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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Kelvin Yorke # 940 - # 949

I'm back .........

Saturday 18th June, 2005 kjmkama@yahoo.com

Kia Ora Everyone,
If you are a "first time" visitor, to this krazy krazy blog, start at the bottom of the bog - sorry blog - # 999 which will be in the May archives. But if you have travelled down this road before, you will know what number you left off at. Click on the latest month & you will see all the latest "posts". The first person who has taken up the offer of been a regular contributor is - " Busty Barb". Welcome aboard - I am sure you will find somewhere to sit. It doesn't matter where you sit Barb, just plonk your butt down, so we can get moving and get this show on the road. Yeah, you can sit on Muggins lap if you want - he won't mind. Noooo !! She can't sit on my lap, she will squashed my nuts !!! Muggins !!! Not those nuts, thessseee nuts ! With that, Muggins puts his hands in his pants and pulls out his nuts - 2 peanuts in shells, he has been carrying around to remind him of Ray & Jay, who left the country to be roving reporters for this krazy blog and other blogs, who have taken "Muggins" into their blog "home".Anyone else who wants to come on board as a regular contributor, please see # 950. But you had better hurry, as the offer is closing off soon. You don't have to be krazy, but it helps !!! Once you are on board, you are welcome to get off, any time that you want to. We will slow down and open the door for you so you can jump, as we won't be stopping just to let someone off, because we have such a load on board that every time we stop, it takes me a while for me to "put the pedal to the metal" and get this krazy, krazy blog rolling again, as we head to # 1 - in the world !!! Just be careful though, that when you jump and hit the road, we don't run you over because we want you alive so you can tell all your friends about this krazy krazy blog ......
" Kelvin A Memory Always "
Take care all.
Krazy Kelvin

Coming up next week in # 930 - # 939
Around NZ - A public loo !!!
Down Memory Lane - Krazy Kelvin: "Xmas Day Tears On Queen St"
Little Gems - A Bird In CowS hit.
Living - Recipe: Lunchbox Brownies
Review - Book: Digital Fortress / Dan Brown
Plus ????? to make up the post of 10

# 940. My Many Friends - Where Do You All Fit In ???

I will start off by telling you about 2 of the many friends, who have crossed my path over the years. I will call them - A & Z. Why ? You are about to find out ! I have known Z about 10 years, while A I have known less than a year. As far apart as these two letters of the alphabet are, so is A & Z's attitude on life. With A you could not wish for a better friend - he is a really down-to-earth awesome guy, who really cares about his friends and who would "give" you the shirt off his back. Whereas Z on the other hand treats his friends like "mushrooms" - keeps them in the dark & feeds them shit. If you didn't give Z the shirt off your back, he would just take it. A has never been in trouble. He is lilly white - well he says he is. (if you are holding out on me A, I'll kick your butt into next week !) Whereas Z has several middle names, all begining with a capital T ! Trouble, Trouble, Trouble - you get the big picture. Z has not long been back in town after been away on a paid holiday for a couple of years. The latest is that Z while driving drunk, ran a poor lady over, killing her in the process, did a runner, got caught and is now looking at another "longer" paid holiday. A & Z, Good & Bad, Heaven & Hell !!! So My many friends - where do you all fit in ? You are all in there somewhere between A & Z ! You are all really awesome friends, no doubt nearer A than Z. Well as least I hope you all are nearer A. To me, a friend is a friend because who knows given time, their attitude (hopefully, he says) on life may change. To have 2 friends, whose attitude on life is so totally different, seems so unreal but it doesn't end there, read on .......

941. How I Met "A"

In early December 2004, during my search for a place to lay my head, I came across an ad "small room available, $70 per week". I was making a list of the ads, so I added this ad to it. It was a few days later after looking at other places, that I sent a text message to the mobile number. I asked if the room was still available & what age. A reply came back that the room was still available and as he was 21, he was looking for someone up to age 30. I sent a text back, to say I was over 30 & wished who-ever it was a merry xmas ! The end ? No !!! A text came back giving me the address and also saying he wasn't too fussed about age - after all age is just a number. To cut a long text/story short, I gave him my address and he came into see me first - then I went to have a look at the room. He wasn't kidding when he said "small room" - hell, it was so small, the mice were hunch-back !!! But with me been single & the room only about 5 minutes walk from work, I decided to take it. (In fact, even before I had a look at the room, I had decided to take it, so I already had money in my pocket). I gave A, 4 weeks rent as well as an early xmas present and started moving my stuff in the next day. The house #13, wasn't anything to write home about, but to me it's not the house that makes it a "home" - it's the people within. I had looked at a few places, before I got to #13. Some of them were really nice places, but the people within were so far up themselves, its a wonder they could breath. Me, been Krazy Kelvin even told them so. Then - to hit #13 was like a breath of fresh air. A didn't have much more than his "friendship" and his "music" - he was so down-to-earth, that the only way I could see him going was up and I told him that. Strange as it may seem, despite our age difference, we got on really well together as flatmates. I must of been living there at least a couple of weeks or more, when one day I phoned the house and got the answer phone. Up until that point in time A & I knew each other only by our first names, so just as well I was sitting down. We just took each other at face value and no surnames were mentioned. I heard A on the answer phone say - "This is ... ...... / if you don't leave a message, I won't know you called". I couldn't believe it and nor will you.........I knew that A & Z shared the same first name but as it turned out, they also shared the same surname, which isn't all that common - I kid you not !!! After all the trouble & shit with Z, my first thoughts were "walk" away. Tell A I had change my mind and find another place - let him keep the rent & xmas gift. I certainly didn't need another person with the same names as Z in my life. But.....I stayed ! As it turned out, the only thing A & Z had got in common was their first & last names. I dare not ask them what their middle names are. Before you email me - no, they are not related in any way or form, apart from both been human of course. Z would be about 15 years older than A, as well. I sometimes wondered about A though as he seem a little "spaced out" with his music and as for Z - what can you say !!! Hopefully this next paid holiday, will see Z with a changed attitude on life, when he comes back to town, again ! As for A, he really didn't have all that much, so I ended up paying all the rent as well as keeping the fridge & cupboards stocked with food. I know that if / when he makes it big time, he will pay me back, with interest ! It still doesn't end there though, as someone else, also came into the picture at # 13 in early January. He too turned out to be so "low" and down-to-earth as well, that the only way he can go, is up !!! At least I hope that they are both now on that rise to the top, so that in a few years time if I am still around, I can hold out both hands and say "pay back time, boys" - money, money, money - puts a funny feeling in my tummy !!! Kkkkkkkkkrazy.
Take care U2

942.Little Gems - Bird Talk !!!

When ever you sit down to eat with Barb, you never know what subject/s she is going to suddenly talk about at the table. Sometimes you need a cast-iron stomach, because one day we got a running commentary on the anotomy of birds. Did you ever wonder why bird (the feathered kind) droppings are so runny ? (I hope you aren't eating while you are reading this - at least I am giving you a warning. We didn't get any warning while we were quietly eating our lunch). It is because "birds" only have one hole & they do both # 1 & # 2 at the same time and thats why it comes out all runny. It doesn't stop to do # 1 and then 5 minutes later think it's time to do # 2. It just thinks, I want to go - theres a human - bombs away ...... pooooooo !!! Thats the short version. If you think that was bad, reserve your decision until you read what she writes about, "her" version of the "human" species. Don't worry, I will post a warning flag, because believe me after getting a running commentary first hand on it, I know what you are in for. Once you see the article in this krazy blog, you may want to answer the call of nature first (we don't want any "drain" blockages) before you actually start reading the article. Because after you have read it, you may like to send her an email ...a long one and tell her what you think of her idea of the human species !!! (Don't worry Barb, I'll be watching comments and I will delete any rude ones, before you see them) Don't look at me, I only let her loose .......... on this krazy blog !!!

943. Walking - Does It Keep You Fit ???

I think it does keep you fit - look at me - skinny as ! I don't own a vehicle, so I "walk" just about everywhere. I would walk at least 5kms oper day, if not more. I can walk an average of about 6km in an hour. Now & again I use public transport. There are a lot of friends in the Auckland area, who keep telling me, that if / when I want to go anywhere, give them a ring, but I never do. It doesn't matter how long I have been friends with a person, I do not like imposing on anybody. Some of those friends I have known for 20 years or more but it makes no difference - I still "walk". After you have read this, those of you who only think I am krazy,will KNOW I am not only krazy, but "nuts", as well. Because one xmas I stayed at a backpackers right up on the hills above the township of Helensville, out west. I walked from there all the way out to a nut farm and back again - about 36km in total. When I told a friend (he will keep) his comment to me was - "You walked 18km to a "nut" farm and they didn't keep you there ?" Noooo !!! It was the wrong kind of "nuts". It was the Macadamia McNut Farm & Cafe, that I went to have a look at. Was it worth it, did you say - Yes & No ! Yes, the people were very nice and helpful & No - they were all "nuts" out there anyway !!!

944. Book Review - Deception Point / Dan Brown

No religion this time - just "space" (NASA), presidency and politics is the theme of this one. Once again, Dan Brown goes into the specifics of NASA, space, species, etc. (Personally, I think he does this to create a real dimension to his writing). Anyway as far as the story goes, he captures your attention. This time most of it happens on the ice (a chilly place to be - read it and I am sure you will agree) Once again, lots of bodies, intrigue and wondering - especially with politics involved, when they do stand up and be counted ! There were ??? times in this book - one time I remember when they are on the boat, I could actually see the demons that they spoke of (I can't let out too secrets - but I could actually picture the scenario and had to keep turning the page to see how it panned out, holding my breath at times as I am not a person that likes to think of the things that swim under water - especially those things that eat us!) Again turns and outcomes that I did not expect. Overrall a good book that once again captures the reader not only in intrigue but also shows that politics as we know it, never is really honest to the joe public, but we hope eventually that the good will come out .I rate this again as 9 out of 10
Well I hope this entices you (if you haven't already so) to indulge yourself in this great book and the one I wrote of in # 954.
It would be interesting to see if you agree with my thoughts - I am sure that Krazy Kelvin and myself would appreciate your comments and it may even entice me to continue with this theme.

945. Down Memory Lane - An Abundance Of Food.
When I was a kid, living at Wolfe St, Whangarei, there were never any wolves at our door, as our parents (God Bless them) always made sure we had an abundance of food. There always seemed to be cake tins of home baking, all sorts of home-grown vegetables, eggs from our own fowl house (when the fowls stopped laying, they got eaten as well), as well as a large number fruit trees in our back yard. Despite all this food, we were always looking over the neighbours fence. In our case the saying - "the grass is always greener on the other side" also applied to the neighbours fruit trees. When they weren't home of course. It wasn't us ! Must of been those kids from up the road ! Then went we moved north to Yorke Rd, Haruru Falls there was even a greater number of fruit trees (less neighbours, but bigger areas of fruit trees) as well as roadside blackberry bushes. Plus we had a "huge" market garden. It was huge, believe me because us kids had to help weed it, munching on tomatoes, carrots, peas, etc. We also had lots of shellfish, as well as other fish & whitebait. At night we used to get the latterns and go spear-fishing for flounder. We had a dinghy to go fishing on, up & down the Waitangi River - the same river I tried to cross over, to play in the mud on the other side but very nearly ended up crossing over to somewhere else, if a cousin hadn't pulled me out. My mouth waters at the memories of all that shellfish & fish. You can buy shellfish & fish in the shops of course, but how fresh is it ? When you picked it or caught it yourself - "fresh" ! I can't recall any set time when we sat down for dinner, either at Whangarei or Haruru Falls. When it was ready, you got called "once". If you didn't hear the call, tough shit - you missed out. When you had a belly full of fruit though, you didn't dare answer the call, because once you sat down at the table and that plate was put in front of you - you had to sit there until you finished. It didn't matter what it was or if you like it or not - you ate it. Sometimes I wished that we had a dog - sitting under the table !!!

946. Living - Recipe: Pineapple Fruit Cake

Mix together - 1 packet mixed fruit; 450g tin pineapple; 1 tsp Baking Soda; 100g Butter; 3/4c Sugar; 2 tsps Mixed Spice., in a saucepan over medium heat until the butter is melted, stirring while this takes place. Simmer for 3 minutes. Remove from the heat and let cool. When cold, mix in - 2 Eggs & 1 to 2 tsps of Almond or Rum Flavouring. Sift in 2 tsps of Baking Powder and 2c Flour. Mix all together and put into a greased square tin. Cook for 1 hour on 350o. Take out and enjoy - it is really tasty and easy to make. Happy cooking.

Muggins !!! Get out of there, it' still hot !

# 947. Down Memory Lane - There Are No Strangers In The World !!!

When I think back to the spate of accidents I had, as well as the krazy things I got up to as a kid, it makes me wonder that how I managed to get this far in life. I would of been about 10/11 - 13 when we lived up north about 8 miles from Paihia, so what does Krazy Kelvin do ??? What else - he puts out his thumb and hitch-hikes to Paihia or walks !!! It never entered my head not to do it and I can't recall anyone telling me not to do it. I know, even if I had been told not to do it, I would of went ahead and did it anyway. In those days, I was a krazy young rebel - these days I am .... ! (no need to leave a comment) There is an old saying, which I don't know how long it has been around which I really took to heart - "There are no strangers in the world, just friends that you haven't met". I would stop and talk to anyone, it didn't matter how old they were and sometimes I would even take them home to met the family !!! If you thought you had problems, when your kids walked in the door with strange animals, spare a thought for my parents, when I walked in the door with strange people all the time !!! They must had a heart attack. I remember one day I stopped to talk to an "old" truck driver in Paihia, who had a huge truck. I would of been about 12, so to me he was "old" ! Anyway to cut a long story short, he gave me a lift home right to our door. It was no mean feat, as the last couple of miles was metal roads, which petered out into a clay road, with a bit of metal.The last bit of road, was cut out into the side of a hill, with hardly any room for a normal vehicle, let alone a huge truck. There was also a sharp bend half way down the hill. I don't know what our family thought seeing the truck, heading down the hill. Anyway, I took the driver (who gave me his name & address in Auckland) in to meet the family and have a cup of tea. I think Dad may of given him a cup of something stronger, because he still had to get up the hill, which was far worst than coming down. One of my older sisters, who happened to be visiting from Auckland, asked the driver if he would give her a lift back to Auckland. He said, that was no problem, just go and ask his girlfriend who was asleep in the truck. She walks out to the truck, with all us following behind - I didn't say anything - she opens the door and there's his girlfriend sitting on the front seat - a "sausage dog" !!! We all had a good laugh. Did I ever see that truck driver again ......??? I did when I ran away, but thats another story for another day.

948. Text & Email - Emoticoms

Letting other people know how you feel, isn't always easier. Faced with this problem, people began using simple punctuation marks as a way to express their moods and the feelings of each other. Emoticoms known as smileys are facial expressions of gestures made by using keystrokes to produce an image - viewed sideways. They started with a happy face :-) then went on from there - :-( Unhappy; # - ) wiped out/partied all night; :-o Shocked; %*) Inebriated; %-( Confused; % Hangover; ((xx)) Hugs & Kisses; @}------ A Rose; 8-) Stressed; :-( ) Loud mouth; :+) Got punched in the nose; %-) Dazed or silly; :;( Crying; o:-) Angel. More to come ??? Maybe !

949. Around NZ - First Place To See The Sun !!!

Due to the number of requests received, "Around NZ" will be a regular feature in this blog. I was going to mention Explorers To Our Shores, but as we mentioned the "Last Place" in # 959, I have decided to mention the "First Place To See The Sun".

As the sun rises each day, its shafts of light strike the summit of darkness - soon however, Mt Hikurangi is bathed in sunlight - the first place in the world to see the sun ! At 1754m, it is the highest point in the Raukumara Range. It is a sacred mountain, to the people whose origins lie in the lands surrounding it. Its importance stretches back well beyond history, to a time when Maui, the mythical hero was providing us with many of the benefits that we take for granted today. Legend claims that it was Maui who gave us Mt Hikurangi, when he fished it up from the sea. Gisborne is NZ's easterly city and therefore one of the closest to the International Dateline, making it the first city in the world to see the dawning of a new day & a new memory !!!

I'll be back ...... with # 930 - # 939 & Muggins !!!

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