 star hotel. (A little birdy told me, that the owners didn't get much change out of 1/4 a million) Comparing the new place to one of the old places I go to is like comparing chalk & cheese - they are so different. The old place has concrete floors, chairs that you have to sit very carefully on and their toilet..........well, best left unsaid !!!

#432. Something Borrowed !!!

I tried a couple of times to upload this picture but for some reason or other, it would not upload the first time, but..........!!!

We Are Miracles
has a lot of interesting christian reading and a great photos worth sharing.

#433. Something Blue

Kingi McKinnon
one of the winners whose story is published in The Six Pack, passed away unexpectedly on Monday 11th September. Book Month Director Phil Twyford has said, “Kingi was an accomplished NZ writer and a wonderful man. NZ Book Month is diminished by his absence, but we celebrate his talent with the publication of The Six Pack." The NZ Book Council has posted an obituary for Kingi here.

#434. Currently Reading

Well, I haven't started yet, but I will when I pick up "the six pack" !!! It's a book containing 6 winning stories from 6 kiwi writers on sale now, for $6 in bookshops around NZ.
Strange as it may seem, New Zealand Book Month is celebrating the best of our own home-grown talent, but the month started on September 18 and finishes on the 15th October. In my book when I went to school, the month always started on the "lst" !!!
Anyway, have a look at
their website !!!

Footnote: I purchased the book, "The Six Pack" and have read one story - "Maiki" - written by Kingi McKinnon.

#435. Where In The World Is It ?

Is it in New Zealand ?
Chance Photography leaves nothing to chance !!!
Click on and see where it is.

#436. What A Bunch Of............???

Movenpick Ice Cream shop / Mission Bay, Auckland. If you are out on a mission enjoying the sun & the beach at Mission Bay and in feel in need of an ice cream, well.........there's dairies,etc in the area that ice creams. As for Movenpick well, I would sooner pick my nose than buy their ice creams. A group of people went into Movenpick shop spent $48 on ice creams - one who was in the family way, asked for a glass of tap water. No can do !!! They would sell her a bottle of water, but they wouldn't even give her a glass of tap water. I would of handed the ice creams back and told them to put them where the "sun don't shine" !!!
Time for the bakery next door to install a ice cream unit and sell Tip Top ice creams, now that it is coming on summer time. The two nice ladies that own the bakery, Khim & Lye, from Cambodia will even give you a glass of water, if you ask !!!

Footnote: It seems now that the management of Movenpick have had a change of heart - you can get a glass of water, if you ask. Too late - no use shuting the stable door after the horse has bolted.

Update: 10/10 - It seems no matter how much you ask/beg for a drink of water and despite Movenpick has said they have changed their policy, they are all talk - they haven't change their policy at all. So much for customer service - there are plenty of other places in Mission Bay to buy ice creams.

Was Going To "Hell"

The other day, when I was walking home from the city, I happen to meet a friend who was walking to town. When I asked him what he was up to, he replied that he was going to "Hell" !!! I said to him tell me something new as I had said to him before that he was going to 'hell". Turns out that it was "hell pizza" he was going to, but......... I knew that. I go or used to go there myself every now & again, because it's right next door to an internet cafe. The same cafe, where one Sunday the computer monitor of the computer I was using started to smoke, when I was looking at my new Blogger-Beta blogs. But getting back to "hell", I don't go there anymore as it's no longer owned by the little man. Hell has new owners in the form of Burger King's NZ owners, so expect to be asked "would you like a slice of pizza with that", before very long and a voucher to go to "Hell" when you go into NZ's Burger King !!!
There are two (there was 3 but one has since closed) other "pizza" places within spitting distance of each other - hopefully one of them given time will change their name to "Heaven Pizza", then people in Auckland can honestly say without a word of a lie, that they have been to "Heaven" & "Hell" !!! Or watch for the "roll-out" of dessert places called "Heaven" upstairs from "Hell" !!!

#438. More Power To The People !!!

Our main telephone company, Telecom, who has had broadband on a leash and letting out only so much "power", is set to let broadband off the leash on October 26th. NZer's won't know themselves !!! Hopefully the cables & the people can take the power it unleashes. It doesn't mean of course, it will make me a "faster blogger", nor does it mean that I will reply to your emails any faster !!! In fact, it may mean
Telecom currently offers speeds from 256 kbps to 3.5 Mpbs download - the cost of which varies depending on how fast you want to upload.

#439. How Are Hiccups Caused ?

Hiccups occur when the larynx (or voice-box) at the front of the throat suddenly tightens and closes over the windpipe, preventing air from reaching the lungs. The "jump" that is felt occurs at the moment the air is stopped. An attack of the hiccups occurs most often when the stomach is distended and full of "wind". This irritates part of the breathing system. Hot food and hunger may also be causes. Most attacks are not serious and can usually be stopped by holding your breath for several seconds to relieve the irritation.

Footnote: I know how to stop them..........one day I just happened to walk passed a friend who had hiccups and couldn't stop, so I slapped her, on the back. She got such a fright, her hiccups stopped !!! (hehe)

I'll be back..............

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