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Saturday, October 21, 2006

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Something Old

Robert A Laidlaw !!! How many NZer's can honestly put up their hand and say yes, I have heard of him. I for one have not only heard of him, but I have been in his shops, I have read his book and also read the 15 page leaflet called - "The Reason Why" - that he wrote.I don't know if his book is still available or not, but I have a copy of that leaflet which a friend gave to me on Sunday March 5th, 2000. In the leaflet, Robert Laidlaw writes about Jesus Christ & God and what it all means to him, for he was a true christian businessman, if there ever was one. So moving on a bit, if I mention the words - Farmers Trading Company - that will no doubt jog a few people's memories, but how many know that it was Robert Laidlaw that started the company. To begin with he called the company "Laidlaw Leeds" even though there was no "Leeds" - it was a play on the word "leads". Many a person, especially those living in the rural areas, up & down NZ would of at sometime or other received the Laidlaw Leeds / FTC mail order catalogue. I wonder how many of those old mail order catalogues are still around today. I know Granny Smith, has a few which she guards like they were crown jewels. Every now and again she sits at the table leafing carefully thru them. When ever I have been at her place and asked if I can have a look, the answer is always NO, but I keep asking...........!!! It was Robert Laidlaw that started the first Farmers Santa Parade in 1948.The 59th Parade is coming up in November.

#411. Something New

It may be the one & only chance humans will have to see what life is life from the other side of the bars when they pay a visit to the Wellington Zoo next Saturday 28th October. The general public will be able to check out the new monkey house, before the real monkeys move in. Just be carefully they don't slam the door shut if you start acting like a real monkey. Gates open at 9.30am and the first 100 little monkeys, sorry kids, thru the gates are are free and if its your birthday on the day (no doubt they will ask for some form of ID to prove that it is actually your birthday) you only have to pay a dollar. It's their big birthday bash - 100 not out !!!

#412. Something Borrowed

On Sunday, when I was in the internet cafe where I usually have breakfast and then spend a few hours on one of the 15 computers, a man wanted to use a computer. Because I spend so much time in the cafe, the lady who owns the cafe gave me the code words to start the computers and reset the hour timers, etc. (People pay $1 per hour) When she is busy serving I help out by setting up the timer on the computers for people who come in. Anyway, I got talking to this fella as I set the timer to start the computer - it turned out he was from "Brazil" and had just arrived in NZ to do a ccomputer course for 4 months.
I asked him if he had a "blog" !!! No - so I show him Peter's blog, that I have listed under Brazil on my Around The World In 80 Blogs Next week, I am going to show him how to start his own blog.
While looking at Peter's blog, I watched a video called "Pythagoras Switch" - so I thought I'd mention it here as Something Borrowed and also borrowed "Peter's photo" but I am sure he won't mind. Watching the video kept me quiet for over 5 minutes as I watched the little marbles. It must of taken hours to set the little "tricks".

#413. Something Blue !!!

It seems that poor 14 old year USA teenager, upset by the war in Iraq got "not only hauled got out of school, by 2 secret service agents, but she also got hauled over the coals" after she vented her frustrations with President George W. Bush last spring on her Myspace web page, which has since been replaced. She posted a cartoon picture of the US President, "scawled "Kill Bush" across the top and drew a dagger stabbing his outstretched hand. At the time, she did not know that such threats were a federal offence. Her page when found in spring - yes, checks are made - was placed on the check list and they finally got around to talking to her late last week.
The two secret service agents called into the girls home and spoke with her mother. As the girl had already gone to school, the "agents" said they would call back later in the day, when the girl was home. Instead they went straight to her school and hauled her out of class. They knew they were going to go straight to the school after speaking to her mother, so didn't they offer to take the mother to the school with them, so the poor girl had a parent present when they questioned her. She would of been beside herself with fear. It's a wonder that the parents haven't sued the USA government for millions, but only time will tell. It hasn't detered the girl from speaking out about the Iraq war - in fact she has caught her second breath and is starting a new Myspace page, devoted to organizing other students to protest against the Iraq war. Go girl !!! Who knows, one day you could be a senator, so don't forget who your friends are !!!

#414. Currently Reading

Every Monday, inside the newspaper NZ Herald, is a A5 size 26 page liftout magazine called "The Business". I always have a look thru as it is interesting reading. A couple of times I have posted it overseas to a friend.

#415 Where In The World Is It ???

It looks like a really chilly day with all that "misty rain" but it looks like the big fella can take it !!! I tried to upload one of the other photos, but.........it wasn't my day.
Where Is It ??? - click on & see.

#416. Muggins & Ann - Two Old Friends

They like all God's creatures, big & small - alive or stuffed. By stuffed I don't mean dead & stuffed, but "soft toys" !!! Ann said soft toys are the second love of her life - Muggins of course been her first - but if truth be known, I think the soft toys are her first love. At one time we all flatted together in a one bedroom flat. We didn't sleep all in the one bed/room of course, but I slept in the lounge. They had a huge room, but.........because of all her soft toys there wasn't much room. Shelves lined the walls for all her soft toys. There would of had to of been at least 100 of all shapes, sizes and colours. Not that the colour of them matters to Ann, as she is blind as a bat - her words not mine. Ann gave each toy, it's own place to sit on the shelf as well a name. At night, after we had finished dinner Ann used to have a bath. Then she would sit on the sofa, listening to music with the headphones on, while Muggins & I watched TV. She used to like having 3 or 4 of the soft toys "sitting" with her, which Muggins liked to fetch for her. She was quite chuffed that when she asked Muggins to get 4 soft toys by name, he knew exactly which ones they were. Only because someone took the time to learn each & every name and put a label on the shelving. One day, a krazy monkey (no names mentioned) went into their room and swapped over the soft toys that Ann had asked Muggins to "fetch", so when Muggins fetched the soft toys, they weren't "the" soft toys that Ann wanted !!! Muggins, got the blame again and ended up with a thick ear !!! (hehe)

#417. Blogs Are Like A Box Of Chocolates............

A saying which was no doubt made more famous by the movie Forest Gump - Life Is Like a Box Of Chocolates - can also apply to the blogging world as such, because when you search the "blog world", you never know what is going to get. That's why I am still searching the blog world for "blogs" to complete Around The World In 80 Blogs. It's not a case of taking the first blogs that pop up and listing those - if it was, I would of been finished weeks ago. It means looking thru not only the first page of the blog that has popped up, but also digging into the archives to see if there are any skeltons lurking ready to jump out and the scare the s*** out of people. Then going back and having another look at the blogs and also looking at a couple of the blogs that are linked.

#418. Animal World Blogs

There are more & more "animal blogs" been created out there in the blog world, with the help of their human owners of course. If you only have one blog, why not create a second blog around your pet. I'll arrange for your pet blog to be listed on the side-bar of All God's Little Creatures News"
Just be careful that your "pet" doesn't take over because it will be the tail wagging the dog, as Muggins has found out. He created a blog around two monkeys with me as "world leader", but..........because I have enough to do at this stage a new world leader has been appointed. I am still looking at bringing their blogs in under the wing of these blogs, as they haven't changed over from the old to the new Blogger-Beta as yet. One of the best things about the new is that it's so much easier when it comes to adding links to other blogs, websites, etc.

#419. Thru The Windscreen In India.

This is proving popular on my Motoring Blog, so I thought I would list it - once - on here as well. One of the many photos on a blog, which I have posted @ #435 on my blog 21 21 21 Great Blogs To Read

If you have a "Thru The Windscreen" worth sharing. leave a comment on the Motoring Blog

I'll be back.........

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