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Saturday, October 14, 2006

#420 - #429

Something Old

An incredibly rare lifejacket from the Titanic sold at auction in Britain for 43,500 pound to a private British collector. The Titanic which was billed as been unsinkable, sank on its maiden voyage from Southampton, UK to New York in 1912. Of the 2223 people on board the ship, only 703 survived. Some of the "world's greatest & richest" people of that era, lost their lives. The lifejacket was recovered by a quartermaster of a cable ship, sent to rescue victims and had been handed down thru generations of his family.

#421. Something New

A new Optus Satellite to be used by Sky TV and TVNZ was to be launched this morning at 4am on a 50 metre rocket. The launch by French company, Arianespace will take place from their launch site at Kourou, French Guiana. The rocket will take the D1 satellite to an altuitude of 12,000 feet where it will be sent into orbit, for the NZ networks as well as Australian's ABC and SBS. The D1, will replace the Optus B1 which has been in operation since 1992. The satellite which weighs 2.3 tonnes will expand to 17 metres wide, once it is in orbit and is expected to last 15 years. Two other satellites are also been launched - one for US Pay TV company, DirectTV and the other for a Japanese areospace exploration agency.

#422. Something Borrowed

While searching thru the blog world, this blog popped up. I could not understand the language, but I still had a look - low & behold there was a video - September 22nd - of Celine Dion singing.
Click on to the blog and have a listen to the video.

#423. Something Blue !!!

I have seen photos of black bears & brown bears, as well as seen "white" polar bears at the zoo, but never have I seen a "blue bear" before. There is a story behind the "blue bear" as well as other colourful bears, so have a look at this blog !!!

#424. Just passing it on..........

Word on the streets is that "males" with big stereo systems in their small vehicles have do something to draw attention to themselves, because they have really "small willies" !!! It's a pain in the bum when they drive up & down the street with their stereo system blasting out so every man & his dog (and woman) within a bulls roar has no option but to listen to their music. Their names & their names of their friends who ride in their vehicles should be "tagged" and then later on in life when they front up the public health system and say......"I have got something wrong with my hearing", the powers-to-be should be able to say to them, well that is just tough titties. You shouldn't of heeded the warnings not to drive around with a loud stereo system when you were young. Here's a dollar, go buy yourself an iceblock and stick it where the sun don't shine. It won't help you with your hearing problem, but it will take your mind off it and give you something else to think about and save us taxpayers, hundreds of thousands of dollars in health care !!! (hehe)

Boy, did we get out of the side of bed this morning or what ??? Well, try getting back to sleep at 2am, after some inconsiderate "big stereo, little vehicle, little willie male", drove up and down the street a couple of times, stopped outside the neighbours house, got out of their vehicle, stood in front of our house to talk to "whoever" on his mobile, got back into his vehicle, tooted his horn and drove away......!!! Hopefully never to grace the neighbours doorstep again !!!

#425. Where In The World Is It ?

White water rafting is a well known tourist attraction in New Zealand, but........is this NZ ???

Have a look !!!

#426. A Camera Coming ???

I have got $500 to spend on a camera, but.....I aren't in a hurry, so don't hold your breath waiting for photos. With so many different brands & makes out there on the market, I have no idea what to buy. I asked a NZ blogger who is into his photos for suggestions, but as yet have not had a reply back from him. A friend suggested bidding for a camera on the auction sites, but I don't belong to any of them and have no intentions of joining one, just to purchase a camera. All I need is something small and easy for a krazy monkey to use - point, shoot & load on to the computer - around 5 pixels and waterproof. Not that I will be taking photos underwater but knowing me, I will get caught out in the rain now & again. Small photos, small pixels; big photos, big pixels - so I'm told anyway. If you want to enlarge photos you have taken to poster size, then you need a bigger pixel. That way, when it is enlarged, you don't lose any of the colour. If you just want to put photos on to the computer, well a 2 or 3 pixel is okay so I'll sit in the middle at 5 pixels. I have seen "photos" taken at 1.3 pixel and 2 pixel using the mobile phone camera, but it doesn't do anything for me. If they had a 5 pixel camera/mobile phone, well than I may be interested.

Footnote - I am looking at a Kodak Z650 Zoom Camera. Does anyone already own one - if so, can you tell me if it's easy for a krazy monkey to use ?

#427. The Captain Has Walked The Plank !!!
Anyone in Auckland, driving south on the Great South Road, from the Manukau City centre and heading out to Manurewa would not of been able to miss the "ship" at 888 Great South Road, Manukau Rd that is high & dry on the land miles from the sea. It was placed there by the owners who over several months worked on it, getting it all ship-shape and making it the first of what hopefully was going to be a chain of "Captain Hook" theme restaurants. In it's former life, it was the old Baroona ferry, which sailed the seas, carrying passengers to & fro on the inner harbour. It seems that the company - "Jolly Roger" - has been placed in receivership, but no doubt a new captain will step forward to buy it and get it all ship-shape again, so that pirates big & small can step on board once again. It's in a good area, but I wonder if they had given any thought at the time to work something out with the owners of Rainbow's End Fun Park and have the "ship" placed on a corner of their property. It is for sale for removal or with the landlords consent, left where it is.

#428. Driver's License Age

In NZ, a person can sit & obtain their drivers license at 15 years old. Which according to some people is too young to have such a responsibilty, because at that age, the persons brain gas not matured enough. In some other countries, the age limit is 18. When you think about it, it's not that they aren't mature enough - it's peer pressure. They have a license, their own vehicle or the use of mum or dad's high powered vehicle, a few drinks and they think that they are bullet proof. Many a young life has been lost thru
They are supposed to be on a restricted drivers license for about 18 months to 2 years. In that time, thay aren't supposed to carry passengers, unless it's an older person who has had their own "full license" for 2 years or more. They are not supposed to drink and driving is restricted to certain hours, but that all goes by the book...........when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle !!!
What is the age limit in your country to obtain a driver's license ?

#429. It Was Tap Water In A Sense

One day when Muggins & I were home, Muggin's ex-wife called in to drop off their youngest son for Muggins to look after for the day. When you take a child into their bedroom and they see all those soft toys, to say nooooo you can not touch, is like taking candy away from a baby. Muggins favourites were the monkeys and he knew where each & every one of the monkeys sat on the shelf, so Muggins let him play with those. His son soon got tired of just playing with the "monkeys" and wanted to do something else. It was raining out, so taking him for a walk was out of the question as he already had a cold. I suggested to Muggins, that he take all the monkeys into the lounge and have a "monkey's tea party". The cupboard was raided for biscuits as well as the plastic mugs & plates. Each monkey got a "softdrink & a biscuit" !!! I sat at the table in the kitchen reading the paper and left them to it. They put all the monkeys on the floor in a circle and Muggins - the biggest monkey of the lot - sat right in the middle taking sips of softdrink from each mug and eating the biscuits. When the softdrink ran out, I heard him ask his son, to fetch a mug of water. I watched as his son wandered thru the kitchen and headed down the passage way and return with a mug of water. His son was only small and wouldn't of been able to reach any of the taps in the bathroom, so I followed his son into the lounge and as he handed the mug of water to Muggins, I said to Muggins "Don't drink the water" !!! The look I got from Muggins was like a "dagger", so I shut up, while he gulped the mug of water down. If you had seen the size of Muggins, you would see it would of taken more than just a few bugs to make Muggins sick !!! It was tap water but it certainly wasn't tap water in the true sense of the word - it was toilet water !!! (Hehe)

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