Haere Mai,Welcome,To all family & friends in NZ & around the world and anyone reading my blog ! This is my first ever blog, which I started on Black Friday, 13th May 2005. My thoughts & prayers are with you all. Take care & God Bless. Arohanui ! Kakite !

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Friday, May 13, 2005

998."Create Your Own Blog Site"

If you have been thinking of doing your own blog site, but you think it's too difficult to do by youself - "get off the grass" ! Here's me - "old as the hills". Well older than that according to a mates kid when I told how old I was. He said that I was not only over the hill, but I had gone off the cliff as well. (I guess that he didn't want any birthday or xmas presents for the next 10 years - kids !!!); I'm crazy as - you will no doubt agree when you read some of my memories; I can't spell; I am "the" 2 finger typist from ....! (no comments need thanks); I have had no interest in computers before because computers & I don't mix - we are like oil & water. In fact, it was a work mate that sparked my interest in computers on "April Fools Day 2005. You have got a lot to answer for Barbara !!! So if I can do it - theres hope for you yet - so get your "A into G" and Check out the same site, I used to create my blog - www.blogger.com

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