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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Kelvin Yorke & Muggins

Kia Ora Everyone

Welcome to our krazy krazy blog. I need to borrow your brains (if you have got any, that is) for a minute, then you can email me kjmkama@yahoo.com and let me know what you think of this idea. You see, this krazy blog is going to get bigger - much bigger - there's no question about it. So - do we just have the "post of 10" on this blog each week, start a second blog for "Muggins" and a third blog for contributions from family & friends from not only around NZ but also around the world or do we just carry on as per normal and put "everything" on this one blog and see how it goes ? It will be easy enough to transfer "posts" to other blogs, if/when the need arises to do transfers. (I may need a transfer myself at some stage - a brain transfer !!!) Now that didn't tax your tax your brains too much, did it ? So you can have your brains back now - I don't know whose the sawdust was. I'll leave it up to you - do we do separate blogs or do we stick together. After all this is "OUR BLOG" - your home away from home - I am but the krazy "nut" behind the wheel !!! If we start getting toooo big, we could even start a "board" and let them make all the decisions. All the young(er) ones could eventually take over this krazy blog and keep it going. I can just imagine kids in 100 years time, coming across Kelvin A Memory Always and thinking -

"Boy, if Mum thinks we're krazy, she should read this blog ! This was one really krazy krazy kid". Mum, mum you have to read this krazy blog. "I always have, because he was my Great Great Uncle and your Great Great Great Uncle Kelvin as well as a friend to many people around NZ & around the world".

So as I said before - you never know, one day we could all end up as "stars". If I become a star before you, I will shine my light down so you can see "THE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN" !!! I will be waiting at the top of the stairs for you. Am I a good friend to you or what ??? So lets see all those emails on whether we should separate (I aren't talking about humans who are reading this krazy blog - we will be friends for ever & a day) and have different blogs or should we stick "together", then I'll let you know if you are a good friend to me, or what !!!

K. Muggins, you're crying !!!
M. No !!! I've just got a little bit of dust in my eyes and its making them water, thats all !
Someone is telling porkies. You will never go to Heaven ! Hey, I have just had a brain-wave !!!
Boy, Krazy kelvin thats dangerous for someone your age !
What if I give people "links" to other blogs, which I have enjoyed reading ?
Now you are really talking krazy. If a krazy person enjoys reading another persons blog, imagine what it could do to a sane person - it would not only blow them off their seat, but more than likely blow their pants off as well.
I think I am going to have to let you sit on the "board", Muggins.
Me !!! You will let me sit on the board ? Me !!!
Yeah ! The board sticking off the end of the jetty, I broke when I was a kid.
You broke THAT jetty !!! You broke that jetty !!! You didn't say a word at the time - not a word !!!
No ! I never said anything, for the simple reason because I knew you would get blamed.
You let me take the blame, for something that you broke ? A jetty !!! You could of broken something small !
Don't worry, when-ever I broke anything, big or small and you were around, I always blamed you or let you take the blame. I may of been a krazy kid, but I wasn't silly !
Muggins closes his eyes and starts counting. He always closes his eyes and counts to 20, when he is angry. When he is really angry, you can actually see steam coming out his ears. I think this is one of those times !
Krazy Kelvin has left the building !
Muggins finally opens his eyes......
Kelvinnnnnnn !!!
Krazy Kelvin is long gone, he ain't silly ........all you can see is his dust !!!

Ssshhh ! That jetty I broke - the silly man was stupid enough to build it next door to where we were living, anyway so don't feel sorry for him. Someone should of warned him that a krazy kid lived next door. The jetty was nearly finished, but they still had piles to put in place along the sides of the second half. So, what does krazy Kelvin go and do when no one is around ??? He walks right out to the end of the jetty and jumps .... up & down on it !!! The result been half a jetty and a bloody good raft. I think Muggins may of ended up with the piles after that - piles of kicks up the butt !!! I kept telling him that he was a "mug" to be friends with me, but.... he would not listen. he always kept coming back. Thats how he ended up with the nickname - "Muggins". He always called me a f...... krazy kid !!! A krazy kid maybe but nevertheless a kid ! I know Muggins will forgive me - he always does, because we have known each other for donkeys years. This time, I may have to turn on my charm a bit - just a weeny bit though, because I don't want to spoil my image for been krazy, do I ? .

I'll be back ........ next week with # 930 - # 939 & Muggins ??? yeah, he will !!!

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