Haere Mai,Welcome,To all family & friends in NZ & around the world and anyone reading my blog ! This is my first ever blog, which I started on Black Friday, 13th May 2005. My thoughts & prayers are with you all. Take care & God Bless. Arohanui ! Kakite !

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Monday, May 16, 2005

990 - 997


"Photos From Around The World Needed" ; A Computer Hint; A Recipe for Chinese Chicken; "NOPQRS" ??? Comments From Friends About My April Email; Email Out; Email In. Memories will include - "I Scratched My Skull" / "Don't You Just Love Teachers" / "Pennies From Heaven" (Hi ! Bill P in NZ - still waiting for a reply to my email. As you said, you always were a lazy bugger. Take Care !!!); "What is The Logic in Doing A Blog Site ?" (Only someone with no family or worst still no friends would ask a question like that. She was OZ !)

991. kjmkama ?

A few friends have asked what it means kjm = Kelvin John Murray (my first names) kama = Kelvin A Memory Always. Because to me it's not the memories I have that really matter, but the memories I left behind.

992. Help Spread The Word.......

Tell your friends, your family, your workmates, your neighbours..........tell the world & help spread the word like "wild fire" about the crazy man down under and his even crazier memories as he goes from 999 to # ONE. Then if you haven't lost interest we will start all over again, with new "crazier" memories.....and hey, maybe (if you are good) I'll even share my blog site with you. you can send me your memories and I'll post them on site. As long as they are printable of course!!! So - you help me by spreading the word and Bob's your uncle or is he your aunt !!! (In other words, you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. Its just a saying - put your clothes back on !!!)

993. You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

Who ever said that you can't teach an "old" dog new tricks, has never met me. I am learning new tricks every day and even getting some of those humans who have been receiving my 2 / 3 page of memories each month, "begging" for more, hence this blog. So new friends and old, where-ever you live in the world can log on and read...........just don't laugh too much or you will end up crying. If you have to cry, just don't ever "cry" in a internet cafe in the Queen St, Auckland area where I hang out. I don't own a computer, so sometimes I pay $2 per hour just to do this.

994.Thanks...A...Million...For...Been...A...Friend !!!

I would like to thank the following...............!!! Sorry......there is just too many of you to list by name. You know who you are and where you live - at least I hope you do. If you don't, you have got a problem. I'm no doctor, but my diagnosis, would be that you have either a "memory blockage" or a "drain blockage" !!! Me, personally would prefer the blockage at the top end. (Keep it clean - yeah I know - Family Blog) Some of the countries though are - New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Northen Ireland, France, Belgium, USA, Spain, Norway, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Antarctica, Chatham Islands - Stephen J / Ex Paihia - stop feeding your face with all those crayfish & answer to your name boy ! :-( I know that given time, the list of countries will grow as word spreads like "wild fire" about the crazy man - down under - with his even crazier memories on his "blog" !!!

995. Am I Crazy Or What ??

If you were lucky enough to receive my April & May emails and you thought those were "a blast from the past", hold on to your seats, because this baby has more fuel and we are going on a trip where no man but one, has been before - into my head !!! The result of the poll was, that I am crazy and have been for years. I could of told you that without a poll. If that is the case, it means that you are all just as crazy as I am - because you are the ones reading this. I have a good excuse though - I was hit in the head when I was kid. Whats your excuse ? If you are an old(er) friend, you can't lay the blame on me, for coming back into your life after all the years of no contact - I just made you crazier ! If you are a "new" friend - well ..........??? Still want to be friends .............

996. What Are You Letting Yourself In For ??

"Memories For Starters" - lllllllllots & lllllllllots of them.
"Emails Out & Emails In" - I'll share with with you some of the "emails" I send out and those I receive.
"My Thoughts On Different Things"
We Will Touch On A Number of Subjects - including suicide NOPQRS? It just came to me,so it's meant to be shared

997. Every 10th One

What I might do, is every 10th one (990 / 980 / 970 ......you get the idea) include a preview of what you are going to be letting your self in for. There will be a couple of old & new memories; a couple of emails in & emails out; thoughts, ideas, I'll tell you about any good books I have read, movies I have seen (thats if I get time) Later on, once I get sorted I will try and "post" some photos as well if I can, to do with the memory. I can tell you, that there is going to be some great times ahead. Its a great site and it could be even greater...........with all your help !

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